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Oh boy, when we started writing this article, we knew this would be a hard job. The combination budget and Amsterdam is a hard one to find indeed! However, there are some restaurants where you can still leave with a full belly, without breaking the bank. Here are the best budget-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam.


Recently voted as one of the most budget-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam by a renowned newspaper. This eatery is old skool, simple, yet delicious. What do they serve? Typical Dutch dishes such as meatballs with stampot, soup for as little as €3,50, and steak or veggie schnitzel for €15,50. Add some baked potatoes for €1,- and you’re all set!

Sango Specialty Coffee, Stromarkt 15

Cosy, central, and great barista-style coffee! Sango Speciality Coffee serves great breakfast and lunch for a fair price. Some dishes are 13 euros – such as a lunch-set or French breakfast, but you can order a sandwich, yogurt, or pancakes for €8,-. 


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Stek, Zeedijk 4-8

Founded and run by students, and we all know students are good at saving cash! Yes, the restaurant looks simple – and may not be your typical lunch hotspot in Amsterdam, but they surely serve some decent Dutch dishes! Come here for some beer, occasional live music, and friendly staff.

Not budget, but amazing; Our Favourite Restaurants in Amsterdam

Dumplings, Nassauplein 60

Not a real restaurant but a kiosk on the corner of Westerpark where you can eat dumplings for about €6,- for 6 pieces. Besides dumplings – steamed or baked, they also serve Chinese pancakes named Peking crêpes. There are a few tables on the side but many people eat the snacks on the go.

Toastable, Nieuwedijk

Hence the name, it’s the place to get toasties! The options are endless and the price is great! Get yourself a decent lunch between €6 and €10! besides toasties, they offer breakfast, fresh juices, cakes, and smoothies. 

Bagels & Beans, several locations

They are everywhere, so if you are hungry for a bagel, you never need to look far for a budget friendly lunch in Amsterdam. Bagels are available from €5,20 to €7,95 and they are richly filled so you won’t leave hungry. What we especially love; they serve XXL cappuccinos, so it saves you 2 cups!

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De Pizzabakkers

Pizza is the way to go if you’re hungry and you want it quickly. Pizzas are always way overpriced if you ask us, especially because they are so easy to prepare. That being said, pizzas can be lifesavers if you’re cold and hangry. At the Pizzabakkers they are available from €10,- (Margherita) and €13,- for a Caponata. Be sure to check this article for the best pizzas in Amsterdam!

Spaghetteria, several locations

Pasta shouldn’t have to be expensive, but you’ll be surprised how much you pay for a traditional plate of spaghetti in Amsterdam. At Spaghetteria you pay anything between 11 and 19 euros, so it’s up to you how much you want to spend. The menu changes daily, so keep an eye on their IG page!

Mac Donalds, several locations

Is it a crime to add this one to the list? Maybe, but Maccie D is surely one of the most budget-friendly restaurants in Amsterdam. With more veggie options than ever, we wanted to highlight them only once. Perfect after a night out, let’s be honest 😉

Visit the Markets in Amsterdam

If you are looking for budget-friendly eateries in Amsterdam, visit the markets! From traditional haring (raw fish), sweets, Vietnamese spring rolls, or Dutch fries. They will fill you up, and keep you warm and you can stroll around the markets while you do it. Some of our favourite markets for cheap foods are:

  • Ten Kate Markt
  • Dappermarkt
  • Albert Cuyp Market


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