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The strongly felt urge to set out into the world and explore, this is wanderlust. We believe that the desire to travel is characteristically human; it is the need to move, to fire the imagination, to satisfy curiosity, to make new friends and to experience the unknown. .

We are Elke and Sarah. Amsterdam is our hometown, but the world is our oyster. We are fortunate to be able to travel far and wide and discover beautiful destinations all over the world. We love writing about our adventures and in July 2014 decided to share our experiences. It is our goal to inspire and inform fellow wanderers from all over the world.  On a shoestring or as a king, however you wander; our platform aims to offer firsthand information about travel arrangements, culinary hotspots, great shopping opportunities, natural treasures and much more. So from backpacking to luxury travel, from the great capitals of the world to quaint little villages and beautiful landscapes, let wander-lust tag along with you as your virtual travel companion.

So lift your anchors, sail away from the safe harbour, catch the wind in your sails and go on this journey with us. Explore. Dream. Discover.



Elke Salverda

She’s a modern hippie. Loves nature, animals and the unknown world.. Living in different countries from the age of seventeen, she has never lost the urge to explore and doesn’t want to stay at the same place for too long. Instead of reading a glossy magazine, she prefers to read the national Geographic. She’s very much into (vegetarian)-food, her baby boy Caiden and she wants to make the world a better place. Take her to a beach and she’s a happy girl! Elke is the main content creator for Wander-Lust, writing up to 5 articles per week to inspire you. She is also ambassador for non-profit organisation JustDiggit and co-founder of the Green Up Your Life events that focusses on sustainability and climate change.






Sarah profiel

Sarah Reinhoudt

She’s a traveler that can go both ways; Backpacking though Asia or enjoying the luxury of Ibiza, she’s done it all. Loving fashion and having a good nose for the best restaurants in town, she’s a girl that knows what she wants. She travels whenever she can and enjoys life to the max. Drinking cocktails and dancing until the sun comes up, is one of her fave things to do.Sarah is a busy girl with a leading marketing job at a large fashion brand. Therefore, Sarah is concentrating more on developing campaigns, collaborations and press trips.





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