Amsterdam will open a new club and the dancefloor will be at sea level!

It has been a secret project that many people in the creative and nightlife scene have been working on for a while. And now it’s finally time to reveal Amsterdam’s newest club addition, Noorderschip.

Schip Veronica
Veronica Ship back in the day (source)

The club will be based on a schip that dates back from the sixties. The ship has been docked in Amsterdam North for many years but is finally making it’s comeback. It used to be called the Veronica Schip, because it used to be home to independent Radio Veronica, where the DJ’s did their show from. After a storm, the ship lost anchor and stranded on a sandbank. The radio station left the ship and after that it was rented out for events and concerts up until 2017.

Veronica Ship
This is how the dancefloor used to look, we are curious to see what’s changed! (source)

The dancefloor can be looked at from above (source)

More than a Club
Noorderschip is going to be a place to eat, drink, learn, watch and dance. The idea is to give local and less knowner talent a stage. The ship has 3 floors, with the dancefloor at sea level and has a total space for 300 people. During the day the ship is used for (art) exhibitions and workshops, which is pretty cool. More clubs should do this don’t you think? The restaurant will have an outside terrace on deck and will serve locally produced vegetarian meals.

We can’t wait for Noorderschip when it opens on May 11th!

NDSM Pier 1

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