Good act for Christmas


The festive season is in full swing. Christmas is coming! Like everything else in 2020, the holidays are different this rollercoaster-kind-of year. More intimate, less festive, but with just as many treats on the table and under the Christmas tree. Being together is one thing, but what about the Christmas spirit.

Let’s spread the holiday cheer especially to those who need it the most. Be inspired by these six good acts that you can do for others.

NL Cares Christmas Crowdfunding

The elderly people. Even though you often don’t hear them in the news(paper), these people are having a very, very though time. Just think about the impact the tightened c-restrictions have on their daily routines, the support they receive and their ability to stay socially connected. Not to mention the lack of having a chitchat with or getting a hug from family, friends and volunteers. Every festive season NL Cares shines a light on the older people with their Christmas Crowdfunding. Time to give them a moment of happiness.

Helping elderly

How? Whatever amount you can spare, NL Cares will give a heartwarming Christmas gift to the elderly and homeless people. Take, for example a donation of €15 with which you give a DIY Christmas piece, with €25 a Warm Winter Package, with €50 you give 10 elderly people a jinglelicious breakfast. And on top of it: with a donation of €250 you give a warm winter garden at a residential care centre. So, let’s join with even the smallest donation.

Holding hands

Small X-mas acts for furry friends

Especially in this bumpy year there was a massive run on pets. Because we’re more than ever inside our natural habitat, this is the perfect timing to introduce a new furry four-legged friend. Luckily, lots of pets have got a luxe lounging place. But there is also an incredible number of pets living in the animal shelter. Pets who haven’t got a place near the burning fireplace. Who don’t have a Christmas meal on the menu. It’s all about the little things. For humans and animals. So, drop by (probably on appointment) for some snacks, food and social interaction, make a donation or give one (or two, three) of them the upgrade to ‘furriest member(s) of your family.’ The purrrfect gift!

The power of pen and paper

Every year Amnesty organises the ‘Write for Rights’ campaign. In the form of millions of letters and cards they protest against injustice worldwide. For example, for the people who ended up in jail for reporting a protest. For the ones who are threatened for protecting the environment. Or the do-gooders who were standing up for the LGBTI community. It’s heartbreaking. Stop injustice by writing piles of letters. Letters which will be posted by Amnesty to authorities. An amazing way to force governments to intervene. All support is important. Together we can change lives.

Christmas cards

Set an extra plate

Normally, the benefactors of Save the Children organise their Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. But because everything goes slightly different in 2020, they’ve changed the concept once. The idea? In times of fully loaded Christmas tables, there are too many kids who go to bed with an empty stomach. Who suffer from malnutrition and therefore they’ve a weak immune system and struggles with their mental development. Ugh. That’s why Save the Children came up with the idea to encourage you, you and you to ‘set an extra plate’ with your holiday festivities. An extra plate for the little ones and their families who have (almost) nothing to eat. For €10 you can make sure that an entire family in poverty gets a healthy, filling meal these holidays. Share some warmth, lift struggling children out of hunger across the globe and get your dose of karma points here.

Christmas greetings on the bus for grandpas and grandmas

This is one to keep in mind for next X-mas. Nationaal Ouderenfonds, PostNL and Kidsweek have organized a huge Christmas card campaign for the lonely elderly. It wasn’t their kick-off year, this was their sixth year in a row. Thumbs up! Their mission? To collect as many heartwarming Christmas cards as possible. Little surprises filled with loads of love. Although you don’t know the grandpa or granny, it gives them the beautiful twinkle they need during the dark days before ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’

Little effort, BIG gesture

Especially during these festive weeks and the devastating impact of the c-virus epidemic this year, you probably can spot a street newspaper seller in your supermarket. Someone who’s in dire straits. Who earns extra pocket money by selling the so-called ‘Homeless’ newspaper. Let’s have a chitchat with this person and ask how you can help. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee, a donation of clothes or just some small talk. There are so many more ways to help them beyond giving some money. Small acts of kindness mean the world to these vulnerable people.

Let’s spread the Christmas spark, happy holidays!


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