Utrecht stands out in terms of tasty restaurants, on all levels.  However, this article is going to zoom in on a bunch of rather good Asian restaurants in Utrecht. We think you should check them all out at one point, so get your diary ready, and plan those dinner dates.



This true gem, hidden at Rotsoord, Utrecht, is a must-visit if you’re looking for some original, delicious Asian fusion food. From the cocktails, and specialty beers (with yuzu, what!) to the shared dining and desserts. Different lounge seats throughout the venue invite for afternoon drinks and bites with friends. The table-placing gives opportunities for dinners for two to a big gathering. And don’t forget the large, beautiful oak tree table in the middle. Fun fact; the vast majority of the menu is vegetarian and vegan. Their legendary broccoli/spinach salad is a must-try (customers objected when they removed it from the menu, so it’s back for good). Japanese pancakes, squid curry, and the pandan dessert are all explosions of fusion flavors. Note: despite having over 180 seats, reserving a spot at this Asia restaurant in Utrecht is advisable. 

LEEN Utrecht, best Asian restaurants

Spice Monkey

They’ve recently opened their 2nd smaller location in the middle of Utrecht, after the success of Spice Monkey at Oosterkade, right next to the train station. What’s different at Spice Monkey is the interior. You immediately feel you’ve entered the jungle of some sort. Plants, tropical colours, Asian designs and even the cocktail glasses look like monkeys! Like many Asian style restaurant, dishes are perfect or sharing – so we opted for the “ricetable” which includes 3 rounds; starters, mains and a dessert platter.

Spice Monkey, Asian Restaurants in Utrecht

ĂnĂn Saigon

Walking into ĂnĂn, you are instantly hit with the smells and colours of a busy side street in Saigon… or in Utrecht! The vibe is alive and the place is dotted with wait staff running between tables and the kitchen carrying steaming little plates of mouth-watering Vietnamese treats. On top of the tables are typical of what you would find in a local Vietnamese eatery – colourful plastic trays filled with sauces, chop sticks and napkins. The chairs are also in style – bamboo. We are told that AnAn in Vietnamese means ‘eat eat’. Yes please. More here about this wonderful Vietnamese restaurant.

ânân Utrecht

Jasmijn & Ik

Check any Asian foodie list on the web, and Jasmijn & Ik will pop up most likely. At this Asian restaurant in Utrecht they serve modern Asian dishes, all made with love. Spent hours here, and enjoy the incredible flavors. 

Tiger Mama

To start off, Tiger Mama is situated in the rather popular Voorstraat in Utrecht. It features a lovely terrace and a covered cove, where the removable roof provides sun and shadow. The decoration is on fleek, staff knows what they are doing, and the seating is very comfortable. On top of that, the cocktails are very good and some original GT’s are served, like the one with Pandan. Besides bites served from the menu, Tiger Mama also offers a six and ten-meal course.

Portions come in fair sizes and the food is nice. However, be aware that food here feels more European with a hint of Asian. Coriander is not to be found (which may relieve a lot of visitors) and personally I found that there was not too much spice going on. Having said that, dishes are tasty and paired with some lovely Yuzu, beers and cocktails, you will have a great night out.

Amazing Asian restaurants in Utrecht - Tiger Mama

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