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Oh, how we love Barcelona! The beach city that has some of the best food cultures in Europe! We’ve written a few articles about this vibrant capital but we’ve never actually given you a full list with all our favourite restaurants in Barcelona which will evidentially make your visit even better.

One of the things you’ll find yourself doing in this Spanish city is eating. A lot. Besides the traditional Tapas and Paella, there are many more restaurants and cafes to make you go wild. Enjoy this list and save them for later!


Oh boy, what an amazing place and our latest discovery! This restaurant in Barcelona has four different areas – which sounds as if it’s a club (there is one actually), so there is something for everyone! You can pick between the Principal which includes a delish sushi bar (must try), the Garden for outside drinks, and a fountain made of noses (you need to see it, to get it). Library for intimate parties or celebrations and as previously mentioned; The Club, which will remain open until 3 AM.

Gala Barcelona
At the reception of the Gala

the beautiful restaurant Gala 

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Terraza Martinez

One of our favourite spots! The best and nicest way to get there is with the cable car where you get an amazing view over Barcelona. They serve one of the best, if not the best, Paella in town! Together with a beautiful set-up, including pretty tableware, wooden chairs, and an amazing view, the Terraza of Martinez is a must-visit.

Terraza Martinez

Terraza Martinez Best Food Barcelona
The best Paella, try it at Terraza of Martinez


This beach shack rooftop restaurant is part of Casa Bonay – a cool boutique hotel with different restaurants and (coffee) bars around the area. Chirinquito however, offers summer salads, delicious local tapas, and a famous BBQ where you can find fresh octopus, skewers, and roasted aubergine amongst other dishes. 

chiringuito, best restaurants in Barcelona
The rooftop of Chirinquito

El Xampanyet

Nothing fancy, just amazing local tapas! If you come to Barcelona, you must eat tapas and drink cava or wine here. The food is great, the crowd is local, and don’t be surprised if you eat your lunch or dinner while standing outside. Try the padrón peppers and anchovies and of course the spicy patatas brávas.

El Xampanyet Barcelona best restaurants
Fun outside at El Xampanyet


Amazing brunch, homemade bread rolls with a hint of Middle Eastern flavours. Located at Carrer del Rosselló, they have tables in and outside so it’s good for all weather conditions. They use organically grown vegetables and ingredients and you must try their roasted cauliflower!

Labalabusta Barcelona
Photo by Labalabusta


Provided that it’s a difficult task, we dare to say this is one of the best tapas restaurants in Barcelona. Why? You just have to taste it. It’s a bit different than others, perhaps it has to do with the way the dishes are presented. Their oysters, bruschetta, and calamari are some of their famous dishes.

Bar Canete

This restaurant has a long history and has made a name for itself over the years. You can expect a queue in front of Canete, and we understand why. The dishes on the menu are super tasteful and the ambiance is vibrant. Luckily they have enough seats, but make sure to make a reservation upfront. 

Bar Canete Barcelona

Cal Pep

Another great spot for tapas in Barcelona so add it to your tapas list! They serve authentic dishes in a lively ambiance. It’s worth the wait. Try to score a spot at the counter. 

Bar Canete Barcelona
Cal Pep

The Green Spot

One of the best veggie spots in town. It doesn’t matter whether you are a vegetarian or not, the pretty dishes will make your mouth water. Prices are a bit higher than usual.

Lulu’s Barcelona

Lulu’s is a tiny but cute cafe in El Born where you can eat healthy meals. There are a few tables outside and they serve Iced Matcha Latte! 

Lulu's Barcelona, Best restaurants
Lunch at Lulu’s

Can Fisher

Are you a fan of seafood? Well, you’re in the right place! Can Fisher is located right next to the beach, so prices are not the most affordable but this is a wonderful place to eat oysters, paella, and grilled fish?

Can Fisher Barcelona



Fancy, so dress up for this one! They cook with a new food concept: Bare Menu as they call it. Signature à la carte dishes based on traditional Mediterranean recipes. You can find sea urchins on the menu for instance and every dish looks like it comes straight out of a magazine.

Mediamanga Barcelona, best restaurants

Surfhouse Barcelona 

The perfect spot for the kids in Barcelona. The food is healthy, tasty, and pretty. As you can imagine, the vibe here is amazing. It may feel like you’re in California for a minute because of the surfers’ feels. Book activities such as paddle surfing, beach workouts, and surfing of course. Also, keep an eye out for their mobile food truck that you will find around Barcelona. 

Surfshop Barcelona
Pretty food at the Surfhouse Barcelona Source

Blai Tonight

It’s not big, it might be a bit too popular but we still think you should try it. Blai tonight is located in the Poble Sec area and has been voted as one of the top 10 places to go when it comes to your value for money. Their famous Pinchos only cost €1,50 and if you do it well, you can eat for only 10 euros per person including your drink! 

Bar Central

This is a hidden patio where all the (local) cool kids go. They make it look effortless, with that cool vibe. No nonsense good food – also sandwiches, great wine and coffee, and many many plants.

Flax & Kale

We know this isn’t new but we needed to add it to the list. Get your phones out because every dish is Instagramable! (is that even a word?) 80 percent of the food they serve is plant-based and their slogan is Eat Better, Be Happier, Live Longer. Well, that never hurt anyone, right? 

Flax & Kale Barcelona
Still popular and not without reason. Flax & Kale Source


Just check out their Instagram account and your mouth will begin to water. Inspired by tropical destinations, this hotspot is something you cannot miss out on.


Breakfast and Brunch for champions! They prepare your eggs in the best way possible and they serve some killer pancakes and bagels. Located in Granada.

Brunch & Cake

Instagram hotspot number one in Barcelona. They serve well-known dishes in a very special way. Go for the Blue Acai Bowl, and Green Bagel and try one of their juices! If you need to wait for a seat (chances are, you will) grab a lovely coffee at De La Crem right across the street.

Bar Torpedo

Come here for snacks and burgers only! Be warned, it might just be the best one you’ve ever had! With this in mind, these signature burgers and snacks are a bit greasy but very satisfying. 

Bodega Bonay

We finish this list with one of the best wine & dine places in Barcelona. ‘Bodega Bonay is a temple of natural wine and quality produce’ – their website says. Enjoy quality food paired with the most amazing wines in the Eixample neighborhood.

Bodega Bonay

In either case, these amazing restaurants in Barcelona will make sure you won’t be leaving Barca hungry! 



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