Recipe » Walnut Cake with Pear

Each month we invite another food blogger to tip us with one of their best recipe’s, inspired from a country or place they have been. Because Christmas is coming up, we’ve asked Benine from Benine’s Kitchen to provide her with a recipe that would perfectly go along with a cup of hot chai tea latte, a fireplace, and Christmas songs. Introducing the (gluten free) walnut cake with pear!

• 200 grams unsalted butter
• 150 grams sugar
• 4 eggs
• 120 grams of walnuts
• 1,5 teaspoon of cardamom
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
• pinch of salt
• pinch of ginger powder
• 160 grams of gluten free self raising baking flour
• 1 pear


How you make the walnut cake with pear?
Preheat the oven on 175 degrees. Use a baking tin of approximately 20 centimetres and grease the tin with butter.
Take the butter out of the fridge and use when it’s on room temperature. Mix the butter and sugar until creamy. Add one egg at a time and mix through the mixture.

Use a food processor to chop the walnuts finely, add the chopped walnut to the creamy batter and mix again. Then add cardamom, cinnamon powder, salt and ginger powder and mix. Add gluten free self raising flour and mix shortly. Pour the batter in the baking tin. Rinse and slice the pear in quarters. Then slice every quarter into thin slices, you can leave the skin. Position the slices of pear in a straight line on top of the cake.

Walnut cake with pear recipe

Put the into the oven en bake for 55 minutes. After, take the cake out of the oven and let it cool off for about 5-10 minutes. I can recommend to eat the cake when it’s still a little bit warm though! Sprinkle some powdered sugar on top for for decoration.

For more recipe’s from Benine’s Kitchen, check out her website!



Oud & Opnieuw is coming to Barcelona!

If you watched a few Instagram stories today, you cannot have missed it. The party of the year: Oud & Opnieuw. Haven’t heard of it? Here’s a little introduction;

It’s better than the real New Years Eve

How it all started
Oud & Opnieuw is a initiative from Buutvrij for Life, a creative agency based in Amsterdam. They started the idea 10 years ago and I was lucky to be a part of it from the early years on. It started out as a party for friends and their friends. One big family. Well, the family grew bigger and bigger, and 10 years later, Oud & Opnieuw has become THE party of the year and fills up the entire Paradiso.

Me at Oud & Opniew last night

3, 2, 1 Happy New Year!
The formula works like this; Doors open at 8pm and from then on, the clock will count down each hour, giving you the ultimate Happy New Year experience complete with poppin’ champagne bottles, “oliebollen” and smoke machine’s. The best DJ’s play there, and champagne (or Martini prosecco in this case) is free. You want to be there basically. That said, getting a ticket isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

© Marty Marn Photography

Oud en Opnieuw
© Marty Marn Photography

Tickets are as rare as an unicorn
There are only 2 ways to get a ticket. 1. You are invited by an Oud & Opnieuw Ambassador. 2. You get a friend code from one of the invitees. If you got your ticket from one of the ambassadors, you will get a code which you can then use to invite a friend. Use the code wisely because it is only valid for 24 hours before the ticket is invalid. 

Oud en Opnieuw last night in Paradiso

Going International
If you missed last night and you can’t wait for next year, you might be in a bit of luck of you live or visit in Barcelona this month. Oud & Opnieuw is going to be celebrated there on the 19th of December. A girl named Laurha emailed Buutvrij for Life a few months ago and told him; you don’t know me, but I love your party, and I would love to organize this in Barcelona. Buutvrij said; ok, why not. And so here we are, Oud & Opnieuw is going international. 

The Barcelona party is going to be:
Date: 19th of December
Time: from 8pm till 4am
Locations: To be announced later in the week..
8 x FREE BUBBLES/PROSECCO OF MARTINI + 8 x CONFETTI + 8 X CHURROS OR OLIEBOLLEN + 8 X GRAPES & 8 TIMES A COUNTDOWN AS IF IT’S NYE – ON REPEAT. Because the event is only meant for FRIENDS AND FRIENDS OF FRIENDS, they don’t have a ticket link online. Only our ambassadors have tickets. Keep an eye on the Facebook Page.

For more info about this once in a lifetime party; check the Facebook Event or stalk Laurha 😉

Good luck!


