12 x (outside) Water Fun in Amsterdam

When temperature rises in Amsterdam, everybody is looking for a place to cool off. And even though you are in the middle of an urban jungle, the city offers a wide variety of places to enjoy some water fun in Amsterdam.

Sloterpark Beach

I live here so I know this area very well. The water is around 35 meters deep and the East and West side of the Sloterplas are available for swimming from the grass, where you will find actual swimming-pool-like-stairs going in the water. The newly refurbished man-made beach is better than ever with newcomer Hotel Buiten, that serves a tasty lunch, but also sells ice-cream and drink to take to the beach area.


Sloterpark bad

Staying in the Sloterpark area for a second, because Amsterdam New West has one of the swimming pools in Amsterdam. There is a huge grass area for kids to play or people to sunbath. For the little ones there is a wading pool with shallow water. www.optisport.nl/sloterparkbad


If you live in Amsterdam, you have probably been here. Blijburg at sea had a makeover last year so the restaurant looks amazing right now. The beach is cleaner than ever and there are more parking spaces. Unfortunately, it’s the last summer to enjoy Blijburg. It’s closing after 15 years because of a new housing project. They close on the 1st of October, so enjoy it until you can! www.blijburg.nl

Blijburg aan zee

Oeverlanden / Nieuwe Meer

There are 3 main swimming spots here and lot’s of tiny little places to lay down and jump in the water. You find yourself in the middle of nature and you won’t even realize you’re in freaking Amsterdam. If you have a boat, it’s a great place to stop relax. The best way to get here is by bicycle but there is also a bit parking lot. Swimming here is at your own risk because there is no supervision.

De oeverlanden

There is even a nudist beach area so.. if you want to swim in your birthday suit, you can do it here!

‘T Twiske

It’s safe to say that there are several man-made beaches with many natural swim spots. There are many relaxing activities such as playing golf, fishing, hiking, cycling or  you can enjoy a BBQ. Also, there is even a nudist beach area so eh..if you want to swim in your birthday suit, you can do it here! Parking cost €3,50 for the first 3 hours. www.twiske-waterland.nl


It almost disappeared, but because of a few loyal customers, the Flevoparkbad is here to stay, for a while longer at least. It’s a great place to cool off and even has a small waterslide that the kids love. www.flevoparkbad.com


Sportplaza Mercator

In Amsterdam New West, you can find Sportplaza Mercator. Besides the indoor swimming pool, there is also an outdoor pool available for when the weather conditions are warm and sunny. Mind you, the swimming pool is not suitable for young children, and is mainly used for fitness swimming. www.sportplazamercator.nl


Located in the Northern part of Amsterdam, this swimming pool is fully sustainable, because the rainwater is collected and then filtered and used in the swimming pool. Once voted as one of the most beautiful swimming pools in the world, Noorderparkbad is definitely one to check out. The outside swimming pools are open until the 2nd of September. www.amsterdam.nl/noorderparkbad

Perfect for some water fun in Amsterdam. Source


The outside pool area at Mirandabad in Amsterdam East, is open until the 1st of September and has one large pool of 50 meters for adults, and 2 pools that are suitable for children. www.amsterdam.nl/demirandabad

For Small Kids:

Children’s Pool Vondelpark
You can find the children’s pool in the middel of the Vondelpark, which is always a lot of fun. 

Children’s pont Westerpark
This long stretched water front is being filtered and is very popular with many parents that have small children. 

Aldo van Eyk Oosterpark
A great round wading pool for kids that has been newly refurbished. Around the pool is a grass area where parents can relax while their kids play.

I hope you have a lot of water fun in Amsterdam!


For the best natural swimming spots in Amsterdam, check here:

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