8x Natural Swimming Spots in Amsterdam

Natural swimming spots Amsterdam

Give the Dutch one sun beam and you will feast your eyes on flipflops, shorts, skirts, bikini’s and white bodies ready to get tanned. People also seek water and options to cool down. Swimming in natural water seems to grow in popularity because the Dutch beaches can be too busy on hot summer days. 

Check out these 8 natural swimming spots in Amsterdam and you’ll never have to stand in traffic to the beach again.

‘T Twiske

I have been here recently and I love this place. There are several man-made beaches with many natural swim spots. There are many relaxing activities such as playing golf, fishing, hiking, cycling or  you can enjoy a BBQ. There is even a nudist beach area so eh..if you want to swim in your birthday suit, you can do it here! Parking cost €3,50 for the first 3 hours.


I live here so I know this area very well. I think this park is one of the best parks in Amsterdam because the trees are high, so beautiful and ever changing. The water is around 35 meters deep and the East and West side of the Sloterplas are available for swimming from the grass, where you will find actual swimming-pool-like-stairs going in the water. There is also a newly refurbished beach area where you can also find Hotel Buiten. On sunny days, you can borrow free beach chairs, inflatables and inflatable armbands.

Natural swimming spots in Amsterdam, Sloterplas


Did you know that the Gaasperpark and Gaasperplas are a 166 hectare together? Situated in South East Amsterdam, it might be a bit far out for you but if you love swimming, this is a great spot. Watch the sailboats and windsurfers though, because they love it here too.  There are showers, toilets and a farm for lunch called Boerderij Langerlust.

Gaasperplas from above (Source)

Diemerpark Beach

This man-made beach area is in the far East of Amsterdam and is located in between the Amsterdam- Rijnkanaal and IJburg. It’s a place where nature get’s a fair chance so there are many fauna and flora around. The beach area is located on the north-side of the park. There are no showers but it’s perfect for getting your tan on.

Nieuwe Meer

There are 3 main swimming spots here and lot’s of tiny little places to lay down and jump in the water. You find yourself in the middle of nature and you won’t even realize you’re in freaking Amsterdam. If you have a boat, it’s a great place to stop relax. The best way to get here is by bicycle but there is also a bit parking lot. Swimming here is at your own risk because there is no supervision.


Amsterdamse Bos

Firstly, the water here is excellent and very safe for children. That being said, in the big pond is around 1 meter deep and one of the best swimming natural swimming spots in Amsterdam. The big lake is very popular for water sports and many people go here to enjoy the water. Come early or plan a trip during the week if you want to enjoy the nature and scenery when it’s still quiet. There are toilets but no shower but the water is sweet and very clean. 

Beach De Hoge Dijk

This area is located North of the village of Abcoude and South of the Amsterdam district of Reigersbos. The good thing here is that there is a small puddle-like area especially for children that is save enough for them to play in. If you have a dog that loves swimming, this is also the place to do it but only from October until April.

Natural swimming spots in Amsterdam
A better experience than swimming in pools?


The water is being monitored every year and this water hasn’t had the best results. Meaning, you might get some stomach problems if you swallow the water. Mind you, it is still a nice place to visit and it qualified as safe enough. The sandy beach is around 200 meters in length and 20 meters wide. There is a ATM, restaurants nearby and showers.


If you live in Amsterdam, you have probably been here. Blijburg at sea has closed unfortunately due to the building of new housing. The beach is cleaner though and there are more parking spaces. We have to admit, it’s not the cleanest water in the world but as long as you don’t swallow the water, we think you will survive 😉

Natural swimming spots in Amsterdam, Blijburg

If you are looking for waterspots for kids, the Westerpark, Vondelpark, Oosterpark and Beatrixpark are also nice options. The water here is shallow and filtered daily. To find out more about the water and swim quality in the Netherlands, check this website: www.zwemwater.nl

Have fun swimming this summer!



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