Hobbies while in lockdown


Suddenly it is no longer a possibility to go to the cinema, to eat out, to go to the gym, or to have a drink on a terrace. We need to stay at home, but how do we get through those sudden oceans of time?

Well, it’s the perfect moment to discover a new hobby! Here are 11x Low Cost Hobbies you can practise from home.


Regardless whether you have an artistic talent or not, it is very relaxing to scribble something on canvas. Order or buy some brushes, paper and paint at your local craft or hobby store and let your creativity run free! No idea what to paint? Have a look on Pinterest and gather images for inspiration.

paint from home


We always have a camera in our pocket since the arrival of smartphones, but not many of us actually pay attention to lightning, composition and subject. Furthermore, photography is a technical but also a very creative hobby. There are many blogs and videos on the internet that will help you get started!


Go experimenting in the kitchen! Try out different recipes that you like and give your personal twist to it. How cool would it be when you serve an extra-ordinary culinary experience to friends that is made by you? If you are a parent, ask your kids to join in! (here are some tips to keep your kid(s) occupied during lockdown)

Hobbies from home, cooking


Writing is a broad concept and can range from blogging to writing stories or poetry. Besides; writing down your thoughts clears your head. You can use it as a personal outlet to share what you find interesting. Ever wondered how Wander-Lust grew out to be a successful travel platform? Find out how to create a (travel) blog.

Clean & Order

Even though this may not be the most fun hobby, it’s a very rewarding one. Clean out your wardrobe and get rid of all those garments that have been lying there for years and only take up space. Tip: sell your clothes on United Wardrobe and earn some extra money! I personally love second-hand and vintage shopping as you find unique pieces and it is a more sustainable way of shopping.


People who read a lot can enrich themselves enormously with insights and knowledge. You don’t have to limit yourself to fiction, you can also look for informative books that interest you. Get inspired by a good book about a topic you like! We’ve lined up 8x books that will inspire you!


Did you know that gardening is one of the most popular leisure activities among the Dutch?  Being surrounded by flowers, plants and seeing something that you’ve planted grow with your own eyes – isn’t that wonderful? Consequently you can also create a little vegetable garden and use your own herbs / vegetables for cooking!

Hobbies, gardening

Learn how to play an instrument

Perhaps you still have that old guitar or keyboard in the attic? Otherwise you can score an instrument at a thrift store or marktplaats.nl. In this digital age you can easily teach yourself music skills by watching videos on YouTube.

Learn a new language

Mastering extra languages always come in handy. Admit it, how nice would it be if you could order your pizza in Italian on holiday in Italy? There are countless blogs and videos available on the internet that can teach you another language. By the end of the Corona crisis you may be speaking a new language!

Start sewing!

In the first place, sewing isn’t just for grandmothers anymore. Sewing has been proven to be relaxing for the mind, plus it’s actually fun to create something from scratch. Perhaps you can send your creations to family or friends as a gift during these lonely times. Sewing machines are available online for as little as €59.

Hobbies from home, sewing

Work on that summer body

Let be honest, this is going to be a challenge to say the least. Being at home often means less movement (depending how big your house is), and we tend to eat more when we are bored (welcome to the club). In order to keep our bodies in shape, you can join plenty of online workouts. Some classes are live, some on YouTube. Try and set a goal for yourself. Instead of going to the gym three times a week, try to workout everyday from home. Even if it’s only 30 minutes. TIP: if you sit behind the laptop, try to take a break every 1,5 hours and do some jumping jacks, squats or walk around the block quickly to get some fresh air. 

In either case, there are enough options! Let us know in the comments if you are going to try a new hobby or if you already have one!

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