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How to get an upgrade to business class

Yes, it has happened to me The one thing I, as a frequent traveler, always wished for. I got an upgrade to business class. It happened to me on my flight to New York. So why was I so lucky? And more importantly, how can YOU narrow down your chances of getting an upgrade yourself!
Here are a few tips »

1. Be friendly
Being nice and a friendly smile often pays off. It already starts with the check in. Try to look the staff of the airline and make a connection in order to gain that likable factor. Be friendly and use your charm. If there is anything available in business class, they might give it to you!

Hello, I’m Elke and I’m friendly! :-)

2. You have something to celebrate
If the plane is half empty and have something to celebrate, use it!
Examples: It’s your birthday (you need to prove this, so be careful) You and your partner celebrate 4 years together, you’re going to visit a friend abroad that you have not seen for years, you’re traveling around the world on your own, you’re on your honeymoon … Share your story with the flight attendant. Special moments like these deserve an upgrade, don’t you think?

Anniversary business class upgrade
Anniversary? Tell the flight attendant!

3. Travel alone
They say you create enormous opportunities when you’re traveling alone. The larger the group, the less chance you have. If there is still room available in business class, you can bet on it that they pick someone that’s traveling alone. In addition, the flight attendant often wonders why you are traveling alone. Take your chance and go for it.


4. Overbooked
Ok, let’s be real. Airlines only give you an upgrade if it’s really necessary. If the economy class is full, they have to transfer people to business class. When this happens, make sure you are first in line. Check tip 1,2,3 and 5.

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5. Frequent Flyer perks
The more you are connected to the airline, the more they do for you. They obviously want you to book your flight with them and continue to do so. Occasionally they reward you for it. Joining their “frequent flyer program” gives you much more chance to receive a free upgrade. I did it with KLM.

Be aware, a business class upgrade is never a guarantee, but one day, it WILL HAPPEN to YOU. Just follow the 5 rules and you will see..



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  1. Toen mijn vriend en ik naar Bangkok vlogen kregen wij ook een upgrade omdat economy vol zat. Echter waren wij juist een van de laatsten die incheckten! Anyway ik kwam heel gelukkig aan in Bangkok. X

    • Wander-lust

      Superleuk! Ja, je weet het nooit maar deze tips zijn enkel guidelines die goed van pas zouden kunnen komen. Laten we hopen dat het je nog een keer lukt!

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