Best Yurt Camps in Kyrgyzstan


If you travel through Kyrgyzstan, you are most likely going to sleep in a few yurt camps along the way. Some might be more traditional than others, but nevertheless, it’s a pretty cool experience! We’ve been across the country and did our research. These are some of the best yurt camps in Kyrgyzstan for your Yurt holiday.

best yurt camps

Feel Nomad Yurt Camp

On the top of our list for your yurt holiday and not without reason. Feel Nomad was the first yurt camp we stayed at during our trip through Kyrgyzstan. In total, they have five yurts available that can accommodate up to 4 people at a time. Moreover, they have showers with warm water and a “normal” toilet. (We say normal because you’ll find that Kyrgyzstan has more holes in the ground than toilet seats). Prices go from 40 USD per person which includes breakfast. Their dining yurt is the biggest we’ve seen so far, and they serve tasty food with vegetarian options. Feel Nomad is located next to the largest lake in the country, just 150 meters away and surrounded by canyons.

yurt holiday

Feel Nomad Yurt Camp ighttime
Feel Nomad Yurt Camp at night

Yurt Camp Bayish, Song-Kul Lake

This amazing Yurt Camp is family owned, next to the alpine lake, Song-Kul. From the Ak-Talaa region and not far from the famous 33 turns road. By far the largest camp out of all the yurt camps we stayed in and it’s advised to make a booking as it can get a little busy at times. From the moment we arrived, children came with handmade bracelets which we exchanged for chocolate. Song-Kul is a popular destination to experience yurt life in a spectacular setting. Foodwise, this camp probably has the highest standards. Pancakes for breakfast, homemade bread, soup and many veggie options. All yurts can be heated with a stove. There is a sauna-room and heated showers. Toilets are basic holes in the ground but everything is cleaned and well maintained. A must visit if you visit the Naryn province!

Bayish Yurt Camp Kyrgyzstan

Food at Bayish yurt camp
Great food at the Bayish Yurt Camp

Alpine Dome Hotel, Sary-Tash

Wow, this camp is spectacular to say the least! Okok, it’s not a yurt camp like the others, but we needed to mention it nevertheless. The Alpine Dome Hotel is located on the the famous Pamir Highway in Sary-Tash village. With its 3450m above sea level it is one of the highest mountain hotels in the world! What we love; this hotel uses power from its own solar power station; an own waste water treatment system has been installed. Food is harvest from local families from the area and views are unbelievable, which includes the Lenin Peak at 7.134m.

Bel Tam Yurt Camp, Issyk-Kul Lake

Most travellers will love this yurt camp in Kyrgyzstan because they offer a lakeside view, free wifi and a comfortable area’s. For example; there is a bar, dining room, cute bathroom facilities and clean toilets. Bel Tam get’s the highest ranking at Tripadvisor, and although we think the above mentioned yurt camps are better, this one is certainly one to add to your list. Yurt cost 30 dollar per person and breakfast is included. Book it here.

Bel Tam yurt Camp Kyrgyzstan

Sabyrbek, Ash Rabat

This camp is located along the famous Silk Road and the first camp you’ll reach towards the famous landmark Ash rabat. Situated not far from the Chinese border, travellers that pass here, are often welcomed with other tourists. The area isn’t that special, but you’ll find it in most tourist brochures as a not-to-miss-spot. This yurt camp though, is wonderful, clean and they even have several rooms available. Their homemade sauna and shower is basic, but if you haven’t showered in a few days (most likely to happen in Kyrgyzstan), you will be so happy here.


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Sabyrbek Ash Rabat

Hippohae, Issyk-Kul Lake

It’s a camp for sure, but they offer more than yurts. Instead, you can sleep in pretty tipi-tents or bring your own! Vegetarian meals, yoga practises and music lessons makes this a sanctuary for free spirits. Tea ceremonies are mandatory here, or you can relax in a hammock while listing to the sounds of nature. Located on the southern side of Issyk-kul lake, you can enjoy the water sports here also.

Meder’s Camp, Kel-Suu

Officially, this camp hasn’t got a name or sign. The owner however, is a legend in this region and if you mention his name, any local around here will know where to find his camp. Meder is a shepperd who lives here all year round to look after his herd of yak – which are long haired cows that manage to survive when it’s -50 degrees! The camp itself is quite basic, but the scenery is what you are here for (and the homemade bread here is the best we’ve had!) Take a hike or ride a horse through rivers and hills to get to Kel-Suu lake at 3021 meters!

Meder, best Yurt Camp Kyrgyzstan

Kel Suu, best yurt camps Kyrgyzstan
The impressive Kel Suu Lake near Meder Yurt Camp

Toilet at yurt camp, Kyrgyzstan
Toilets in the yurt camps…interesting!

Yurt Camp Azamat, Song-Kul (northside)

Another nice Yurt Camp at Son-Kul lake, but this time at the Northside. Family owned, local produce, lovely vibe and peaceful. We haven’t stayed here ourselves but we’ve been told this camp is nice enough for a sleepover during your Yurt holiday in Kyrgyzstan.

Be aware, that most yurt camps in Kyrgyzstan are basic and you can’t compare it to a hotel of any kind. It can get cold at night, and some yurts may smell a bit muffy at times. That being said, this type of accommodation totally adds to the adventure of Kyrgyzstan! 


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