With the Corona Virus in full effect across the globe, drastic measures are being taken. Washing you hands, sneezing in your elbow and avoid shaking hands with one another.

But not shaking hands has been proven to be more difficult than we thought. Therefore we’ve did a little research to see which other ways are possible to greet each other, looking at different cultures around the world.

The Elbow Bump

It seems like the greeting that would be the easiest to pick from if you need to avoid the hands. However, we were also told to sneeze and cough in our elbows, so we are not sure about the level of hygiene, but we’ll leave that up to you of course.

The Foot Bump

Our favourite! Well, that depends if we are wearing shoes. Bumping our bare feet to one another wouldn’t be our first choice. That being said, you can always create a nice TIKTOK video!


The Head Bowing

Let’s do it Chinese style and gracefully bow our heads to say hello! I mean, it’s simple, and you don’t even have to touch each other at all! (make sure you save enough space in between to avoid bumping heads)


Simple as that. Just wave at each other like as you are saying goodbye. Just don’t say goodbye. Ugh, confusing.

wave to avoid shaking hands, corona visrus

Rubbing Noses

Did you know that the men in Oman greet good friends by rubbing each others noses together? At the same time, this probably wouldn’t be the best idea right now, but we like this traditional greeting with friends!

Raising Eyebrows

In the meantime, in the Micronesia region they tend to keep it simple. Each island has its individual way of ritual and custom when saying hello to each other; however, on the Marshall Islands they say hello by raising their eyebrows. (shame that I have a fringe..)


Bread & Salt?

And finally, in Russia they eat! Well, although this may be true, Russians actually greet their guests with bread and salt. This is known as Kleb da sol. Obviously, this is a very traditional way of saying hello, but we like it! (as long as they’ve washed their hands of course ;-))

Overall, the head bowing, or shoe bumping seems to be the safest option for now. Which one would you pick?

All jokes aside, we hope everyone stays healthy and we can knock this Corona Virus out of the way, so we can greet each other which ever way we want to! Stay updated about the Corona Virus here.

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