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We all need a good hair day now and then, and these hair salons in Haarlem are up for the job! 

Hair Salons in Haarlem

We tested all the hair salons in Haarlem on this list, so our real opinions and photo’s is what you will see here. The list will grow overtime, so keep this article as a reference to find the hair salon in Haarlem that suits you the most.

Mariska Pelsmaeker, Drapenierstraat 21

If you are looking for a high-end salon and senior allround hair specialist in Haarlem then Mariska is your girl. With years of experience working in great salons, she decided to start her own business in her hometown Haarlem. The salon is located in the charming neighbourhood of “de Vijfhoek” in the heart of the city. After one visit you want to come back due to your glowy and healthy hair. She is not only great in her work but she’s also wonderful as a person. She is often fully booked, so don’t wait to long to make  your appointment .

She gives the best advise when looking for a new hair style or change of color, with for example highlights. She is an expert in transforming damaged hair into shiny and healthy hair. 

Naomi Haar Atelier, Schagchelstraat 37

This was the first hair salon in Haarlem that we tried, and with much success! Naomi is the proud owner of her salon, that she shares with some talented freelance hairdressers. She is located in one of the Golden Streets in the city, equivalent to Amsterdam’s 9 Straatjes. She decided to colour my hair and bring back my natural tone, which is dark brown. The result was healthy looking hair, from the top till the end. Is it worth mentioning that she works with Kevin Murphy products? We think so, because she gave us a little sample to try and we are a fan.

Naomi's Haarsalon - Haarlem

Naomi's Haarsalon Haarlem

Stek, De Kweektuin

Now, this hairsalon in Haarlem is totally different compared to others in this list. Stek is an organic hairsalon with an holistic approach. Her products contain natural ingredients (she works with Oway), and she offers hair-dye made from plants. Furthermore, owner Lot gives her customers a one-on-one treatment, so you always have a private session with her. As we always try and test, Elke came over for a quiet haircut session, which means no talking but just have a moment to yourself. If that’s not your thing, you can come for regular cuts and colouring treatments also. Stek is located at the Kweektuin, where small creative businesses and the Kweekcafé are joined in a large greenhouse.

Stek Haarlem
All for you, Stek

Rob Peetoom, Zijlstraat 76

A household name in the Netherlands and beyond, and lucky for us, Haarlem also has a Rob Peetoom hair salon. Did you know they also offer facials? Obviously, we wanted to test this for ourselves! 

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