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7 reasons why you should visit Koh Lipe in Thailand

From Malaysia – national capital Kuala Lumpur, jungle & snorkeling in Borneo, Art & Culture in Penang – to white sandy beaches in Koh Lipe, Thailand. After 2,5 weeks of traveling in Malaysia it was time to relax. The best place to do that is to visit a tropical island with stunning beaches! From Langkawi we took a boat to Koh Lipe which took 1.5 hours. You will arrive at a Picture-Perfect Tropical Island where you want to stay forever! An unbelievable exotic destination that has everything you need to have the perfect holiday!

‘7 reasons why you should visit Koh Lipe’

Koh Lipe is a paradise island in the southern of Thailand’s Satun Province near the Thailand/Malaysia border. The three main beaches of Koh Lipe are Sunset Beach (west), Sunrise Beach (east), and Pattaya Beach (south), all beautiful. Koh Lipe is famous for it’s white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, coconut trees, snorkeling and scuba diving and it’s relaxed atmosphere!

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1. Less busy than many surrounded islands

Koh Lipe tropical island

Koh Lipe is a small island, it takes only a few hours to circle Lipe by kayak. Koh Lipe offers a variety in accommodations,  with  not many big resorts yet. Koh Lipe is still one of the few islands left which isn’t over-developed. However, they are building and developing here and it’s moves fast. Still the island is so beautiful and the atmosphere is super relaxed!

2.You can have the most relax and fun day

Fun at Koh Lipe

You wake up in your bamboo bungalow with hammocks right at the beach, you start the day with a healthy shake at one of the beach restaurants, you walk to the beach and spend the morning soaking up the sun and take a dive into the sea. In the morning your snorkel trip starts around the island where you will see a large variety of marine life. In the late afternoon you bury your feet in the cool sand, where you will hear reggae music in the background holding a delish Pina Colada in your hand, while listening to the sound of waves and watch the breathtaking sunset. You get back to your bungalow and take a cold shower and head out to one of the beach restaurants for some fresh seafood dinner.
What else do you need right?

3. Snorkel & Dive
Koh lipe is famous for snorkeling and diving! The incredibly clear water and excellent visibility makes snorkeling very famous on this island. There are many shops on the island that offer snorkeling trips and a full range of PADI and SSI courses. You will find a lot of small colorful fish at Koh Lipe, but around the island are some of Thailand’s best reefs. Koh Lipe is surrounded by over 30 islands and hundreds of reefs. Tarutao National Park is one of Asia’s oldest marine parks thus the reefs and the islands surrounding Koh Lipe are in very good condition, nowhere else on the southeast Asian peninsula will you find so many excellent dive sites so easily reached‘. source: Favourite Dive Sites

4. The warm weather

tropical island Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe weather doesn’t change much throughout the year! It rains and storms from April through September, but it doesn’t mean you should skip this magical island. Koh Lipe rains start fast and are gone before you know it! Apparently the average temperature is around 26 degrees, so no matter what time you visit Koh Lipe, the weather will typically be the same. I was there beginning of December and we had some thunder and storm in the evenings, but everyone is happy when it does since the rain cools down the temperatures. It can get very hot.

5. Thai food is the best

Thai Food

If you love food you should definitely go to Thailand. Trust me, it’s so much better than the Thai restaurants in your own country. From Thai green curry, Phat Thai, Tom kha kai (spicy soup) to Som Tam (Papaya salad), it’s all so delicious, healthy and fresh! They always use fresh herbs and lots of greens, which I really like. There’s something for everyone, it’s doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian or vegan, enough options. Nothing different to Koh Lipe. There’s s a great variety in food on the island: From tasty Thai street food to fresh fish you will find right at the beach.

Tip! Oder ‘mai pet’ which means not spicy, thai standards are different compared to ours. One chilipeper is enough!

Spicy = mai pet
A little bit spicy = pet noi
Very spicy = pet mak

6. Friendly locals

Boat Tour, snorkeling trip

Next to Malaysian locals are Thai one of the nicest people. They always smile, always very polite, incredibly friendly and always so helpful. This will make your holiday a lot more fun. The locals of Koh Lipe will make a huge effort to speak English and they are all very sweet and funny.

7. It’s Cheap!
It’s was my fourth time in Thailand this year. A lot changed compare to 5 years ago: it’s more crowded, you will find a lot more western food and the food and drinks in restaurants are more expensive then it used to be. Still very cheap by European standards, and especially compared to Amsterdam. As soon as you want something from the West – like pizza’s, burgers, wine, cheese –  you will pay a lot more. That’s why you should stick to the local food and drinks.

So, if you ever want to experience Heaven on Earth, I advise you to take a trip to Koh Lipe Thailand!



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  1. Number 1 would be my number 1 reason too. From all the Thai islands we visited I loved the least touristy the most, even though this meant there’s not much more to do than swim, snorkel and enjoy coconuts and beaches 🙂 Will keep this one in mind!

  2. Yola

    I will be visiting Thailand and plan to spend time in Bangkok and the Khao Sok Rainforest prior to heading to the Islands. I have reservations on Kho Phi Phi – besides that I am debating whether to visit Kho Lanta or Koh Lipe or both. I am not a big party girl, and I absolutely love being active and doing anything outdoors. Would you be able to provide some advice to assist in terms of would I have similar experiences on both Kho Lanta and Koh Lipe? Should I spend a shorter time on both, or pick one and have a full week there, etc.?
    Any input would be appreciated.

    • Wander-lust

      Hi Yola! Kho PhiPhi was our least favorite island due to the extreme tourism. Ko Lanta is wonderful, and we advise you to stay at Long Beach. Koh Lipe is also nice and I would spend at least 3 or 4 days on each island. Kho Phi Phi is enough for 2 nights max. Have fun!

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