Where to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Utrecht this year

“New Year’s Eve is every man’s birthday”, said Charles Lamb, and who wouldn’t want to find the perfect place to celebrate? But universal and hyped up celebration also means many, many options when it comes to venue, theme, music, price and even dress code. Here’s a little rundown of things happening in Utrecht this year.

New Years Eve Festival @ TivoliVredenburg
Where? Tivoli Vredenburg, Vredenburgkade 11, Time: 10PM to 6AM

Price: €35
It is New Year’s Eve, so of course Tivoli would have something in store for Utrechters. Now, how is this event different from a standard tivoli party? This festival-style venue-wide event gives attendees access to all the different venues within Tivoli Vredenburg, with different themes, artists, music genres and venue sizes. In short? This has the means to cater for virtually any tastes: perfect for your eclectic group of friends. Ronda: All-style with De Likt, Vunzige Deuntjes, Pop-O-Matic (with DJ St. Paul) and Aiscream. Pandora: House and electro with Carista, Detroit Swindle, Acid P303wer and Dutch Dance-legend, Cloud Nine: Mama Africa all night long. Park 6: Arcade games, champagne bar and silent disco. More info

Terug naar Toen x Happy Feelings NYE Special @ Het Muntgebouw
Where? Het Muntgebouw, Leidseweg 90, Time: 10PM to 5AM

Price: €60
For this one, the main attraction really is the venue. Het Muntgebouw, as its name indicates, is an old coin factory, and it’s worth a visit, not mentioning partying in. Second strong selling point of this event: it is all inclusive. So get your bling on – because if not in a coin factory then when? – and enjoy a continuous flow of bubbles, shots and confettis. Music: 90’s & 00’s, classics, RnB, Guilty pleasures, disco & house classics hits. More info


TIKTAK Utrecht @ Central Studios
Where? Central Studios, Gietijzerstraat 3 Time: 10PM to 6AM
Price: €40

One of the Netherlands biggest electronic music event is coming to Utrecht, and those looking for a night-long succession of live acts and DJs are given exactly what they’re asking for. Get your tickets early, this giant of a New Years party is selling out fast.
Live Acts: Lil Kleine / Jonna Fraser / Sevn Alias / SFB / Bokoesam / Josylvio / Valsbezig / Equalz
DJs: April Grey / BIGGI / CHILDSPLAY / DYNA / Freddy Moreira / Girls Love DJs / DJ Irwan / Johnny 500 / Exclu / Don Cartel / George Felix. More info

Casino Royale @ Kartoffel
Venue: Kartoffel, Oudegracht aan de Werf 145 Music: live band, Time: 10PM to 5AM
Price: €50 all-inclusive

Who wouldn’t want to start 2019 looking like a million bucks? For those in the mood for a snazzy James Bond dress-code, some cocktails, open buffet and a little roulette to match the theme, Kartoffel is where it’s at! Did I mention it’s all-inclusive? 50 euros and the champagne will just keep flowing. More info


Oud & Nieuw Party @ Olivier
Where? Olivier, Achter Clarenburg 6A, Time: from 10:30PM on

Price: €17.50, includes champagne at midnight
Olivier is bringing in a DJ party, and that, as can attest the connaisseurs, is rather unusual for this beer café located in an old church ​(link to other post if already up)​. Get ready to shake it in this most unique venue, but also look forward to champagne on the house and fireworks to celebrate the start of 2019. Music: Sugar & Spice and DJ Finch. More info


NYE 2018 @ WAS.
Where? WAS, Tractieweg 41, Time: 00:30 to 08:30AM.
Price: €22

WAS., although one of the newest comers on the scene, is already a well established venue for all the techno-loving ravers among us. Located in a large warehouse in Zuilen (North West of the city center), WAS. attracts a diverse range of young party-goers until the break of dawn. If you are planning on keeping to party going after the clock strikes 2019, any party at WAS. is a safe bet. Line up: Kobosil, Anthony Parasole & Abstract Division  Requirements: must be over 21 years old. More info

NYE w/ Olivier Weiter @ Basis
Where? Venue: Basis, Oudegracht aan de Werf 97, Time: 00:30 to 6:00AM (minimum) 

Price: €15
If electronic music is your scene, Basis may just be ticking all your boxes this year. Olivier Weiter, who will be assisting you in this all-nighter, is the DJ scoring the highest number of night-long parties at Basis. So let’s run down the checklist. Energetic and quality-proven DJ? Check. Centrally located venue on the Oudegracht? Check. Affordable? Check. I’d say this is a solid offering right there. Music: Olivier Weiter all night long. More info

Of course, the best New Years Eve parties are at home. With friends, family and lot’s of oliebollen & champagne, but if you’re looking to dance until the sun rises, these are probably the best options in Utrecht! Let us know what you’re up to!



