Austin, Texas 2 day itinerary

AUSTIN TEXAS: the perfect 2-day itinerary

Keep Austin weird – that is what locals say about their beloved city. And I have to hand it to them, they made me fell in love with the place. As Austin is now my favourite Texan city, I made sure to gather all the cool hotspots and to-do’s, so you will love it too!

Why you should visit Austin, Texas

Austin, the capital of Texas, is renowned for its eclectic live music scene centred around country, blues, and rock. Known as the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’, the city hosts numerous music festivals, including the famed South by Southwest (SXSW). Also, Austin is a hub for tech and innovation, earning the nickname ‘Silicon Hills’. The city’s rich history is reflected in its landmarks, such as the Texas State Capitol and the University of Texas.

Texas State Capitol

From sipping craft spirits at Still Austin Distillery to dancing the night away on the iconic 6th Street, and savouring breakfast tacos the next morning. Austin is a destination that effortlessly blends music, shopping, culture and food. This makes it a perfect city for a 2-day visit.

Blanton Museum of Art

Tasting local food & drinks

Austin is proud of their local production and with good reason. On day 1, a tour and tasting at Still Austin Distillery teaches us the art of bourbon-making. It is a haven for craft spirit enthusiasts, and besides its history, the guide shows you the process of craftsmanship while walking through the distillery. We sampled their small-batch bourbons and gins and it turns out, I am definitely not a bourbon drinker. Unless it’s in a cocktail (they make really nice ones). 

The distillery lies in the middle of the creative enclave known as The Yard, a creative flex warehouse development filled with local businesses such as a brewery, winery and food trucks. This area perfectly encapsulates Austin’s innovative spirit, blending creativity and community.

Austin’s bars and nightlife

In the evenings you cannot miss out on Austin’s legendary nightlife. The bustling 6th Street is something you must have seen once (and then get the hell out of there). At night, the street is blocked off and the entire street is consumed by people who are hopping between bars and clubs. It kind of reminded me of party places in Europe, I might or might not have been when I was 20 years old. 

But, as it turns out, not the whole of 6th Street is like this. It can be divided into three distinct sections. Dirty 6th Street (or Dirty for short) is the part where I was referring to. Did I mention the guy with the python on the street and the bar with the mechanical bull? In addition, there is West 6th Street with the more upscale clubs. Lastly, on East 6th Street you can find a mix of dive bars, cocktail bars and live music venues.

Tip: Dirty Bill’s is a fun bar with great – correction: my guilty pleasure – music. Also, Rustic Tap is a nice place when you’re with a group. 

Breakfast Taco Tour

After a night in Downtown Austin, a Breakfast Taco Tour is all you need. No seriously, it’s an entertaining way to get the taco introduction that you need in Austin. The fast and witty Trace from Austin Detours explains that the only thing that makes it a breakfast taco, well, is that you have it at breakfast. No arguments here. 

During the tour, Trace took us to three taco joints. At El Chilito I start with a pretty easygoing taco with eggs, tomato and jack cheese. I still don’t know when to choose a flour or a corn tortilla, so I let them decide. At Papalote, I’m going for the steak and cheese with a Horchata, a cinnamon-flavoured drink. And a Veracruz we taste the award-winning veggie taco with avocado, onion, black beans, tomato and cheese. If that’s not a sufficient hangover breakfast, I don’t know what else. However, this was the most fun way to discover the taco culture here in Austin.

Breakfast tacos at El Chilito - photo by Jonathan Ramael

Taking in the art & culture

The afternoon – we skipped lunch – is a great time to visit the Blanton Museum of Art and the Texas State Capitol. The Blanton Museum of Art is located on the University of Texas campus and offers a diverse collection of European paintings and American contemporary art. From there, only a 15-minute walk brings you to the Texas State Capitol, an impressive 19th-century building and a symbol of Texas’ political history.

Blanton Museum of Art - Texas

Shopping at South Congress Avenue

After the cultural visits, hop on an Uber and go to South Congress Avenue, or SoCo for short. In this area, bohemian shops, traditional wear and modern shops blend into a vibrant shopping street. At Maufrais, they make gorgeous hats with details like feathers, gems and leather bands. Also, you can find more local business owners in that very same store. In addition, several lovely concept stores at SoCo are worth a visit. I kind of love their love for local craftsmanship and entrepreneurs. Does that make sense?


  • Allan’s Boots is a must-see – they sell hundreds of cowboy boots in all shapes and colours
  • Noah Marion – concept store that also does permanent jewellery
  • Feathers Vintage – women’s vintage clothing store
  • Paper Work – concept store
  • Big Top Candy Shop – a candy store as it should be, with sodas, floats and all the candy you can imagine


Bonus: There is a poet named Adam Jones sitting in the street with his old-school typewriter. Give him a few words to work with and he’ll write you a poem on the spot. From writer to writer: very impressive!

Live Poem at SoCo

Live Music Crawl

After a quick Tex-Mex dinner, we hopped on board the Live Music Crawl bus, again with Austin Detours. It was a 180-degree turnaround from last night at 6th Street. This time, diving into the live music and experiencing why Austin is called the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’. From country dancing with singer Sarah Johnson at The White Horse (around the corner of 6th) to eight live musicians on a tiny stage at the bar C-Boy’s at SoCo. But, most surprising was the well-hidden bar The Skylark Lounge where singer-songwriter Paul Val gave us an introduction to the Texas Blues Rock.

Live music at Rustic Tap, Austin Texas

Everything you need to know about Austin, Texas

We stayed at the Hyatt Centric Congress Avenue Austin in Downtown Austin. The name doesn’t sound very sexy, does it? However, my room on the 13th floor was gorgeous with top-to-bottom windows – even in the toilet, but don’t worry, no one will see you – a comfy rainforest shower and a large bathroom mirror. 

With over 270 live music venues, their food culture, various bohemian, traditional and concept stores and a mix of culture and history Austin is worth a stop. Better yet, if you can, enjoy the city for at least three or four days. 

The best way to get around Austin is with an Uber. Even if you have your own car when you, for example, are on a road trip through Texas. 

If you want to know more about Austin or have an up-to-date overview of events, the website of Visit Austin is the best to keep an eye on.


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