November 19, 2016 Wander-lust

All Day Breakfast at Benji’s Amsterdam

Good news, Benji’s is opening up a new location in Amsterdam West! It will be loacted next to the waterfront with a sunny outside terrace. More soon.. Read more about Benji’s here:

Amsterdam, after four years as an official ‘Amsterdammer’, I’m still totally in love with you! But honestly, there are places that really needed a complete make-over. Let’s take the Wibautstraat, the most busy street of our cute capital which was intended to become as beautiful as ‘Les Champs- Élysées’. OK, that mission failed…but the not most charming Wibautstraat is increasingly pimped by new, must try hotspots. As an Amsterdam East neighbor I’m really in love with this ‘trend’. The only thing I missed, was a laid back all day breakfast spot like Benji’s. Welcome to Amsterdam you little Benjamin!


Last rainy lazy Sunday I gave this new, just opened spot in town a try. My aim? To discover the food, drinks and vibe – oh ánd of course to warm up with a large cup of fresh mint tea. This autumnal weather isn’t that bad ;). Upon entry you’ll be surprised by the enormous spatial and urban, industrial vibe. Expect concrete, steel and tipped with lots of contrasting natural materials, it’s like in- and outside are one. Deep green (hanging) plants are all over the place. That makes it not a chilly, but rather cozy, warm oasis without too much fuss, but with an eye for details. Oh and absolutely workplace proof, check.

Central in Benji’s creative food & beverage concept is…the essential subway line underneath the restaurant. The metro is the #1 A to B place where all cultures come together, like a potpourri. That mixture you also see on the ‘in progress’ all day breakfast menu. Hands up for these kind of spots! Be honest, breakfast is one of the best meals, I can’t get enough of it. On the menu an Italian Burrata, an uber Dutch goat cheese, vegan hummus from the Middle East and the icing on the cake an Indonesian rendang. Lots of chances for you as a foodie to make a culinary world trip during a breakfast date, how cool! Nice to know is the fact that you can add whatever you want, big plus! And about the drinks? Fresh smoothies, a delicious variety of coffees, teas and alcoholic goodies.


Last but not least special credits for Ciro and Noah of INDEBT Studio, the creative brains behind this hotspot. They also store their own purchasable artworks for which they organize nice events. That makes Benji’s the place to be ‘where cosmopolitans can influence each other’s creative cultures.’

Seriously, write this all day breakfast spot on your bucketlist! Please, don’t blame this Benjamin when it takes a while longer before you get your caffe latte. This youngster has a lot of potential! And psst..they have the intention to come with a mix of bites and more local special beers. Keep this in mind for your next Friday afternoon drinks.



Wibautstraat 196
Tel: 020-2238787
Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 8 am – 8 pm || Sat – Sun: 9 am – 8 pm

*Sharmaine is one of our guest bloggers from the Netherlands with a sweet tooth. The sweeter, the better! She no kitchen princess so she’s always in search for the best hotspots in Amsterdam! You can expect an article from her once a month! Check her out on @sharriefromsandmountains!

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