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5X Tips to keep your Hair Healthy on Holiday

Poor hair. We keep putting it through the toughest conditions, and as full time travellers, our hair has to deal with different weather conditions, salt water and a lot of sunshine. But even if you’re not such a frequent traveler, everyone can relate to dull, dry and damaged hair after a holiday. Time for some hair tips that could leave your hair shiny and healthy!

hair treatment
We recently coloured our hair.. how did we maintain it?

1. Get yourself a good hair mask and take it with you!

We recently went on a surfing trip and really tested our hair by swimming in the salty sea every day! After 3 days, it was time for that extra care. Hair masks are easy to bring along and small enough to add into your carry-on. We brought the 60 Seconds Miracle Creator hair mask from Matrix which also helps to maintain color treated hair. You’ll be surprised how shiny and soft your hair looks after this one! 

2. Try to avoid swimming pools

Oh boy, swimming pools are great for cooling off, but the chemicals used in most pools, are quite damaging to your hair. Solution: tie up your hair in a knot! Easy peasy, but very important during a holiday. If you like to swim with your hair loose, make sure your shower after your swim, so most of the chemicals can be washed out.

Hair swimming pool
Avoid chlorine

Protect your hair from the sun

There are many spray’s available nowadays to protect your hair against heat or UVA and UVB light. You can see it as sunglasses for your hair! Just spray the product onto your hair about 15 to 20 minutes before you go outside and repeat after a few hours. Check for the ingredients before you decide to buy it. Not all sprays are good. 

healthy hair

Get creative with braids & buns

If you create braids & buns, your hair will be more protected against the wind and it’s a great way to stay cool. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, braids are ON trend! 😉


Avoid free products and invest in a good one

Yes we love the free shampoo’s and conditioners at our hotels, but free usually means budget and bad quality. From a personal perspective; we brought travel size shampoo and conditioner from Matrix. This product is free of parabens, sulfates, silicons, artificial colorants and it’s totally vegan. The shampoo bottles are 95% recycled, so therefore we (extra) love sharing this tip with you. It also contains natural ingredients like coconut milk and meadow foam, which gives it the nice smell. Whatever your favorite product is; bring it to make sure your hair keeps it’s healthy shine.

Biolage RAW
The travel size Biolage R.A.W. bottles we brought



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