Best Turkish Breakfast in Amsterdam

5x Amazing Turkish Breakfast in Amsterdam

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the Turks know this like no other.  In Turkey, breakfast is a culinary ritual that contains different cheeses, olives, egg dishes, jams, grilled sausages, fruits and many cups of sugar infused black tea. Lucky for us, Amsterdam has a few places where you can enjoy such a wonderful Turkish Breakfast, and we have selected the best ones!

Meram Osdorp

So far, this place has been our favorite Turkish breakfast that we have tasted. Wow. They offer an open buffet-breakfast from 9am till 2pm. It’s only 12,50 per person, and you eat as much as you can. Kids under 6 years old eat for free! The buffet seems like it never ends. Fresh fruit, grilled zucchini, mushrooms, traditionally eggs heated in yoghurt (must try!), pancakes, olives, fresh orange juice, and of course the Turkish black tea. Meram Osdorp is located right next to the Sloterplas, so you have one of the best views in the area. It’s on a walk-in basis, so make sure you arrive in time during the weekend, especially Sunday is very busy. They also serve a Turkish breakfast buffet at their Bos & Lommer location, but we prefer the Osdorp location because of the interior and view.

Turkish Breakfast Meram Osdorp
Our favorite thing; Turkish Tea!

Breakfast buffet Meram Osdorp
The impressive breakfast buffet at Meram Osdorp

It’s more than just eating, it’s catching up, and enjoying each others company


In contrast to Meram, there is no buffet, but this Turkish Breakfast is served per table when you order. Your table will be filled with all the favourite Turkish dishes to keep you full till after lunchtime. It’s served only during the weekend from 10am until 3pm, and when the weather allows it, you can sit on the outside terrace.

Podium Mozaïk
Photo courtesy of Mozaïk


Another big favorite for a tasty (and generous) Turkish breakfast is Florya. Located in Bos & Lommer, this restaurant also offers an outside terrace with a wonderful view of the water. They also serve delicious cocktails, soups, salads and grilled dishes, but for breakfast they offer a buffet. The buffet is open from 8am until 2pm, and refilled, so you won’t miss out when you arrive a bit later. You pay only €10,- per person and kids from the age 4 till 9 years old, only pay €4,95,-.

Florya Amsterdam
A walking buffet at Florya


This Turkish restaurant in Amsterdam North, is not specialised in a huge Turkish breakfast buffet, but despite that, they open at 10am during the weekend, and serve their wonderful soups, pide’s, tea and freshly made pomegranate juice.

Hanimeli Amsterdam
Photo courtesy of Hanimeli


At Erva you can also enjoy a daily Turkish Breakfast, but for 17,95 for 2 people. You will get a table full of sweetness and savoury dishes that you can share. A Turkish breakfast is all about sharing the food with the people. Furthermore, it’s more than just eating, it’s catching up, and enjoying each others company.

Erva Amsterdam
Breakfast at Erva

Afiyet Olsun! (Enjoy your meal!)


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