Summertime; A magical word if you are a kid. No school, all the time in the world to play, and days that last forever. As a parent though, it’s a bit different. It’s still great, but it may be wise and convenient to have a list of cool things to do in your back pocket. 

We’ve got you covered! We have some brand new adventures and some worthy classics. It varies from an excellent little day trip tip for the last-minute decision-makers to something that will keep your kids inspired for a few days. And everything in between.


With the schools closed and times on our hands, we are free to bum around and be lazy. That moment when the kids are running around in their pj’s, hair is uncombed, dad’s unshaven and it’s all good. With the following day’s trips, there is no need to plan. You can simply go online and reserve your spot at one of these old-time playgrounds.

The Linnaeushof in Heemstede

This playground has been around for decades. Yes, they have replaced the old with the new to keep things safe, but they managed to keep their famous character alive and kicking. No loud music, no crazy modern rides, no long lines, no over-sugared and overstimulated kids screaming. Just good old fun. Old school as intended. It spells the secret of how to make the kids and parents happy. We guarantee it. PS. Bring towels, swimsuits, and dry clothes as their waterpark is too playful to ignore. Linnaeushof.nl

Play paradise “Land van fluwel” in Sint Maartenszee

This place will keep you entertained from dusk till dawn. We recommend going with the flow as there is almost too much to choose from. If you can’t cram all the fun in one day, then come back for another visit. We suggest you first try many of the climbing adventures to get your energy going. Followed by a lovely walk through a beautiful piece of nature and get your bare feet massaged. Then enjoy your little ones screaming, going down a giant slide while the others go-cart their butts off:) All this great fun is constructed with as many natural materials as possible to keep fun and nature well-balanced. Please check their site as it’s just too much to mention. Landvanfluwel.nl

Outdoor Climbing at kleintje-klimpark

If you haven’t heard about joytime.nl yet while on the lookout for cool things to do in Drenthe with your kids, then make a mental note. This outdoor adventure park has much to offer, but we like to focus on its specialty. Additionally have a climbing adventure park for kids below 1.35 cm. This is a biggie. Most parks only let you have a proper adventure after turning six and after reaching the height of 122 cm. So for all with a little monkey in your family, this one is for you. If you are up for the “real” stuff of tree climbing wise ..we recommend Climbing forest Gooi-Eemland in Lage Vuursche.


When a good old-fashioned playground doesn’t get you going, we might raise your interest with a few summer specials. There is much to choose from when you’re into theatre, music, or art. A few tips you simply don’t want to miss.

Cirque Moustache touring through Holland

Do your kids love the circus? Do they fancy taking the spotlight on the piste? Cirque Moustache or “Circus Snor” as they call it in the Netherlands, invites you to step into their realm. This summer, they are on the road with the ‘Kids Caravan’. They developed a program for kids between six and twelve years old. Teach the youngsters to walk a rope, ride a silly clown bike, and much more. For two hours, your kids get to dive into the world of Cirque Moustache and learn a couple of new tricks along the way. In short, the perfect place to bring about a truly unforgettable memory. Check their site to see when Cirque Moustache visits your area.

Wonderland B

This extraordinary wonder weekend world is a fairytale festival in the middle of nature for the whole family. It’s a bit of a ride, but don’t worry; they’ve got you covered from A to Z once you arrive. You’ll be immersed in a wonderland of theatre, dance, music, activities you never thought of before, and experiences that have yet to be defined. And please don’t go home at dawn. Make sure you book yourself a cardboard tent, watch the twilight show, and continue your journey through the dark forest that ends at a campfire. Here it’s all about marshmallows and practicing your magic skills. Once the birds wake you up, it’s time for a hearty breakfast, so you can be sent on your way home with dirt up to your ears and a backpack full of unforgettable memories. The wonderland experience might be the best festival your kids will ever remember. It’s hard to describe, you will have to taste and experience it yourself. 13-14-15 AUG

Circus Snor


Maybe you have to work a lot this summer and don’t have much leisure time, but you do want to take the kids out for a couple of days. We found three perfect pop-up glamping experiences for you. Each is unique and very different. They are designed to inspire and playfully trigger your kids. In the meantime, you can lounge a bit, maybe even read a few pages or just have your mind wander off. If you’re going to tread the kids to a good time, don’t forget yourself ;-). These three options might precisely be what the ‘doctor’ ordered.

