There are so many hair salons in Amsterdam nowadays, that it’s hard to make a choice. Some are tiny, some are huge, but some are really worth coming back to. Time to get your hair done!

And let’s be honest, if you are going to sit in that chair for a few hours, the ambiance of a hair salon will add up to your experience. We’ve selected 10 hair salons in Amsterdam that look amazing and offer excellent skills. 

hair salon sign


When you enter this hair salon, you will understand why Mogeen, led by the talented Hester Wernert, made it to the top of this list. It’s one of the prettiest hair salons we’ve seen in Amsterdam. So far, I’ve only had my bangs/fringe cut here, but I wish I could have stayed longer. When you enter, there is a beautiful waiting area with plants hanging from the ceiling. 

At Mogeen we are determined to make a difference in the industry. A salon where fashion, art, culture, sustainability, and design meet hairdressing.

Mogeen hair salon Amsterdam

Amazing Hair Salons in Amsterdam
The waiting area at Mogeen

The Building

We have a soft spot for The Building because they offer sustainable and vegan hair treatments and have some of the best hair stylists in the business! They know how to keep your hair healthy and styled. They opened their first salon in 2013 and 2017 they decided to take The Building AMS to another level by opening a new concept located at Haarlemmerdijk, near Central Station. However, they sold this salon last year and have a much bigger new hair salon at the Stadionweg 184. This new concept embraces the vegan and dutch lifestyle featuring a natural and organic line, “So Pure” by Keune. Find out more about The Building.

Sjenkels Centuurbaan

This salon on the Ceintuurbaan hasn’t been around for that long but is extremely popular with fashionistas, bloggers, and people that want to leave the salon with pretty hair. Coffee, tea, and chitchat are on the menu but what makes this one stand out is that you feel relaxed once you step inside. Something you definitely need in the middle of Amsterdam’s South hustle and bustle. We put it to the test and booked one of their signature treatments; a half head balayage. See the result below, Elke couldn’t be happier! 

Vaeneti hair salon Amsterdam

Balayage by Vaeneti

Also nice to know; that Sjenkels opened a brand new hair salon in Haarlem last year! Massive round mirrors and hints of pink, make this salon in the city centre the next place to go when it comes to hair.

Hair salon Coup D’Etat

This salon is also hugely popular with the men in Amsterdam! Anand is the proud owner and after the pandemic, he moved from across the street into a smaller, yet beautiful space. He explains; ‘I have this thing with hotel lobby and I wanted my customers to feel the same vibe as they walk in. Large windows, a coffee/tea bar at the entrance, and warm colours of the interior make this hair salon a pleasure to walk into. While your hair is getting washed, the chair you sit on, gives you a free massage! He softened my hair tone as it became a bit yellowish because of the sun. All in all, we are very pleased with the result. 

Coup detat, best hair salons in Amsterda.

Hairsalon Coup D’Etat Elke

Rob Peetoom

First of all, Rob Peetoom is a household name in the world of hairdressing. With models and influencers as regular customers, you can imagine that they deliver high-end service. Their hair salons are stylish and classy, and with now more than 15 salons, there is a lot to choose from. If we could pick our favourite it would be the one in Bali that is surrounded by rice fields, but in Amsterdam, it’s the salon in the Zuidas. We love the open space and the comfortable waiting area that is perfect to drink a coffee before your luxury treatment.

Best hair salons in Amsterdam, Rob Peetoom

The Window

This hair salon is known for its edgy haircuts and styles. It’s a favourite from the cool kids of Amsterdam and they can cut anything you want. At the Window, they split their time between editorial, commercial and catwalk assignments. When you enter you will notice the long stretched space with natural light that comes from the ceiling window. In the middle of the hair salon, you’ll find a beautiful cherry blossom tree (we will ignore the fact that it’s a fake). Overall, this salon has a great space and knows how to use it.

Best hair salons Amsterda, The Window

Hair cut at The window
Getting my hair cut at The Window

Kapsalon in de Jordaan

You either love it or you hate it, but there is one thing for sure about Kapsalon in de Jordaan, there is no hair salon like it in Amsterdam! The walls are covered in Versace wallpaper and the carpet is leopard-style print. Fake flowers, tacky photo frames, and Dutch music through the speakers. But don’t let this typical Amsterdam Jordaan vibe fool you. Founders Siko and Lorin have years of hairdressing experience and together they make up the perfect team. They say: ‘Our work is of a high standard, but our salon offers a relaxed and laidback atmosphere. If you want a high-class cut and a unique experience, check out this hair salon.

The Color

When it comes to Colour, the stylists at The Color know what’s best. But besides their colouring skills, they have a few cool hair salons. Our favourite is the one in the Van Woustraat. The brick wall gives the salon (that isn’t huge), that edgy vibe. We coloured our hair a few times here, with great success! (you’ll be the judge)

prettiest hair salons, the color

Unieke vakanties, weg van de massa

hair treatment


What we love are the mirrors and the fact that this salon has two floors. With hair salons all over the country, we are talking about their salon near Museum Square in Amsterdam. We have yet to cut our hair there, but we’ve heard good stories (note: they have won the hairdresser of the year award)!

amazing hair salons in Amsterdam, Sjenkels
Source: Sjenkels




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