Dubrovnik, Croatia’s jewel, and therefore swamped with tourists. Nevertheless, it’s an incredibly historic city, one must visit at least once in their lifetime. We can imagine, however, that you might want to steer away from the tourist spots, and discover some hidden gems. Now, these are quite difficult to find, but we managed to discover a few unique and less busy spots in and near Dubrovnik. Ready?

Bowa Dubrovnik

When we shared this exclusive beach bar on our Instagram, everyone wanted to know where it was! Of course, we are going to tell you guys all about it! Located on the small island of Sipan, not far from Dubrovnik, and you can only get there by boat. Be aware that it’s a luxury spot (we heard David Beckham and Victoria enjoyed lunch here), so it’s expected to spend some money when you get there. Meaning, a table in their pretty cabanas will require a deposit of €500,- and a terrace seat will start at €100,-. So is it worth it? We have to say yes, it is. We had the pleasure to eat lunch here, which was one of the best we’ve had in the area. Fresh seafood, beautiful wines, and tasty snacks. 

Wander-Lust at Bowa Dubrovnik

Lunch at Bowa Dubrovnik

Lokrum Island

If you visit Dubrovnik, make sure to plan a trip to the small island across, named Lokrum Island. It only takes you 15 minutes by boat (sit inside to avoid getting wet). On this island, you have a few cafés, a swimming lake, and a secret cave opening. You can find this cave – that is situated next to the open sea, behind the restaurant next to the swimming lake named Lokrum Rocks.  

Lokrum Rocks, Lokrum Island

Lockrum Rocks lake, Lockrum Island Croatia

Dodo Bar in Dubrovnik

From the old city, you can walk straight to Dodo Bar. It’s not that easy to find if you don’t know where you are heading, and this is why it’s a favourite hidden spot for the locals. The beach at Dodo bar, Šulić Beach, is situated in between a cove, making it even more secluded. Come here just before the sun sets, to avoid the biggest crowd as it’s becoming more popular. Good to know; they accept cash only, which we didn’t know, and we missed out on their nice cocktails. 

Dodo Bar in Dubrovnik

Dodo Bar Dubrovnik

Konavle Region

Not far from Dubrovnik, you’ll find Konavle. This region has many local villages with traditional foods and cute houses. The Ljuta river flows right through it, and you’ll find a hidden beach we mention in the next tip! Hike around the Konavle Valley, where you’ll find a beautiful wine-region also. It’s a great option to escape the busy city of Dubrovnik for a day-trip, as it’s only 30 minutes away by car (rent one here).

Konavle Region Croatia

Pasjača Beach

This hidden beach is only reachable on foot (there is a small car park on the top, but you must walk downhill where you eventually meet 200 stairs. By all means, it’s not the safest construction, and we must admit that we arrived there when it had just rained. The conditions were not the best, but we can only imagine what this beach would look like when the sun shines! Save for later!

Pasjača Beach, hidden beach near Dubrovnik

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