Meet the gigantic T. rex Trix at Naturalis

66 million years ago, the Earth was populated by awe-inspiring dinosaurs. Imagine that you could travel back to that time and suddenly stand eye to eye with a T. rex… They created something extraordinaire at Naturalis this summer. The Experience is no ordinary museum exhibit. You are asked to board a space capsule and blast off to adventure. When you touch down in the past, you’ll come eye to eye with our T. rex, Trix. With Captain Dave leading the expedition, you’re assured of a smooth ride. But watch out for that meteorite! We can assure you won’t be going home after touchdown as there is no better time to “flesh out” all the dinosaur skeletons you’ll find in their Dino Era gallery! This gallery has dinosaur skeletons of all shapes and sizes. Triceratops, Camarasaurus, Mosasaurus… and of course, as a cherry on the cake: the T. rex Trix. in the bone :)) naturalis.nl

Create your artwork, in XXL style

If you find yourself in Amsterdam on a rainy day this summer. Don’t get wet! The famous Rijksmuseum put together a unique workshop calendar. These workshops give you the perfect excuse to lure your kids into a museum. The Rijks already puts in the extra effort to create the right family experiences, but with their XXL exposition, they put their necks out: They are giving kids a chance to go XXXXL. A chance to get the creative juices flowing by challenging the young ones to think bigger than their arms can reach. Not just by painting on XXL paper with XXXL brushes. There are many techniques to choose from, So let’s get those kids inspired to create their own masterpieces. Do you also want to go extra large? Book your XXL workshop online before coming to the museum.

Circus Bende Erasmus Park 26-28 Aug / NDSM 2 -5 Aug

Bende means both mess and gang. And this gang has a proper taste for adventure. They stand for a disorder, contemporary circus, experimentation, a society that thinks outside of the box, and refreshing encounters. It’s their ambition to give contemporary circus a position in public space, where everyone is welcome. It’s all about magic, absurdism, and reckless laughter. It is a tilting perspective and an ode to troublemakers. This is Circusbende Festival, and this edition is to be found in Erasmuspark (Amsterdam West) and on the NDSM-Werf (Amsterdam North). Each weekend has its program with the circus as the centerpiece. International companies, young professional talent, and fiery musicians alternate rapidly. The performances are predominantly language-free, the terrain is free to enter and at least half of the program is on donation. What else do we need to say? 


Maybe you have to work a lot this summer and don’t have much leisure time, but you do want to take the kids out for a couple of days. We found the perfect pop-up glamping experiences for you. It’s designed to inspire and playfully trigger your kids. In the meantime, you can lounge a bit, maybe even read a few pages or just have your mind wander off. If you’re going to tread the kids to a good time, don’t forget yourself ;-). This might precisely be what the ‘doctor’ ordered.

Camping Kalumaan

If you’re craving a festival vibe, open-air movie nights, the smell of campfire, great food and drinks, hanging out in a hammock while reading, or dozing off knowing your kids are having a blast… We found the perfect escape for this summer! Kallumaan offers a carefree holiday or mini-break, which you can make as luxurious as you want. They honestly put a lot of thought into this perfect festival glamping spot. No matter your vision for a great (holi)day, they’ve got you covered, with many sweet things to do, like yoga, subbing, hikes, and even beach movie night moments. At Kallumaan, it’s all viva la fiesta, all summer long, family-style. What’s not to love? 

More amazing Glampings in the Netherlands here!

The beautiful thing about living in 2022 is the creativity. People have become really inventive and developed a fun and out-of-the-box experiences for everybody to enjoy. All you have to do is choose what you like best. So take your time and pick what triggers you and every other member of your family. Be wild and free; it’s summer! Let the good times begin…


Kim Labrie

More family fun down here! 

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