Best Surf Camps in Europe


If you ever wanted to pick up surfing, or you are a regular and know all about the right swirls, keep on reading. This article is going to tell you all about the best and coolest surf camps in Europe.



This Dutch-founded surf company has been around for a while and is your get-go for surf camps in Europe. They host European surf camps in France and Spain for adults, families, teenagers, and even instructors. We experienced a Family & Surf Camp in the Netherlands during the pandemic – something they normally don’t offer. However, we got to experience their cool family concept, and we really enjoyed it! Surf lessons during the day, games, music and food, or exploring the area. Check them out.

breakfast at Ripstar Ameland

Elke Salverda Surfing

Keep surfing, keep it wild, young and free!

Zarautz Surfing Village

This surf camp in Europe is perfect for the age groups 18 – 35 years old. We headed to a small village in the Northern part of Spain named Zarautz. They offer safari tents, but also more basic options. There is a bar, hammocks, but best of all, one of the best surfing spots in the region!

Zarautz - Surf Camps in Europe

Pure Surf Camps

This massive organisation has been organizing surf trips for many years now, and they do it well. With multiple European and world destinations, they offer surf camps with a bit more luxury.

Board ‘n Breakfast

If luxury isn’t your most important pilar, but you love a warm, smaller accommodation in a beautiful setting, check out Board ‘n Breakfast. Back in 2018, we experienced a 4-day surf camp in Côte Basque which is considered to be the Surf Mecca of France and Europe! We enjoyed a comfortable room, yoga, a swimming pool and a laidback vibe. This family owned property has a few accommodation options; a room, private rooms, shared, campervan, or you can rent the entire surf house.


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This surfcamp orgiginated in France, but has settled a big community in Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka and even Nicaragua. Prices start at about €350,- but vary per destination. They have beautiful beach houses available, and you’re in for some new friends along the ride. These surf camps in Europe are highly recommended!

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