12 travel selfies that will make you jealous

Selfies. We all know them and you’ve probably done a few yourself right? But today we’re not talking about those duckfaces, peace signs or look-how-pretty-I-am- selfies. 

If you’re an Instagram user and you follow a few travel accounts, you may have come across some of the most incredible travel selfies.

Here are our favorites:

Schermopname (16)
How a friends holiday should be! Pic by @thiagomlcorrea

Schermopname (15)
Ok, how did he get there?? Shit, it’s the same dude! 

Schermopname (13)
One of the most famous (and sick) selfies ever! @lionwisperersa

and..jump! @zeroeye

Schermopname (4)
We love her! @worldwanderlust

Schermopname (2)
Cuteness overload, this dog has it’s own account @loki_the_wolfdog

Schermopname (9)
Ok, now we’re really jealous! @breezeturner

Schermopname (5)
Me and my hubby at the Gliki river in Greece

Schermopname (6)
Just hanging out of a helicopter, as only @jayalvarrez can.

Schermopname (17)
Wow! Pic from @thegood_life_

Schermopname (19)
Total bliss in the mountains of Switzerland. @loucosporviagem

Schermopname (18)
She’s flying! Well, above Fethiye in Turkey at least. Credit @bihterelis

And let’s forget about the funny travel selfies:

Schermopname (8)
We’re not sure if this monkey wanted to make a travel selfie but it surly looks like it!

Schermopname (12)
I know what you’re thinking..where’s his phone?? LOL in Capri, Italy

Schermopname (11)
Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to make this travel selfie!

Pretty amazing right? Let’s see if we can challenge the above! Do you have a cool travel selfie? Send them to us!



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