Australian Summer


The heat, the flies, the joy, the red skies (and skin) and Tim Tams for life. Australian Summer has arrived.

If you’ve ever been in Australia during summertime, you’re very likely to relate to the 10 signs below…

1. Santa what are you doing here?!

Oh right, Christmas is in the middle of summer instead of during the cold, dark days. It feels so surreal seeing the first Christmas decorations appear in shops whilst you’re swapping your jeans and shoes for shorts and ‘thongs’ (the Australian word for flip-flops). Have you ever seen a Christmas tree at the beach?

2. Chocolate or chocolate milk?

When you’re craving Tim Tams and you discover that these delicious cookies turned into fluid, melted chocolate because you forgot to store them in the fridge… Oh well, I guess I’ll grab a spoon!

3. Air-con becomes your best friend

When it’s so hot outside you just don’t know what to do with yourself, and sitting in an air conditioned room is the only way you can get by. Yup, Australian summer is here!


If you think: “ahh, a nice little breeze to cool off!” you better think twice.

4. The wind makes it worse

One day the temperature rose to 38 degrees and it was very windy that day. If you think: “ahh, a nice little breeze to cool off!” you better think twice. It is literally like someone is pointing a blow dryer straight at you. Aaah, make it stop!

5. Bug off, you filthy flies!

Flies. Flies everywhere. Their favourite spot? Your eyes! As soon as the days get hotter they make an appearance, zooming and annoying the shit out of you. At first you keep hysterically flapping your arms around to get rid of the little bastards, but after a while you give up and accept that if you want to be outside, you’ll always have a bunch of flies accompanying you.

FliesAustralian Summer
Damn you flies.

6. Red is totally your colour!

No matter how many times you reapply, no matter the factor of the sunscreen and no matter the amount of time you spend in the sun: You. Will. Burn. I’m quite the sun addict myself but even I cannot stay in the Australian sun for too long. You literally feel its rays burning your skin. As soon as the lobster-like bodies start popping up you know it’s summertime.

7. Mmm, ice cream!

I love coconut ice cream. And pineapple. Oh, and lemon! And frozen yoghurt! If you’re after some refreshing ice cream during an Aussie summer, make sure you don’t get a cone but get a little cup instead. Otherwise it’s a battle between you and the heat, and you’re licking for life before the sun melts you’re scoop of ice away.


8. Get in the car!

“AAAAHHH, sauna! Quick, turn on the air-con! No, no, that doesn’t help, I’m melting! Let’s open the window! Nooo, the blow dryer breeze again! Okay, air-con attempt number two. Water, I need water. Ok, that’s better… The air-con is starting to work… hallelujah!” Ever wondered why you see so many white cars in Australia?

9. A cold, refreshing shower

Aaaand think again. The water in the pipes has been warmed up by the sun, which gives you the delight of being soaked in hot water. You can let the shower run for a bit before you step under, but with all the bush fires around, water is precious…

10. Summer is really summer!

Coming from a fairly cold country like The Netherlands, where we only have a few ‘hot’ (over 25 degrees) days a year, I happily cope with the 9 struggles listed above. Australian summers are filled with sunny days, long nights and (if you’re careful) beautifully bronzed skins.


How many of these points can you relate to, and what is a typical Australian summer -struggle for you? 🙂



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