5 quick beach workouts that will tone your body

Going on holiday doesn’t mean that your gym schedule has to change. Of course it depends on the type of holiday you’re having, but I always bring my active wear with me and find time to do a workout. Not every day, because it’s still a holiday and you mostly want to relax, soaking up the sun and enjoy the surroundings. But it really makes me feel good to compensate the extensive dinners and never-ending happy hours by doing a workout with my favorite exercises, only if it’s for 20 minutes. Of course you can do this in your hotel gym (if there is any) or even in your room, but I like to go out and exercise in the open air. Or even better, on the beach! I like to workout and sweat, but I don’t want to get overheated and pass out, so I’m easy on the cardio exercises. Instead, I like to add endurance and core exercises. So let me share my favorite beach workouts with you! A selection of exercises where you train your whole body but still have enough time to enjoy the rest of your day. Ready to sweat?

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Running – warming up
Start with a warming up by running along the coastline. Decide how long you want to run, let’s say 10 minutes, set your timer for 5 minutes so you know exactly when you’re halfway so you can turn and run back. Or let yourself be guided by counting the palm trees

Beach running

Walking lunges – legs/buttocks
We all know lunges and probably also the walking version but this exercise will be harder when you do it in the sand. You will really test your balance and your strength so make sure you do it right. Stand up with your back straight and let your knee almost touch the sand every time you take a step. Take 20 steps each leg and then turn back doing 20 steps. Repeat as many times as you like (or can 😉 ) Want to step it up even further? Hold your water bottle above your head with your arms straight. Make them arms, shoulders and abs work!

Fit blonde doing weighted lunges on the beach on a sunny day

Spiderman Crawl – abs
Ok this exercise is really tough, I ain’t gonna lie! And you should practice this one a couple of times before you get the hang of it. Start in a push-up position with your whole body straight and then put your right knee up and out to your right elbow. At the same time you put your left hand in front, while staying low to the ground. Move forward by alternating your left and right side. It’s the best for both core and side abs!

Diamond Push-up – arms
I have a love/hate relationship with push-up. I do. I don’t like doing the exercise, but like with a lot of things in life you just need to go through it and eventually you’ll start liking it. So instead of going for the regular push-up workout I prefer the Diamond Push-up. Why not? It’s not easy, but perfect for your triceps. See a short video below how it’s done in the correct way. Just start with a few reps and build it up from there. And yes, embrace the sand haha!

Sprint – cardio
I like to finish my beach workout with a quick sprinting session. It doesn’t have to take long, but make sure it’s intense! Choose the distance you want to sprint and run as hard as you can in the sand. As soon as you reach the point slow down and walk it out for about 10 seconds. Then do it again. And again and again. Every sprint needs to be faster than the last one. This will really increase your heart rate and is perfect if you want to loose any body fat.

So there you have it! My favorite beach workouts that will take you between 20 and 45 minutes to complete, depending on your time and endurance. Believe me, afterwards you will feel even better about yourself then a regular visit to the gym will make you feel!

Stay fit!



*Gala is one of our guest bloggers from from the Netherlands with Caribbean roots. She knows everything about beachwear and shares her best finds and summer essentials for Wander-Lust this season. Check out her blog mybikinimusthaves.com. You can follow Gala on Instagram for bikini inspiration!

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