6 crazy foods around the world you want to try

I’ve written a blogpost about the weirdest foods around the world once but you probably didn’t want to eat those! But there are also some crazy foods around the world you definitely want to try! Check these and food will never be boring again..

The Waftdog, Thailand
This hotdog is anything but ordinary! It’s made out of green tea waffle hotdog that is sold at a food fair at Kasetsart University in Thailand. No idea how it taste but it surely looks interesting!

Rolled Thai fried Ice-Cream, Thailand
Yes, it’s crazy Thailand again. They do know how to keep us coming back! Check out this Thai fried Ice-Cream that is rolled up into different flavours. First it’s melted and because of the cold ice-plate, it instantly freezes. Look cute right?

Ice Bowl Noodles, Japan
Talk about being innovative! This Japanese restaurant in Kyoto serves it’s noodle soup and ramen into ice bowls and it looks amazing! It can get pretty hot in Japan during summer so this is perfect to cool off and still enjoy a noodle soup which the locals swear by. Ingredients are fresh and the ice will melt very slowly, cooling down the dish for the perfect summer temperature.

Ice noodles

Birthday Cake Croissants, USA
Surprisingly it wasn’t a french man that came up with this concept. Pastry chef Thiago Silva wanted something new than a plain (and a little boring perhaps?) croissant. So he decided to create a croissant with sprinkles! Even better, he fills them up with cream to make them taste even better. You can buy them for 5 dollars at Union Fare in New York.

Cronuts & Donuts stall in Camden Town, UK
Camden town in London is a place full punks, vintage, record shops, and amazing foods! (I should really do a blogpost about this place) And since the beginning that I was living there back in the year 2000, there has been a Donut and Cronut stall that is amazing. Whenever my friends came to visit, I always took them here. You have them in all sorts of flavors, colors, fillings and some are even crunchy! The stall is parked right at the beginning of the market on Chalk Farm road. When I lived there they cost 2 pounds per Donut.

Cronuts and Donuts Camden town
Source: suitcasepantry.weebly.com

Black Ice-Cream, USA
It’s the color everyone wears so why not make an black ice cream right? Instagram is now full of it and the first black charcoal-colored ice cream is served at Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream shop located in New York City. Some say that coconut ash isn’t the healthiest thing in the world but studies still need to test the full effect of long term use. 




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