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6 x the most Instagramable Sweet Foods in Amsterdam

You must have seen them. The perfect hand shot over the canals of Amsterdam, holding something that looks so yummie, you want to get it instantly. Instead of scrolling through your insta timeline, we’ve selected our favorite insta worthy sweet foods in Amsterdam.

Van Wonderen Stroopwafels
Kalverstraat 190

To get the perfect shot over the canals of Amsterdam, you must buy one of these famous Dutch Stroopwafels. There are many on sale throughout the city, but no one makes them like Van Wonderen Stroopwafels. Sprinkled with marshmallows, m&m’s or chocolade, they taste amazing!

One of the most photographed and instagrammable sweet foods in Amsterdam

Prinsengracht 232H

The girl behind this wonderful new store on the Prinsengracht is Instagrammer @Polabur. She moved to Amsterdam a few years ago and was born in Russia. Polina (her real name), knows how to create the perfect sweet that looks amazing on your Instagram feed. Her formula is simple; strawberries covered in chocolate. We had a little taster and the berries were sweeeet! She sells handcrafted strawberries, chocolate bars, coffee and even bouquets made out of strawberries & chocolate. 

Polaberry Amsterdam
Source: Polaberry

Ree7 Amsterdam

Get your freak on, because they serve THE best freakshakes at Ree7. Located in between many boutique stores and eateries, Ree7 is THE place if you have a sweet tooth. They also serve healthier stuff, but if you want to impress your followers, you need to order yourself one of their freakshakes.

Source: Ree7

Dunkin’ Donuts
Leidsestraat 45
The most famous doughnut store in Europe and not without reason. They come in different flavours and colors, and most of them are great for a quick snap with a pretty background. I say quick, because you want to eat them before they start melting!

Dunkin Donut Amsterdam

Van Spilbergenstraat 2hs
The first popsiclebar of the Netherlands and a rather special one. All their ice popsicles are handcrafted, 100% natural and sustainable. They only use real natural ingredient with no sartificial colors or flavors. Oh, and they look mega cute!

Ijsmanschap Amsterdam

I-Scream Waffle
De Hallen Amsterdam
You used to be able to find this tasty and good looking bubble waffle in De Foodhallen in Amsterdam West. But bad news, they stopped serving them sinds 2017, and we are still waiting for them to come back. 

I-Scream Waffle Amsterdam

Have a great time snappin’, eh, we mean eating! 😉



*Header photo courtesy of @Polabur

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