*Mathilde is one of our guest editors who lives in Utrecht. She was born in Geneva, Switzerland, and currently works in Amsterdam as a Field Marketing Executive. She’s going to keep us updated on what’s happening in Utrecht and it’s surroundings!

El Gouna » The tropical and safe harbour of Egypt

A few weeks ago our guest editor Larissa flew to Egypt for the first time. Egypt, a place where many would think not to be safe. Beyond all expectations, she found a place where you can stay with confidence. This city is named with a good reason, El Gouna means protection in old-Egypt.

30 years of history
El Gouna started in 1989 with the wish of Samih Sawiris and his friends to find a place where they could moor their boats. Samih started with a haven in the middle of the dessert and this led to more construction plans which led to a new hotspot: El Gouna. Due to the recent development of the city, it meets all the highest international norms. They use solar energy, the city has a zero-waste policy and there’s a local farm which only produces organic products. It’s no surprise this city is the most eco-friendly city of Egypt and also won a Global Green Award. Together with D-reizen, I was going to explore El Gouna, and what this man-build piece of land had on offer.

Friendly locals

El Gouna

Good to Know

  • You’ll need a visa and your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months.
  • It’s not advised to drink water from the tap and if you order a salad (which could be washed in tap water) you can drink cola afterwards to kill the bacteria in your stomach.
  • Don’t forget a vest or sweater, in the evening it’s a lot cooler, you’ll need it.

Feeling Safe
Even in December you’ll find enough sunshine here to put on your swimsuit. Even though it’s tempting to stay at an amazing all-inclusive resort like Sheraton Miramar Resort to laze in the sunshine, there’s so much to experience, it would be a pity. You don’t have to be scared, we even took a Tuk Tuk on our own and the excursions don’t need supervision of any kind of military. A local told me he loved living in El Gouna: “Since I live here, I haven’t locked my car or doors of the house. The media creates a distorted picture of Egypt.”

El Gouna Sherraton

Spa in El Gouna
Enjoying the Spa in the Sheraton Miramar Resort El Gouna

Where to Stay
During this trip we visited various resorts, all beautiful and offering delicious food, drinks, relaxing pools, sunbeds, entertainment and of course a nice room to freshen up and get a good night sleep. I stayed at the Hotel Sheraton Miramar Resort, but also checked out  Hotel LABRANDA Club Paradisio and Hotel Steigenberger Golf Resort. All are good options to stay during your trip in El Gouna. They’re all located close to the most facilities.

Sharaton El Gouna

El Gouna offers two beautiful sides: the water and the desert. Get in the desert for a bumpy quad safari and a delicious Bedouin dinner. To end the night in peace, a Bedouin dinner brings you a real Egyptian 1001 night. Camels, Egyptian food, belly dancers, traditional coffee and of course: shisha.

Sand everywhere
Get in the desert for an exciting quad safari with Alex Safari. The quad safari provides you the Egyptian adrenaline kick you’re looking for. Ladies, don’t forget your sports bra, this is going to be a bumpy ride! My recommendation is the Sunset Safari. Not only can you enjoy the tour through the desert with a stop at a small village with cute kids and camels, you’ll also behold a beautiful sundown. On the way back in the dark it’ll be difficult to concentrate on the road as the starry sky above you seeks your attention. We even saw some falling stars!

quad safari El Gouna

The quad safari provides you the Egyptian adrenaline kick you’re looking for

(Water)sports heaven
The water will offer you so much it’s hard to sum up. You can choose to see the underwater world by snorkeling and diving. Or learn to wakeboard in just a couple minutes in the Sliders Cable Park, this was fun! After one big fail of falling directly in the water, I managed to cross the water while keeping my balance on the board. It’s so easy, a fun way to surf without hours of practice.

