Adventure in Jordan


The enchanting country of Jordan offers many adventures. From the ancient sites that sit amongst modern day life in to marvelling at the cultural hustle and bustle found in Amman. But it’s the wonder outside of the capital that sparks the most joy.

Millions of years ago, Wadi Rum was once a vast ocean but fast forward to 2020 and it’s now a desert with the most fascinating rock formations. Famed for being a back drop for Star Wars, Aladdin, The Martian and Laurence of Arabia, it is little wonder that Wadi Rum, Jordan attracts the crowds. Fear not though, there’s plenty adventure for everyone.

Plan your trip to Jordan

Before you go, book your accommodation so that you can sleep under the stars. There’s a plethora of budget chic to luxe campsites to meet a range of budgets all offering private rooms. Most sites offer a range of activities you can get involved in as well including traditional desert meals cooked in the ground as evening entertainment. Star gazing at night time and camel riding to watch the sun rise. You can also arrange for a jeep safari through the desert which will include stops at sand dunes the height of sky scrapers as well as ancient wall drawings. Most travellers start in Jordan’s capital, Amman. Read our tips about Amman!

Jordan Desert

The almighty Petra

Possibly the most famous destination in Jordan is Petra, one of the wonders in the world. It’s a 16km ancient city which was built by hand between 6,000-1,000 BC. There are few words to describe the scale and beauty of Petra. Most might know it for the Treasury which featured in Indiana Jones, but so much to see. Upon entering you’l have a 1km walk through canyons which were formed during an earthquake thousands of years ago. Some parts of the path are only 2m wide which meander downwards until you see the Treasury peaking out at a small gap.

Petra, Jordan

If you’ve got the chance to go early, do so. Gates open at 6am and theres only a handful of tourists at this time. Anytime after 11am and you’ll be amongst the thousands. Beyond the Treasury you can trek to the other side of the city, climbing 850 steps through rock face to see the Monastery. There is a cafe for those needing a refreshment upon arrival. At nighttime, 2,000 visitors are permitted to see Petra by Night. A guided tour walk through the canyons and arriving at the Treasury – all of which is lit up by candlelight. While entry is included within your Jordan Pass for daytime sightseeing, you’ll need to buy an additional ticket for the night pass.

Camels at Petra, Jordan

Dead Sea – a must see

Next stop on your trip itinerary must be the Dead Sea. There are many resorts which offer accommodation should you wish to stay over, but for anyone wanting a day visit the Jordan Pass will once again step up to the task. Picture this: most seas have a salt content of around 3% whereas the Dead Sea has 37%. This means that anything which enters will float which is quite a novelty sensation. The tranquility is also appealing – a chance to lie back and read a book in the sea while the sun sets is like nothing else. For 3JD you can cover yourself in mineral-rich mud which will leave you with baby soft, nourished skin.

Dead sea Jordan

Best time to visit Jordan

Jordan attracts visitors the world over and peak times are from October – March, in part due to the temperatures. Even during this period it can peak at 30 degrees during the day time. Plus temperatures can drop in the desert at night time. With so much political instability from their surrounding neighbours, Jordan is hard placed within the Middle East. But with wonders as appealing as Petra, Wadi Rum, the Dead Sea and the delights of Amman their profile is rising fast.

Our lasting advice? Don’t miss out.



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