Festival trends seen at Coachella 2017

We just got back from an amazing couple of days at Palm Springs and enjoyed Coachella 2017 to the max. With the festival weekend 1 gone, we can talk about some of the outfits and trends! Yes, Coachella girls and boys set new trends for this summer and what to wear this festival season. The traditional bohemian look has made a little comeback and we also seen metallic lingerie, classic denim and more. These were some of our favorite Coachella 2017 trends:

Trend » Metallic Lingerie Tops
Heavy shizzle but if you can handle it, this is the must have piece for this summer!

Coachella trends 2017
Jamie Kidd, Kendall Jenner wear it with grace

Hair Trend » Side knots
Loving this playful hairstyle and thank god, it’s so easy to create!

Kenzas & Negin are rocking this trend

Trend » Denim
The Coachella trend that never fails; Denim

Sarah with @sincerelyJules, Allesandra and Giaro

Trend » Big (very big) sunglasses
We’re not too sure about this trend and maybe it’s just California that is rocking this trend but if we have to believe Coachella 2017, this might be it. Big sunglasses.

Sunglasses Coachella 2017
Source: Nicole Richie

Hair Trend » Color It Up!
Yup, let’s get painting.


People at Coachella that got it right:

Kunna Haan @KUNAHAAN
This girl is what Coachella is all about. She is the ultimate festival girl and what she wears, stands out. We’re also proud to say she’s Dutch! This year she rocked a long floral dress and a white piece. Uber cool.

Photo Source

Julie Sarinana aka @SINCERELYJULES
We’ve been following this tropical girl for a couple of years now and she didn’t disappoint us at Coachella this year. Sarah got to meet her last weekend and we love how she sticks by her own style!

Source: @sincerelyjules

Jamie Kidd aka @JAMIENKIDD
Wow, this girl is on fire! She’s a model (no shit) and a travel blogger. Cute as hell but she also has a great shape and she flaunts it in the right way. She really stood out this Coachella weekend and press took notice. You will find this picture on many platforms.

Source: @Jamienkidd

So, what’s your favorite trend?



Top 5 » WANDERLUST decor musthaves

When I see a world map, a compass or anything to do with travel, my heartbeat stars to raise a little.

If you have the wanderbug just like us, I’m sure you’re going to like these wanderlust decor musthaves!

1. The world map
If you are a traveller, you must own the infamous Map of the World. Nowadays there are many different decorative options available.
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2. The Globe bar
I have recently ordered myself one of these babies to store my drinks in and well, it just looks so damn cool!

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3. Bedsheets by Crispysheets
You will feel on top of the world after a night under these bedsheets!
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4. Travel quotes
These words remind you that you shouldn’t stay at home for too long.
Go out and explore! Remember.. “not all those who wander are lost..

5.  Globe bookends
Save your travel journals in between 2 worlds..
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