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It’s the one question we get from travel seekers who recently had a baby. Where can I still travel? We get it; you love babies and parenthood, but you also love to travel. Should it stop once you become a parent? The answer is definitely NO.

We speak from experience when we say travelling is possible with children. You may need to change a few things but yes, you can still travel. Obviously some destinations are better than others so we’ve created a list with 8X Baby Proof Destinations you want to check out.

Wanderlust baby


By far one of our favourite baby proof destinations for a summer holiday! Firstly, the temperature is nice – if you pick an island there is always a little breeze. Secondly, food is very affordable and kids love it. Besides, the Greek are generally very helpful and super friendly. Both Sarah and I have travelled to Greece (many times) with our new born babies. The flight isn’t that long and you have many options when it comes to hotels or apartments, so you’ll easily find something that will cater your needs. Check all our articles about Greece!

baby proof destinations, Greece
Our happy baby in Greece


Again, speaking from experience. Back in 2018 I travelled to Thailand with our 1 year old son and we didn’t just stay in the one resort. We travelled to different islands by plane, bus, boat and even tuk tuk. Our son didn’t know any better, slept on the beach if needed and just tagged along. The only downside effect is the jetlag. Like us, they need some time to adjust. Go here for some tips on how to tackle a killer jetlag, but don’t let this hold you back from travelling to Thailand. We brought a foldable buggy with us which was a lifesaver! TIP: bring as many of your own diapers with you as Thailand doesn’t have the best options on the islands. We always bring our LILLYDOO green Diapers plastic neutralised & perfume free, perfect for those little adventurers!

baby proof destinations, Thailand
Koh Lipe Island

Baby proof destinations are more popular than ever


Last year we travelled through Switzerland with our kids and found it very easy and stroller accesible. Nevertheless, Switzerland is a very modern destination with great infrastructure but especially Grächen has easy paths for walking around. Read our article about five Child Friendly Destinations in Switzerland and find out where to go!

family friendly Switzerland

Baby proof Switzerland


Needless to say that Bali is one of the more popular destinations on this list. The good news is that its a pretty baby proof destination if you prepare yourself. Obviously you have the long flight to deal with, but once you’ve arrived, your baby will be taken care of. For example, Indonesia has the best nannies around! It’s very normal to hire a nanny during your stay. Also, you can hire baby equipment for a very affordable price. For safety you can get a wooden fence installed around your villa pool if need be. Older children also love Bali, as there are plenty of things to do, you just need to know what. Are you travelling to Bali for the first time, travelling to Bali for the first time, check our tips and plan your trip. 


We recently published an article about Costa Rica being a very child friendly destination. Yes, it takes a bit of time to get there but small babies generally sleep a lot, so if you pick your flight times wisely, you should be fine. The beaches are wide and long stretched, it’s a safe country to travel around in and the water & food is clean. That being said, the roads in Costa Rica can be terrible in some regions so make sure you hire a safe and sound car seat if you rent a car.

Baby proof destinations flight


Barcelona for instance has a few child friendly cafes and spots we can recommend. We also know many people that have been travelling through Spain with a campervan which is quite comfortable given the yearly temperatures.


If you live in the USA, Mexico is a wonderful baby proof destination, given that it’s not that far. Mexico has gained in popularity over the past 2 years, so currently you need to pre-book your hotels for a good spot. Sian Ka’an Biosphere and Playa Paraiso are very popular with families but also trendy Cajun and Tulum is known with young couples and first born.


Keeping it close to home y’all! It has to be said, The Netherlands is an excellent baby proof destination. With more child friendly cafes than tulips, we needed to add Holland to the list. Baby Chino’s  are standard on any menu (the equivalent of a cappuccino) and plenty of in and out-door baby proof playgrounds. The Netherlands also has child friendly glampings, so we can confidently say that the Netherlands is the perfect destination to get around with your baby. 

Koe in the kost
Glamping in the Netherlands is great for kids!

Honestly, we think there are probably even more destinations worth mentioning but we have yet to explore ourselves. Let us know which baby proof destination should definitely be in this list!


Find some handy items to bring on your baby proof destinations below!

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