May 10, 2015 Wander-lust

Fear of flying when you have Wanderlust

I have a secret to share with you guys.. I have a fear of flying. Yes, I cry, and I even passed out on one or two occasions.  I’m a huge baby when it comes to this. This is a big problem if traveling is your job.

Since I can remember I have been traveling by airplane. I was about 3 years old when I had my first flight and I always used to love it. It seems that children have no fear at a young age and besides that, I was allowed in the cockpit and I received a colouring book from the stewardess! I was happy.

It all started when I was about 13 years old. An plane accident happened in Amsterdam and a plane crashed into a flat which killed many people.
Suddenly it became real and a fear was born.
Besides this I am also in need of being in control.  In a car I can say: “let me out!” In a plane..well, that just wouldn’t be a good idea.

So how do I cope traveling the world with this fear?

I travel to a far country at least twice a year and I have a lot of European trips throughout the year.
These times are exiting but also very stressful for me.

travel2Traveling the world by airplane is easy but stressful sometimes

Last year my boyfriend had the brilliant idea of taking a short flight between 2 islands whilst we were travelling through Greece.
We needed to travel from Kefalonia to Corfu and we had 2 possibilities:
-By car + boat = 10 hours
-By propellor plane = 25 min

I was still in favour of the 10 hour trip but my boyfriend re-assured me it was only one short flight and he really wasn’t going for a full day of travel so I had no chance.
Over the years I had always sworn that I would never-in-a-thousand-years get inside a propellor plane.
During this holiday it kept going through my mind and I got more nervous the closer doomsday approached.
It was a beautiful sunny day and there wasn’t much wind. Everything was good. Except Elke.
I started to cry even before we were boarding. My boyfriend wasn’t fully aware of how scared I actually am but he certainly found out there and then.
Walking up to the plane I was hyperventilation and people started turning their heads asking me if I was OK.
Well, I wasn’t. This was hell for me.

I did however sat down and as we strapped on, the stewardess came over to me and said the following words;
“don’t worry, it’s only 2 short flights of 15 minutes each time. We will be there in no time.”

Did she just say 2 flights??? two??!!

The moment of truth..

Yes, my boyfriend decided long before that he wasn’t going to share this news with me as he already knew at the time he booked.
I was too scared to be angry about this “minor” detail so I buried my head into his shoulder and squeezed his arm until it turned blue.
We made it. I ran out of the plane and I literally kissed the ground. I was extremely proud of myself.
This was a big deal for me. 

Are you experiencing the same fear as me?
Here are some my personal tips for when you are nervous of taking your next flight:

1. Check in online early so you can pick your seat. Sit in the front of the plane as this will be less bumpy.
I always sit next to a window so I can see whats happening. This way you won’t be surprised when you get a bit of turbulence because you’re flying through the clouds.
2. Listen to music. This calms me down a lot.
3. Find somebody next to you that you can talk to. A little distraction is always good when taking off.

Unfortunately the propellor flight didn’t cure my fear of flying and I will never step into a small plane again! …Ok, never say never because I have another incurable virus.. that’s called WANDERLUST.



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