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The best food spots in Milan

Last week I went to Milan for 4 days and I enjoyed it big time.
Wandering around to see some very impressive buildings, shop, eat and drink wine! Italian food and wine are probably as famous as Italy’s artistic and historical assets.

My favorites; Burrata cheese and prosciutto with a glass of Amarone or Barolo.

Italian food and wine are part of the Italian culture, and I can tell you, it was mine in these last 4 days!

Find out what my favorite eat spots in Milan are:


1. Mag Café
Situated on one of the canals in Navigli District you will find this well-known café where they make a wide variety of cocktails. The perfect hangout in the evening! They are also open in the mornings for coffee and croissants.

The whole street smells of brewing coffee and homemade croissants. It makes you want to get in and try it.
This cute small little place is super nice and laid back with jazz music. Really love the vibe and you will find some very nice antique furniture.

Mag cafe Milan
Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43, 20143 Milano


2. Taglio
Two years ago I discovered this restaurant nearby Navigli District. I really loved this place and therefore I decided to go back again to see if they were still that good. And yes they are. This restaurant and gourmet shop has been open since 2013 and this is the place where you will find ‘real’ Italian food and nice homemade coffees. This is the place where you will find coffee ambassadors which make the best coffees in town. Taglio regularly rotate in coffees from roasters all over the world.
Start with a glass of wine and the poached eggs with salmon. Oh, and also take some bread with prosciutto

Via Vigevano, 10, 20144 Milano


3. Restaurant Soho
Restaurant Soho – specialized Mediterranean seafood restaurantis located on the very nice street Via Tortona. In this street you will find some creative, innovative and extraordinary art and vintage shops. Besides that you will find some very nice food places for lunch and dinner like Soho. You access to the restaurant via an inner courtyard and when you enter the restaurant it’s intimate and warm with friendly people like investor  and great host, Wendell.  To make the Soho Restaurant worth a visit is the atmosphere, excellent food, beautiful kitchen and design – inspired by Soho lofts in New York – avant-garde decor.
Try the risotto with squid.

Via Tortona 12 Milano

4. Drogheria Milanese
I was very surprised about this restaurant. Not only because of the great vibe, awesome furniture, friendly people, hanging hams but especially due to the secret playroom that is only open to a few select people, by invitation only. Together with some Italian friends we had private dinner in this secret room. Behind doors you will find table football, jukebox, pinball machine etc. Super cool! The food is great. They serve small Italian and Spanish tapas, like Pata Negra cutlets, fried eggs with truffle and mini pizza’s.
The perfect night out in Milan!

Drogheria Carrobbio
Conca del Naviglio 7 Milano

Buon appetito!

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    • Wander-lust

      Thanks a lot Babs! Milano is beautiful! Next post about Milan will be featured next week. We hope you like it. Wander-Lust!

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