Like any city, Copenhagen has its hidden gems. Although we only visited the Danish city for a day and a half, we managed to find some pretty amazing local spots, tipped by people who live there, and by walking around.



A home away from home it is called. This converted church is hugely popular with Copenhagen residents. You can do all kinds of things there, like yoga, and dance classes, there is even pottery on the top floor. But most special are the community dinners where anyone can join. At 6 a.m. sharp, 180 people can enjoy a cheap and cozy meal in the neighborhood. In addition, Absalon serves the cheapest but super delicious breakfast in town. I should know, because I stood in line at 7:30 a.m. for their famous cheese sandwich. For the sandwich and an oat cappuccino, I spent less than 6 euros. Absalon is open every day of the week from 7 am to midnight or later.

Absalon - hidden gem Copenhagen


is a kind of oasis, in the city. Near the railroad tracks, there is this green place where 9 different cafes and restaurants are nestled. A green oasis, ecological village, peaceful haven and gastronomic center. Whatever you call it, Banegaarden sits far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, yet right in the middle of it. Café Perron makes its own pastries and crusty sandwiches worth trying. What also sits there is Ticket. This Copenhagen restaurant will take you on a trip around the world every month – when they change the destination and thus the menu. Right now you can enjoy food from Buenos Aires and for the months of July and August you can sample Danish cuisine.

Banegaarden - hidden gem Copenhagen

The rooftop at Grand Joanne

This brand new hotel openend mid 2023, and has a rooftop not many know about, yet! Check it out on a sunny day, and grab some of their cocktails and relax. Grand Joanne is one of our favourite stays in Copenhagen! Curious about this hotel, check Moonback where we booked it.

The rooftop at Grand Joanne - Copenhagen

Reffen Copenhagen Street Food

is truly a must-visit. This urban-street section of Copenhagen is a gathering place for creativity and sits on the waterfront where Reffen has a prominent spot. You can find more than 50 food stands, and more like 18 nationalities from Italian, Greek, Mexican and even Kurdish is served. Concerts or parties are often held, and when the weather is nice, everyone sits in the deck chairs by the water. In the evening the place is even cozier with the colored lights. The best way to get there is by bicycle.

Reffen hidden gem Copenhagen. Pizza stand
Italian food at Reffen Street Food

La Bachina

Just before you get to Reffen, you will see a very small, but hidden gem in Copenhagen named La Bachina. This café only offers a few seats inside, but outside you can relax by the waterfront and is a favourite by locals. Perfect to cool off on a hot summers day and drinks with friends. They offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, wine, beers and coffee. 

Enghave Plads (Enghave Square)

Tipped by a local who lives there, and when you arrive here at first, you may not find it very special at all. But once you walk around, you will see it. This square is a hangout, surrounded by trendy coffee bars, pastry shops, and restaurants. Friends, family, workbuddies, or hipster parents, they all come here to relax. It’s a vibe.

Enghave Plads Copenhagen

Istegaae street

Not far from Enghave Plads you’ll find Istegaae street, This is your street when it comes to local but trendy cafes and shops. A true local gem where you won’t encounter hordes of tourists.

Istegaae street, Copenhagen
Enjoying a pastry at Istegaae street

Vestre Cemetery

With about 54 hectares, this graveyard is the largest in Denmark, and it’s beautiful. Even if graveyards are not your thing, you will probably change your mind after walking around at Vestre Kirkegård. Many prominent figures like painters, poets and politicians are buried here, of which the most in section A.

Vestre Cemetery - hidden gem Copenhagen


Not known by tourists at all. So what is it? An island that you can visit by ferry only, and it’s set up for the youth especially but anyone is welcome. It was a group of young scouts who originally came up with the idea of buying the island and turning it into a youth island and with the help of many volunteers, they gave it its purpose. There are various events, you can go camping, activities, games, team building, and much more. A true hidden gem. Ungdomsoen.dk/en/

Fair is fair, the above hidden gems in Copenhagen, are pretty amazing. This city has so much to discover, we can’t wait for you to explore it. Find more hidden spots below! Don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter where you never miss a thing!


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