For the fanatics, El Gouna is also a great place to learn how to kitesurf. Watersports are easier to learn here due to the shallow waters. You’ll be able to practice longer because you won’t get too tired of trying to get up on the board again (as you would in deeper water). Also the waters are calm, which is great for kitesurfing. You can take a beginners class at KBC from the weight of 50 kg.

Camel El Gouna
A little kid with his camel

Arabian Nights

During your stay you’re able to pay in euros if you like. The people in El Gouna are very kind, the motto there is to never say “no”. So even if they don’t know how to help you, they’ll try.

You can book this trip via D-Reizen. 



*Larissa is one of our guest editors from The Netherlands. She is only 22 years old, and just graduated, but already runs the two lifestyle magazines BLVD and MisterDaily for two years. Her dream is to write a book one day, but now she’s focussing on her writing and content creation for brands and magazines among which Wander-Lust. Follow her on Instagram!

This presstrip was a collaboration between Wander-Lust and D-reizen & fti reizen. We pick our collaborations carefully, so we can give you the best tips.

Instock serves rescued Christmas dinners

Christmas is just around the corner! It’s the perfect moment to do some (extra) good for your family, friends or maybe even a bit for our planet. Restaurant Instock is the one place where you can combine yumminess with doing a good deed. During Christmas, they will be serving a special holiday menu. I tested their Christmas menu for you, and I can tell you, rescued food never tasted so good!

Restaurant Instock in a nutshell
Did you know one third of the whole food production is wasted? Hold on, that means a worldwide wastage of 1.3 billion tonnes per year. Instock is a place that comes to the rescue with her various locations (Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague) They want to break the food waste cycle by turning food surplus into an appetising breakfast, lunch and dinner. Think of fruits and veggies with some beauty flaws, one-day old bread, and fish and meat leftovers. A couple of years ago they started a collaboration with the biggest Dutch supermarket; Albert Heijn. But restaurant Instock does not only pick up unsold products at these grocery stores, but also at other local producers. Since the start they’ve saved over 607924 kilos, and the ‘rescue food ball’ keeps on rolling.

instock interior

instock kitchen
Photo by Mitchell van Voorbergen 


Culinary, circular Christmas menu
The ambiance of Instock feels relaxed, it’s like coming home. Where the menu normally constantly changes, they have found a way to create a festive set menu. And if possible even circular! By analysing what kind of leftovers they mostly receive, they were able to see some ‘food trends’. With these in mind they have assembled the special dinner menu inspired by the Italian cuisine. For example, if there are tomatoes on the recipe, it’s no big deal for the chef if it’s a cherry or a beef tomato. Expect a four course menu with Italian classics in Instock’s own way.

Where the menu normally constantly changes, for Christmas they have found a way to create a festive set menu

Enough ins and outs, let’s focus on why we’re here: the Christmas menu with real rescue heroes. We kicked off with a minestrone soup (one of my faves during winter days), followed by the cod tartare di merluzzo. Course number three was homemade gnocchi with smoked ricotta and some Bolognese on the side (absolutely delicious). Our final round consisted of a pre-dessert (you will be surprised) and the dulce the leche parfait. In case you’ve got a food allergy or special diet wishes, don’t worry. Even though the kitchen staff has to deal with what’s ‘in stock’, they’re really creative in coming up with allergy and diet friendly alternatives. So, something for everyone. An ode to the crew!

instock Christmas dinner

Totally convinced? There are only a few spots available for the First and Second Christmas Day. Grab your chance and reserve via this link, or drop by whenever you want in 2019!

Want to know more about food waste and how to tackle it? Check out these 6 mobile apps that could save you a lot of money too!

Czaar Peterstraat 21, Amsterdam (more locations in Utrecht, Rotterdam and Den Haag)


*Sharmaine is one of our guest bloggers from the Netherlands with a sweet tooth. The sweeter, the better! She no kitchen princess so she’s always in search for the best hotspots in Amsterdam! You can expect an article from her once a month! Check her out on Instagram!

All we want for Christmas.. is to be in Paris

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – it’s already December and Christmas is just around the corner! As the festivity approaches, we’ve sourced out all the activities and the most wondrous lights in Paris to make your Christmas extra special!

