Let’s get some ART in Amsterdam

I have always been interested by art because my dad is an artist and I grew up with it. I tried to draw and paint myself but that was a complete failure so I just look at it now. But what I have noticed, is that the younger generation (and I’m talking 18-35 years old) is gaining an interest in art. Is this because of bespoken artist like Damien Hirst? Or fashion muses like Kate Moss? Or is it because there is so much new young talent out there?
I think it’s a combination of all 3 but most important; Art is becoming more accessible! 

This weekend you can feast your eyes on some cool art events and I’ve listed my favorites down for you:

1. The Affordable Art fair

When: 29th Oct – 1st Nov.
Where: Kromenhouthal Amsterdam North
I was invited to the press viewing of this years 10th anniversary. The founder explained; “we want to make art accessible for everyone. Prices are visible so there’s no weird vibe going on. This way people talk about the art immediately”. The affordable art fair started in London in the 90’s and was a great success with over a million pounds of art being sold. After that, the fair expended throughout Europe and even traveled to New York. Artist from all over the world participate. The art ranges from about 500 to 10.000 euro’s. This means you can have one of these beautiful pieces on your wall!

Famous art by damien hirstProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Beautiful pieces at the Affordable Art Fair including a Damien Hirst skull.

2. Public House of Art

When: 29th of Oct continuously 
Where: Nieuw spiegelstraat 39, Amsterdam
This gallery is not a gallery. At least, this is how they describe themselves. They sell photographs in limited editions
and unique one-off sculptures and paintings,verified by them and signed by the artist. Again, they also believe that art should be for everybody and affordable. They open their doors with an exclusive art performance tonight so I’m curious to see what that’s going to be like!

Luna, by Jenny Boot (source: Public House of Art)

3. Zolder47

When: 30st Oct – 1st Nov
Where: Hotel de Hallen, Amsterdam
This is a one of sale in Hotel de Hallen in Amsterdam West. The owner of the hotel, Arjen van den Hof, collects art from all over the world. So much, that he can afford having an exclusive sale! The VIP opening is today and will run until the 1st of November. You can expect paintings, fashion and lifestyle items!

Art from all over world at Hotel de Hallen (source: Hotel de Hallen)

Let’s get some ART!



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