After hours on end at home, we can imagine that you have turned Netflix inside-out. Thankfully, new series, movies and classics are coming up this November!

Here are our 8 favourite Netflix Tips for November!

Voices of Fire (Nov 20th)

This documentary is about Pharrell Williams and the church choir in his hometown. There they try to create the world’s best gospel choir with undiscovered talent in the community. Finally a new music concept that we haven’t seen before.

Little Women (Nov 1st)

Earlier this year, the movie Little Women was screened in the cinema. You may have missed it because of the corona crisis… However, from 1st of November you can watch it on Netflix. The movie an adaptation from a novel and is about four sisters that we see grow up. Staring a powerful female cast such as Merl Streep, Florence Pugh and Emma Watson. Bring out the sisterhood!

The Crown – Season 4 (15th of Nov)

If you haven’t heard of the series The Crown by now, you have been living under a stone. Season 4 is available mid November and fans can’t wait. In this season we see Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Margaret Tatcher argue over the Falklands War. In addition, the search for a suitable bride for Prince Charles continues and we are thus introduced to Princess Diana.

The Lucky One (Nov 1st)

He’s not the best actor in our personal opinion, but this romantic drama is pretty nice. Zac Afron plays a soldier that looks for a woman who’s picture saved him from a bombing in Irak. Watch the trailor here:

My Sisters Keeper (Nov 1st)

Cameron Diaz (love her!), plays a very different role than you may be familiar with. Her sister was born with Leukemia and because may cary the stem-cells that could save her. Anna (Diaz) was basically born as a donor to her sister. However, as she grows older, she begins to think about a life of her own… A beautiful film about choices, sisterhood and overcoming.

Paranormal – Season 1 (Nov 5th)

In this series, we follow a haematologist who is skeptical of the supernatural. However, when a ghost returns from his past to haunt him, he is forced to investigate the puzzling events Netflix from the 5th of November.

Sex & The City – The Movie (Nov 1st)

This one is for the girls. We’ve all seen it, but now that you can watch it on Neflix this November, it’s time to crab your popcorn and cosmopolitan and enjoy! 

Documentary tips! (All streaming now)

Personally, we love the True-crime-documentaries because sometimes they are so unbelievable! Our favourites are:

  • American Murder: The Family Next Door
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • Killer Inside: The mind of Aaron Hernandez
  • The Staircase
  • Confessions with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Need other tips how to get though November? Try these Tips on how to get through a second lockdown or join a virtual After Work Drink!

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