Festive displays
Living up to its name ‘the City of Lights’, Paris is the most beautiful this time of the year with all its Christmas lights lit up along the big boulevards and shopping malls. Take a walk down Champs-Elysées or the streets of Montremart at night to experience the magic! Feeling fancy or lazy? Hop on a sightseeing coach or boat tour to breath it all in without tiring out those legs.

If you’re more of an indoor person, go and admire the extravagant window displays and indoor festive decorations in Galaries LaFayette, Le Bon Marché (I heard they are also doing in store events almost daily leading up to Christmas!) and Le Printemps Haussmann. In the middle of Forums des Halles, around 50 little wooden stalls are set up, selling everything from crafts to snacks. The market stretches all the way to Centre Pompidou, a modern and contemporary art museum.

Christmas in Paris

Christmas Markets
Want to get into the Christmas spirit quickly? Explore Christmas markets! La Défence is a ginormous Christmas village at the end of Metro Line 1. As soon as you walk out of the station, you’ll see hundreds of Christmas stalls lining up side by side, offering delicious mulled wine and hot chocolate for only €3! 

Grab yourself a raclette sandwich or a tartiflette, you’ll need the energy to power through all that Christmas shopping!

In the city centre, you’ll find a smaller version of the English Winder Wonderland at Jardin des Tuileries, outside of the Louvre. Unlike the one in La Defence, this has games, rides and a ferris wheel – a more family friendly option than the one in La Défence

You’ll also find Christmas markets along the street of Place Saint-Germain des Près from now until the New Year. Fancy some more iconic Parisian locations? From 14th December to 23rd December, you can surround yourself in a festive atmosphere outside the Christmas markets at Notre Dame Cathedral or the one outside Hotêl de Ville until 6th January 2019.

Get in the spirit
Christmas is a great time to visit the theatre. Enjoy a spectacle with the family! There’s everything from Disney on Ice and Rudolph: a Christmas musical at Théâtre Essaïon for the kids to La La Land Cine-Concert for adults (not exactly a Christmas special but who doesn’t love a good musical with live orchestra?) For the more sophisticated, check out La Cenerentola at Palais Garnier from 13th to 26th December, a Cinderella story retold in the form of Ballet. From the 21st to 23rd December, take a seat at Eglise de la Madeleine, Eglise Saint-Sulpice and Eglise Saint-Louis-en-L’Ile for a Christmas Choir Music Concert and Orchestra. Fancy some active participation? Grab yourself some skates at Grand Palais for the most spectacular ice-skating experience of your life. Disneyland is even more magical this time of the year, with illuminations throughout the park and a festive spin on the traditional parade with Queen Elsa and Santa as special guests!

I hope this list inspires you to get in the Christmas spirit and spend this year’s holiday in Paris!



*Chantelle is one of our guest editor from Hong Kong. She has lived in three different countries and have travelled across many continents. Having been in England for the past nine years and graduated with a Law degree, she is now taking a break in Paris for the year as she figures out her next step in life. Always passport ready, she is an expert at traveling light and on a budget, although she still enjoys the occasional indulgence in a luxurious holiday. You can follow her on Instagram.

Europe’s best Christmas Markets 2018

Whether you’re ready or not, December is here and with that the holiday season has arrived. One of the things that we love are Christmas Markets. So where can you stroll for hours and drink the best glühwein in Europe? We’ve selected the best Christmas Markets in Europe where you can do it all.

1. Dresden Christmas Market, Germany
 28th November – 24th December 2018

Leading the pack is this German Christmas market that has been around since 1434(!) Named after a sweet Christmas cake, this market has it all. The highlight is without doubt the largest wooden pyramid with carved wooden figures that stands tall at 40 meters. It has a a romantic feel about it and this is how a Christmas market should be. Watch craftsmen at work or buy pottery, gingerbread, candle holders or other Christmas decorations. Check a video impression

German Christmas Markets are the best
Source: Tim A. Bruening via flickr

2. Tivoli Gardens Christmas Market, Copenhagen
When? 17th of November – 31st of December 2018
With 60 stalls, this is a market full of lights. For children and adults, you shouldn’t miss this one if you’re visiting Copenhagen in Nov-Dec.
There are concerts, decorations, lights and sweets to feast your eyes on. Adults need to pay about 13 euro’s admission, kids are free.

