Warm destinations in Europe in winter


If “warm destinations in Europe in Winter” was your question in the Google search tab, you’re probably not the only one seeking the sunshine. Honestly, we feel you. Rainy, windy and colder weather, isn’t something most people look forward to. Hence the name of this article, we’ve lined up a couple of European destinations, where the weather is milder and the sun still catches your skin.

Canary Islands

Most likely, this destination doesn’t come as a big surprise to most of you. Oh yes, the Canary Islands bring sun seekers what they wish for. The downside is, that it’s a destination with many tourists, and this may not be your cup of tea. However, temperatures rise to about 23°C, so you may just want to swallow that bitter pill. Located on the far west side of Africa, these islands are officially part of Spain. Therefore you’ll find Spanish dishes, music, and culture. All we can say is…Vamos!

Canary Islands warm winter destination


This Mediterranean destination is situated in the most Southern part of Europe and therefore has a mild winter climate. Mind you, in December and January, temperatures can still drop to about 19°C to 20ºC during the day. Rain can fall, but nothing compared to Western Europe. Stroll around the capital Lefkosia, with hidden corners and charming streets. Visit markets, take a look at the architecture, or visit a museum. Furthermore, hiking is also the perfect activity for the winter months as it can be too hot during summer. Not to mention the many cute villages on the island like Omodos or Lofou. Cyprus is definitely a warm destination in Europe you should visit!

Cyprus, winter destination


This beautiful island is not particularly the warmest destination in Europe on this list, but it’s so lush and green. The climate can be tropical with heavy, short rainfall which may change in a heartbeat. The incredible cuisine, stunning hikes, and waterfalls, make Madeira worthy of a spot on the list. Are you curious about this Island which is called the Hawaï of Europe? Check out our full Madeira Guide.

Madeira, warm destination in wintertime


Another M in the Alphabet that gives us Malta. This tiny island underneath Italy is a warm enough destination in Europe in our opinion. Maximum temperatures of 18 degrees and around 8 days of rain in December. It gets a little colder in January, but there are no freezing temperatures! More on Malta here.

Valletta skyline Malta

The Algarve, Portugal

Beaches, cliffs, wonderful restaurants, markets, and pretty lodges. The Algarve is a big favourite if you are travelling with kids, couples, and travellers. To get an idea of the Algarve, check out this video we made a few years ago!

Istanbul, Turkey

Now hold on, a little disclaimer before we continue. We visited Istanbul in February and it snowed. However, locals told us it doesn’t happen often though, and we must admit, when the sun broke through, it was at least 15ºC. Rain and snowy storms may occur due to the changing climate of the world, but we still want to tip Istanbul as a wonderful destination in the winter. Flight tickets will be more affordable and it won’t feel too crowded.

Istanbul during wintertime, warm destination in Europe

So, which warm destination in Europe will you pick this wintertime?


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