December 21, 2016 Wander-lust

Amsterdam brings you an epic Pool Party this February

There have been 2 pool parties that people in Amsterdam still talk about. One was during Bungalup and the other was Diesel Island. If you missed out on these, you have another chance this February! Girls Love DJs, Showpony Productions and GAG are collaboration with Jägermeister to organize an epic pool party, The Pool, in Amsterdam this winter.

The Pool, epic pool party
The poster of The Pool

It’s the pool party that many people have been waiting for and with Bungalup being canceled this year, due to location issues, The Pool is something to look forward to. The location will be the Sloterpark Bad which is situated next to Sloterpark in New West Amsterdam. So what can you expect? It will be tropical for sure! There will be palmtrees, flamingo’s (plastic ones of course), coconuts, cocktails, inflatable animals and good music! The dresscode is simple; something that can get wet! Go all out for this one, the more colors and less fabric, the better!

Diesel Island Pool Party, photo by Dennis Bouwman
The Diesel Island party back in 2011. Photo: Dennis Bouwman

Tickets & Line Up
The only way to get tickets for this awesome pool party, is via the ambassadors who sell them for €25. Look around Facebook and into your friendslist and you may have a ambassador amongst them.. Yes, it’s exclusive, but it all adds to the fun!
The line up will be announced shortly. To keep track of the latest news, visit The Pool Facebook Page.

Will you try and go?



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