Breakfast in Amsterdam East


Whether its a lazy Sunday morning (with possibly a slight headache) or a pre­ work date during the week, going out for breakfast is the reason to get out of bed. We love the fact that there is no need to dress fancy but all the need to just chill and start your day as relaxing as can be. The only thing that might cause some stress: where to go?

Decisions, decisions. Worry no more, I’m giving you five amazing breakfast spots in Amsterdam East for the perfect kickstart!

1. Bar Wisse

A hidden gem if you ask me . With industrial elements mixed with just enough coziness, the interior is hip and inviting. Sitting next to you is a hipster couple with a fresh stack of pancakes, behind you the family next door. Everybody comes here and that makes for one hell of a relaxed atmosphere. But even more important: the food is perfect! The menu gives you just enough to choose from, with plenty of ‘not your everyday’ sandwiches. I would normally skip the fish for breakfast, but their
mackerel and avocado sandwich is to die for. Same goes for the steak sandwich , for the heavy users. Don’t forget to order a coffee, i’m still dreaming about the soft blend. Needless to say, I’m a Wisse fan.
Bar Wisse
Linnaeuskade 1A, 1098 BC Amsterdam

Bar Wisse Amsterdam
Bar Wisse

2. Helena Primakoff

As if entering a friends place where a bunch of strangers also happen to have walked in, Helena’s is home. This is where you don’t rush anything and forget the time. Simple and sweet, perfect to read your newspaper or chat with your friend. Preferably over a big piece of their carrot cake with a fresh mango smoothie. Perfect bliss. Don’t care for a sweet breaky? No problem, they have one of the best club sandwiches in town! Super fresh, rustic bread stacked with chicken, avocado and bacon. Some chips on the side and your good to go for a day full of adventure. That is, if you even want to leave this place.
Helena Primakoff
Lijndenstraat 28, 1018 Amsterdam

Helena primakoff Amsterdam

3. Bakers & Roasters

This ‘kiwi’ place is where you need to go if your craving a heavy breakfast. Although i’m not really convinced that the friendliness of the waitresses is genuine, they do spot a hangover from a mile a way and advice you which breakfast goes best with that unwanted friend. In our case that meant ‘the cubano’, a huge bun with ham, cheese, pickles and best of all: pulled pork. After eating this baby its perfectly acceptable to go back to bed and digest. Too heavy? They have tons of other options (Pancakes, poached eggs, cakes). If you have the chance and the weather allows it : go sit outside. The terrace gives you sun and lots of people the watch. The inside is a bit more cosy and slightly sterile, but hey, your main reason for coming here is the food anyway!
Bakers & Roasters
Kadijksplein 16, 1018 AC Amsterdam

Bakers & Roasters Amsterdam
One of the best meals on the menu, the veggie breakfast!

4. Clubkoffie

If you are like me and feel easily satisfied as long as you can order a good coffee and a club sandwich, Clubkoffie is your go to breakfast spot. They focus on two things, surprisingly: coffee and clubsandwiches. Now don’t worry if you are not into those big, three layered breads, they have some other nice and pretty healthy alternatives (yogurt, Acai, cakes). Or you just pick a two­ piece of bread club. No more excuses not to go. now back to the important part, the food. They offer ten (!!) different kind of clubs, ranging from classic to vegan to pulled pork, all served with vegetable chips.

I haven’t tried them all, but they are on my list for sure. Second best part about this place is of course the coffee. They serve you a strong cup made of beans from a very local roasting company called Stooker, run by two guys who also trained the Clubkoffie staff. Can’t go wrong with these cappuccino’s. The inside of the place is cosy and fun, but I advice you to enjoy your plate on
the cute and very sunny terrace!
Krugerplein 2, 1091 KX Amsterdam

Clubkoffie Amsterdam

5. Bedford­-Stuyvesant

I’m a sun lover, so with every chance I get I am outside absorbing that vitamin D. Therefore I can only admit that the outside space of Bedford­Stuyvesant in the Javastraat, is perfectly located to catch some rays. However, this is the one place where I would recommend to pack your stuff and head inside (with the Dutch weather that’s not really hard). Drawings on the wall, cute tables and comfy couches combined with industrial touches and a bar filled with cakes, this place is cool! Same goes for the menu, lot’s of not ­so ­ordinary sandwiches, smoothies and juices. The best one if you ask me: the mean green. Pesto, spinach, avocado and Turkish bread, yum! Combine that with a big glass of fresh orange juice and you’re good to go for the rest of the day!
Javastraat 55, 1094 HA Amsterdam
Ma ­ Fri ­ 08:00 ­ 19:00 / Za: 09:00 ­ 19:00 / Sun: 10:00 ­ 19:00

Bedford stuyvesant Amsterdam

Bedfort stuyvesant Amsterdam

6. Benji’s

Benji’s offers an all day breakfast menu. Hands up for these kind of spots! Be honest, breakfast is one of the best meals, I can’t get enough of it. On the menu an Italian Burrata, a Dutch goat cheese, vegan hummus from the Middle East and the icing on the cake an Indonesian rendang. Lots of chances for you as a foodie to make a culinary world trip during a breakfast date, how cool! Nice to know is the fact that you can add whatever you want, big plus! And about the drinks? Fresh smoothies, a delicious variety of coffees, teas and alcoholic goodies.

Breakfast at Benji's

Remember: breakfast is the most important me a l of the day! Don’ t skip it, you know where to go now.



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