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It started back in 2007 when we developed the love for hiking. Traveling through Australia and Asia had certainly had its part in it; since then, hiking across the world has gained popularity. Europe has some amazing trails, with many levels of difficulty. Are you ready for the list?

Some trails are very well known, other a little less. We decided to mix it up a little bit, but they are definitely some of our favourite hikes!

Before you start reading…

Before you activate your smartwatch and get those steps counting, you must equip yourself with some good hiking gear. Recently, we got a chance to test the high-tech hiking clothing by RevolutionRace. This brand from Sweden was founded by a couple that like you, love hiking. They sell anything from outdoor hiking jackets, fleece, sweaters, pants, and handy hiking accessories all over the world. 

wander-lust hiking

Revolution Race gear
Wearing the daybreak pants and jacket from RevolutionRace

We tried their Tornado Fleece , Cyclone Rescue Jacket 2.0 and Daybreak Pants. All items are windproof, waterproof, breathable and have handy details. The fleece in particular is something that we would recommend for windy and colder weather conditions as it really keeps you warm, yet it’s breathable. The jacket is perfect for rainy of windy days, so in the Netherlands or on any mountain you’re all set! We loooove the Daybreak Pants because they look stylish and have many handy pockets without looking like you’re going to hike Mount Everest. Ok, all set with your gear? Let’s start hiking along these trails in Europe! 


My oh my, one of our all time favourite destinations in Europe is without question, Switzerland. We’ve been to many regions in this stunning country, and by all means you’re going to love it for hiking! With so many to choose from we want to give you a couple of trail tips; Jungfrau to Kandersteg hut-to-hut hike hut-to-hut hike . You start this 5-day trek in picture perfect Lauterbrunnen and you will stop at different mountain cabins along the way, ending in Kandersteg. It’s not an easy hike, but you don’t need to be an athlete by all means. Be aware that you will most likely hike for at least 3 to 6 hours a day. You will pass flower fields, green hills with cows, glaciers and waterfalls. Meanwhile, you will sleep in cosy, yet basic huts, meeting fellow hikers along the way. This trail was one one the most impressive ones we ever participated in.

Another of our favourite hike in Switzerland has to be in Grächen and surroundings. Because you can hike with kids also! From one hour hikes suitable for trollers to 7 hour hikes involving climbing a glacier. 

Hiking in Switzerland

Hiking in Switzerland

family friendly Switzerland
Hiking with babies!

For us, the views, adventure and fun are the most important!

Levada Walks, Madeira

Identically pretty and impressive is the volcanic island, Madeira. Perfect for summer hikes for old and young with many natural pools to cool off in. This Hawaï lookalike island is most famous for its Levada walks. Basically, it’s a network of water reserves that used to be the main source of water for the island, coming straight from the mountains! Now, it’s surrounded by lush trees and the small paths lead you all over the island, high up, with stunning views. Extra tip: Visit Ponta do Sol, the sunniest town on the island! There is a road nearby with tunnels and a little bit further you will find a waterfall that comes out on the road. Get a free car wash or take a refreshing shower!

Hiking in Madeira


Just prior to Covid, we visited Georgia to shoot and discover locations for our book Off the Beaten Track. We had heard great things, but wow, what an amazing place for hiking! Our tip is to travel during Autumn because the colours are out of this world. You can see a lot in just 4 days as you can read here, but we advise you to stay for one week. This is because there are many different hiking trails, many off-beaten and secluded, but you also don’t want to miss the famous routes. 

Waterfall Georgia

Northern Iceland

If you want to off the beaten path and visit Iceland without the crowds, visit its Northern part. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. We took the trip back in 2019 and travelled from Reykjavik past the West coast up to North Iceland. This way, you can see the landscape changing. Extra Tip: Drive over the Artic Coast Way, which officially opened on the 8th of June 2019 and has been voted in in the top 3 “Best in Europe” by Lonely Planet. Back to hiking though, because where you want to be is Vatnajökull National Park. The park reaches from highway 85, by Asbyrgi south to Dettifoss (the most powerful waterfall), covering an area of 120 km2. 

Vatnajökull National Park

Aldeyjarfoss, North Iceland

A walk in nature walks the soul back home. – Mary Davis

Northern Norway

We all know that Norway is a big favourite when it comes to hiking and it’s mentioned in many lists. However, we want to take you to the Northern part of Norway, where you can find beaches, mountains rising from the sea, and a-ma-zing views. In particular, you want to visit Lofoten and Vesterålen islands. Both are easy to combine and have the best hikes.

Northern Norway view

Samaria George, Greece

On Crete, Greece’s largest island, you’ll find a very unique and less known hike. The Samaria George opens to the public in May and is 16km long. It’s very doable, but you need a good enough physique in order to hike here. Because Greece isn’t always the most popular places for hikes, this trail is not too crowded which we love. Obviously, you will find more hiking enthousiast during the high season, but you can’t compare it to Norway for example.

Isle of Skye

Often described as one of the most amazing hiking destinations in Europe, yet not visited by many. You’ll find many deserted roads, thousands of sheep, cliffs and landmarks described as “The Fairy Bridge” or “The Old Man of Storr”. Photographer Pie Aerts published this article for us about his amazing two weeks on the island. It will be a one of a kind trip, with jaw dropping sights and most likely your top ten hike in Europe.

isle of skye view


Eh…what? But the Netherlands doesn’t have any mountains or even hills for that matter, right? Oh you are damn right, but nevertheless, our country has some amazing hiking trails. They include dunes, forests, beaches and sandbanks with wild animals walking around. Find our favourite nature walks here and let us know which one you loved the most!

Hiking Netherlands
Climbing trees in the Netherlands. Wearing RevolutionRace

Happy hiking everybody!


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