October 15, 2015 Wander-lust

These are the best fine dining restaurants in the world

The best fine dining restaurants in the world have been selected. The best according to the TripAdvisor travelers that is..
The list contains of 25 restaurants and we’re proud to say that The Netherlands made the list!
From French and British to Japanese, Fusion and Organic, it’s all there.
Okok, it’s gonna cost you, but you’ll probably talk about one of those meals for a long time.

Check out which restaurant is near you and book a table! We’ll be sure to see these restaurants fully booked for the next…eh..year or so!

Here are some of the winners:

HanTing Den Haag, Netherlands


Martin Berasatagui, Spain

Fine dining at it's best
The number 1 in the TripsAdvisor travelers choice awards. (Source: TripsAdvisor)

Restaurant Locavore, Ubud Bali

Source: Top Indonesia

Check here for the full list.



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