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7 Swimwear Trends for 2018

I can’t believe we are in May already and summer is just a few months away! Time to start with some preparations ….
Next to the Levi’s 501 shorts, flared trousers, loafers, sandals, kimono’s, kaftan’s, short skirts and silk dresses, We really love to spend my time finding the perfect bathing suit. It’s one of the many obsessions I have » looking gorgeous during summer in the perfect bikini or bathing suit!

Where does summer takes you and which bikini will suit your travel plans the most?

I’ve done all the work for you! Have a look at the Swimwear Trends for 2018.

The Low Cut Bathing Suit
We knew that bathing-suits were back since last year, but this time the cut is getting lowwwww! If you have smaller breasts, you can certainly get away with it, so therefore we love this trend. Get a sexy plunge that Benthe Liem is wearing here.

Swimwear trends 2018
Benthe Liem wearing Gooseberry Seaside

The Strappy Bikini
Get ready to look like you’re about to walk into a beachparty, cause this bikini is on trend and everybody will ask you where you got it. Good thing, that Strappy Bikini’s are already available for less than 10 euro, like the one below

Swimwear trends 2018
Source: ASOS

The Belted Swimsuit
Love, love, love this swimwear trend of 2018. It really compliments a women’s shape and it was the perfect swimsuit for Elke when she just became a new mum. Too insecure to wear a bikini? This might be the solution for you! The best ones are a little more pricey, but sooo worth it! 


The Belted Bikini
Yep, there is the belt again. This time on your next bikini. It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this before, nope, many years ago a pretty James Bond girl flaunted her Belted Bikini for the world to take note. Now, in 2018, you will see this style on the beach or by the pool. Buy it here.

The Belted Bathing Suit
Fashion Icon, James Bond vibes by Ursula Andress

Retro Swimwear
Let’s go back to the 90’s with this look. Retro is hotter than ever and even if it’s something to get used to a little bit, it’s something you will see more of. O’Neill just launched their re-issued swimwear, pretty out there but we kinda like it! Shop it here.

Swimwear Trends 2018

Tropical Prints
Tigers, palmtrees, pineapples and even unicorns have been spotted on swimwear this year. Get ready for summer and pick your favorite print. We love this one from COSTES Fashion. Buy it here for just €15,-

Swimwear trends 2018

Monday Swimwear
Not just one piece but a brand that is suuuuper hot right now. The girls behind Monday Swimwear might sounds familiar to you. Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman are the hottest bikini girls out there and their swimwear line is really taking the leas this year. You will see many girls wearing Monday Swimwear this summer, just check bikini!

Swimwear trends of 2018
Our favorite bikini of the year!

Beach proof ready? Wear your swimwear with:

» Pair of lovely cute sandals
» Long translucent kaftan or kimono 
» Sunnies
» Oversized sun hat
» Handbag


Don’t forget to share your pick with us via @wanderlust.nl

Enjoy summer y’all!



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