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Its the thing that Aruba is famous for. Here are the best beaches on the island of Aruba.

Beaches on Aruba

Aruba is renowned for its stunning beaches, which are some of the most beautiful in the world. Some are more busy than others, and we have a little bonus for you at the end of this article. Enjoy the clear waters, bring your towel and snorkeling gear, because you want to visit them all!

Baby Beach

If you’re planning a holiday to Aruba, you will definitely have Baby Beach on your list and we can confirm that this beach is worth the hype. This half-moon beach got its name from its shallowness, which makes it suitable for both adults and children alike! There’s a large car park by the entrance and plenty of space to leave your belongings on the beach.

Tres Trapi

Grab your snorkel and head over to Tres Trapi for the most memorable experience. As soon as you get into the water, you can see so many types of fish and if you swim just a little further, you will find yourself swimming with sea turtles! You’ll also see a number of pelicans hovering above the water, always on the lookout for their next meal.

Tres Trapi beach Aruba

Palm Beach

Just like its name, Palm Beach is surrounded by palm trees, as well as hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars. The water here is relatively calm and you can find many people enjoying water sports, such as SUP yoga, snorkelling or windsurfing. It’s a beautiful beach to walk along in the evening as the sun goes down when the bars and restaurants start to light up. We even witnessed a marriage proposal there! We can only imagine how stunning the backdrop was for those engagement photos.

Palm Beach Aruba best beaches

Eagle Beach

Voted as one of the best beaches in the world time after time, Eagle Beach is a must-visit when in Aruba. This beach spans over 2 kilometresand is a popular spot for sea turtles to nest and hatch between March and September. You’ll also find the iconic Fofoti trees trees there, with their diagonal growing style – caused by the strong winds that blow across the island.

Arashi Beach

Arashi Beach is a beautiful and relatively serene beach located on the northwestern coast of Aruba. This beach is also close to the California Lightshouse.

Arashi Beach - Aruba

Blackstone Beach

Amongst all the white sand beaches in Aruba, this is the only black sand beach you’ll find on the island. At first glance, the beach is not all that glamorous, with no sunbed facilities or watersports. In fact, it’s too dangerous to swim here! But the beach’s interesting geography makes it an off-the-beaten-track location and one that is not crowded with tourists. We would definitely recommend keeping your shoes on or bringing a pair of wet shoes if you wanted to walk a little into the sea.

Bonus: The Natural Pool

Although not a traditional beach, the Natural Pool (Conchi) is a must-visit. It’s a unique natural formation created by volcanic rock, where the sea crashes into a pool of calm water. It’s accessible by rugged off-road vehicles or guided tours.

Black rock beach Aruba

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