October 20, 2015 Wander-lust

The Rock » Dinner in the middle of the Indian ocean

We knew that Zanzibar was kinda special but since they’ve opened The Rock restaurant in the sea, it’s one more reason to visit.
The restaurant is situated just off shore and build on an existing rock in the water. The water disappears when it’s low tide so it’s easy to walk to. When the tide is in, you need a small boat to get there, but ey, that’s pretty cool though!


They have about 12 tables which make it even more exclusive. The menu exist of the freshest sea food combined with pasta and more. 
Outside the restaurant is a patio where you can chill and enjoy the Indian Ocean view. Reservation can be made via their website. All you need now is a ticket!

Expect the best sea food at The Rock

“Eating at Rock Restaurant is an experience you can’t miss: colors, relish and sensations blend together in unique magic”

Chilling on the Rock
Chillin’ and eating



*Source pictures are from The Rock, Zanzibar

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