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The following holiday homes and glampings put their heart and soul into creating healthy, loving hideouts for the whole family. Places, where kids can be kids and parents, have some “us-time”. Here is a list of 7 accommodations in the Netherlands that kids (and parents) will love.

Spend the summer in the Netherlands and spend some real quality family time

The Koe in the kost

Even when a city slicker thinks about typical good old farm life, a certain general nostalgia creeps up. That feeling of the farm in the movie ‘Babe’, about the little piggy. This and more you’ll find at Koe in de Kost. Farmer Frans en Truus decided years ago to open up their farm to the public by building sustainable, fully equipped “Grondulows”. All are designed to leave a tiny footprint and are spacious and modern. Two of the accommodations even received the gold label for sustainable holiday homes.

Koe in de Kost, best accommodations with kids

If you want to surround yourself with the nurturing warmth and good old farm life, check out Koe in de Kost

Livingroom Koe in de Kost 

In order to get around the farm, you use one of the many karts (skelters) they have. Fun for “grownups”, but absolutely brilliant for kids. It allows them to cruise around the property and discover what the place offers, which is a lot. If they like, they can help Farmer Frans with his daily chores. A friendly man (same goes for his wife Truus), who will happily teach them a thing or two about the farm animals and produce. Additionally, kids can jump around on the trampolines or play one of the many games. In fact, the beauty is that kids are always busy doing stuff, which means the parents have some time to themselves. You can even get a babysitter and have a driver drop you off at Brasserie 13. You find this a true gem in the nearby village. Right now you can enjoy their fantastic food on a sun-drenched terrace.

Kim Labrie, Koe in de Kost

Watersportcamping Heeg

In like manner, another great stay with kids is Watersportcamping Heeg, located in Friesland. They describe themselves as a green boutique campsite on open waters with camping spots, safari tents, chalets, and campers are welcome. In 2023 they will offer sustainable tiny houses, created from containers, and even an old ambulance. Watersportcamping Heeg also hold the Green Key Gold, being a frontrunner when it comes to sustainability.This way they like to surprise their guests in a contemporary and uninhibited way. This camping values the personal contact with their visitors, making it a place where people love to come back to. On the other hand, you can explore the nearby village Heeg for some culture, restaurants or shopping. Unique about this spot is that you have plenty activities in and around the Fries lake. Several boats, canoes, or sup-boards are available for hire so you can join in the water fun.

watersport camping heeg, best campings with kids Netherlands

De Vier Eiken

Imagine taking a dip in your hot tub just after you woke up. The sun rising over your left shoulder doing its magic and the view of the national park inviting you to come and wander. Hidden in the grasslands of Drenthe, this sustainable wellness holiday home is simply marvellous. With fireplaces in and outdoors, food served at your doorstep, your private hot tub and sauna, what more could you ask for. Spending 2 nights here feels like a weeks holiday. The warm and hospitable owners created a whole list of things to do, places to go and how to get there as sustainable as possible. Just ask the lady of the house: Anna. No matter in what state you started your holiday, at the Vier Eiken, we guarantee you’ll come out relaxed. The beautiful province of Drenthe, the wellness aspect, the lovely cabins and the good food it’s all for you. Here you can cocoon and recharge while enjoying me- or us-time…

De Vier Eiken

De vier Eieken collage


Now, if you want to keep it more low key, have some emphases on quality time and indulge in a unique camping experience, then Flötten is for you! They have created the perfect combination. It allows you to embrace the peace and quiet while visiting one of the most picturesque Dutch areas, The Waterlands. At Flötten, there is a wooden water raft waiting for you. How is that for something new! It comes with a tent, mattresses, some bare necessities and a map to navigate the waters. And that’s it. You have to bring everything else yourself to ensure a pleasant trip and then… happy days on your own tiny floating island.

Flötten Netherlands

Flötten, great for kids!

After hours of quiet pedalling, swimming and sunbathing, you can start your little motor and head out to find your perfect anchor spot for the night. At check-in, they give you a map with lots of options. If you are not up for cooking yourself, then Beach bar “Strand Vier” (find out more about this beach bar in our article about Volendam) is the recommended place to go. Once your belly is filled with the good food they serve and the kids are ready for bed, you take your ‘houseboat and motor around the corner. Here you can find your own private little beach. The perfect spot to end your day with a campfire and your favourite nightcap.

Erfgoed Bossem XL

Be in the now, stop running and look around to see where you’re at. Here at Erfgoed Bossem, they make this real easy for you. They were already known as an excellent spot to experience peace and quiet, have great food, and spend hours exploring the woods. Now you have a chance to experience their unique ‘star-cube‘ when holidaying with your kids. This perfectly designed romantic tiny house accommodates 4 people. With its characteristic glass window above the big bed, there is enough space for everybody to look at the stars. And when your ready, you can easily transform the living room into the second bedroom. To add to the romance, they’ll give you enough wood to keep your fire going throughout the evening.

Erfgoed Bossum

Estate Bossem is an enrichment. Here you go to connect and get inspired.

But before you call it a day, satiate your taste buds as their food is something to look forward to. They serve a grand 4-course culinary tour through the region of Twente. It’s an essential part of the Bossem experience. They believe the food should be pure and honest. The animals need to be treated with love, respect, and vegetables shouldn’t harm the environment. It’s also important that the workers earn an everyday living. They follow the slow food guidelines ‘think global, eat local”, and you can taste this ‘love’ on your plate. It’s not only great, it’s also the way it should be. The kids will get their own menu, and once their plate is empty, they can run off and play while you continue this feast.

Collage Erfgoed Bossem

Family Buitenhuys

These guys followed their gut and created not just one but four very cool holiday homes. And it’s important to emphasise the word ‘home’, because each and every one of them is a little safe haven. When you arrive, you just want to wind down and make your stay an endless Sunday. We recommend you wear your PJ’s all day, play tons of board games, have a movie marathon or just bum around and be lazy. It’s all about spending leisure time together. So don’t forget to bring a huge bag with your favourite groceries and cook your heart out. Let time stand still, and on rainy days, you can simply ignore the weather. They have a website, but most of their business is done through Instagram. Here you can find plenty of impressions that will help figure out what house suits you best.

Familie Buitenhuys

Familie Buitenhuys room

Hoxton Camp trip

If all of the above isn’t enough to get you going, this exceptional hidden gem surely will. Camp Hox is back, this time on wheels, and they are going global. All summer long, with a bit of help from their bubbly friends at Veuve Clicquot, they are taking you out on the road to explore California’s wine country, Holland’s rural scenery, postcard-pretty Normandy, and the UK’s scenic south-east coast. Buckle up, baby! This is gonna be fun. So if you love the hotel treatment, exploring new places while at the same time, you’re curious about the freedom of Vanlife… This is it. And they thought about families too, how sweet. It’s too cool for school and hard to capture in a few words. So if you feel fabulous, have a look at their website and take your pick.

Camp Hox 2021

As shown above, these accommodations are great for taking your kids to and includes a little adventure. Yet, parents will have the chance to relax, even if it’s just for a bit ;-).

Warm regards,

Family Labrie

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