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We love to share our best travel hacks with you, and what better than to start at the airport – the start of most international trips. Get ready and screenshot these handy airport tips for your next vacation!

Clever Parking at the Airport

If you decide to come to the airport in your car – at Schiphol for example, we advise you to use this easy parking website. Using the parking garage at the Airport can be quite expensive nowadays. By using Vliegen en Parkeren, especially for Schiphol Parking, you just enter your arrival and departure dates and this search engine will find the cheapest airport parking option for you. This travel hack often finds the best parking options just outside the airport. Free shuttle buses can take you to the airport in less than 6 minutes! 

Airport parking tips

The website is specifically designed for Dutch travellers, which means you can also book at the closest German, Belgian, and even French airports. If you really want to relax, you can even go for valet parking, where someone parks your car and secures your key. Vliegen en Parkeren solely works with trusted and experienced companies, so you can fly to your destination save and relaxed. 

The luggage tag

Ever since busy airports started to lose people’s luggage, this travel gadget is a must. Simply put this tag into your luggage and with the connected app, you can see where your luggage is hiding. For example; we just made it to our connecting flight from Istanbul to Amsterdam, but there was no way they could have brought our luggage on time. Once arrived, we could see our luggage was still in Istanbul airport. This saved us time because we didn’t have to wait hours at the luggage belt, and we could quickly take action. Are you using Android, be sure to get this one.

Pack important items into your hand luggage

Oh yes, we’ve seen this mistake a little too many times. Especially when you have a layover, make sure you pack one set of clothes into your hand luggage. The same goes for important stuff such as your laptop, medication, and other items that cannot be replaced. As an illustration, on a recent press trip, our co-travellers forgot about this handy airport tip. As a result they unfortunately had to wear the same clothes for 4 days in a row, while waiting for their suitcase to arrive…

Airport tips

Bring your own food on board

Depending if you fly business class – here’s the best business class experience we’ve ever had, the airplane food in economy class isn’t something that deserves an award. Start your trip healthy by making a salad at home and bring it on board. Tip: mix your dressing into your salad beforehand to avoid it being thrown away at security!

Add your liquids into one bag

We all know how annoying it is to dig through your carry-on suitcase before you enter security. This airport tip is one to make your airport life more relaxed, so save it! Add your liquids into a handy bag so you can easily put them into the TSA approved bag at the airport. The same applies for your jewellery because they can cause some hassle. Add them in a see-through bag and add them into the tray for scanning – for a less chance of invasive luggage searching.

All things considered, there are much more tips. Scroll down to check them all! Have a relaxed flight!

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