The entrance of the Tivoli Christmas (source: Tivoli DK)

Christmas Markets originated in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol in Northern Italy and the eastern French regions.

3.  Berlin Christmas Markets
When? Check here for the different opening dates and times
Not 1 but 60 markets in one city! Berlin is the capital of the German Christmas markets. Big and smaller, you won’t be bored in and around Berlin if you visit the German capital during the winter months. The most famous ones are; the Potsdamer Platz Christmas Market for ice-skating, smell the sweet scent of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church Christmas Market and spent hours at the large Spandau Christmas Market.

Gingerbread sweets at the Kaiser WM Church Christmas Market Berlin (source: Mtrip)

4. Viennese Dream Christmas Market, Austria
When? 17th of November – 26th of December 2018
This fairytale Christmas Market is located right in front of the city hall and makes the backdrop a one of a kind. This market is also very suitable for kids as they have a dedicated kids area, where they can create Christmas cookies and candles. Find all the info here.

Vienna Christmas MArket

5. Old Town Christmas Market, Prague
When? 1st of December – 6th of January 10am-10pm 2018/2019

Find a variety of foods at this market like barbecued pork, Czech muffins, conkers, beer, mull, mead and other typical gastronomical specialties from Old Czech cuisine. If you don’t feel the Christmas spirit, then you will get it when you go here. Christmas carols are sung throughout the day by different performers. Another market worth checking is Wenceslas Square, which is about a 5 min walking distance from old town square.

(Source: Flickr)

6. Bruges Christmas Market, Belgium
When? 23rd of November – 1st of January 11am-10pm 2018/2019
Bruges already looks amazing because of the historic buildings, cobbled streets and medieval sights. 
But when it’s Christmas, this town really blooms. The magical shopping streets are lit up with colorful lights and there’s a ice skating ring on the “Grote Markt”. For a fairy-tail Christmas feeling you’re at the right address. Shop unique findings, eat waffles and drink delicious hot chocolate to top the day. More info here.

Ice Skating at one of Bruges Christmas Markets
Ice skating in Bruges, Belgium (source:

7. Christmas in Paris, France
When? up until the 6th of January 2019
La Défence is a ginormous Christmas village at the end of Metro Line 1. As soon as you walk out of the station, you’ll see hundreds of Christmas stalls lining up side by side, offering delicious mulled wine and hot chocolate for only €3! Grab yourself a raclette sandwich or a tartiflette, you’ll need the energy to power through all that Christmas shopping! In the city centre, you’ll find a smaller version of the English Winder Wonderland at Jardin des Tuileries, outside of the Louvre. Unlike the one in La Defence, this has games, rides and a ferris wheel – a more family friendly option than the one in La Défence. You’ll also find Christmas markets along the street of Place Saint-Germain des Près from now until the New Year. Fancy some more iconic Parisian locations? From 14th December to 23rd December, you can surround yourself in a festive atmosphere outside the Christmas markets at Notre Dame Cathedral or the one outside Hotêl de Ville until 6th January 2019. More info here.

Christmas market in Paris

So which of the above Christmas Markets will you be visiting this year?



P.S: If you’re looking for the Christmas Spirit in Amsterdam, you should check out these 10 Christmas markets in Amsterdam this month!

10 x Christmas Markets in Amsterdam

It’s Christmaaaaaaaaas! (ok, not quite, but almost!) It’s the first time in three years that I’m celebrating Christmas at home in Amsterdam. One of the things that really gets us in the Christmas Spirit are the markets in the month December. You don’t have to look far to find some of the best Christmas Markets in my hometown. Here are 6 amazing Christmas Markets in Amsterdam you should visit this month!

Museum Market Christmas Edition
When? 9th of December, 12pm – 6pm at Museumsquare
Every third Sunday of the Month, the Museumplein will be filled with stylish stands full of design. In between the main museums around the pond you can meet the (Dutch) designers yourself, shop for their products and enjoy the great food and atmosphere. Info

Vogue Christmas Market
When? 9th of December, College Hotel
It’s the first ever Vogue Christmas market in Amsterdam, so you can’t miss this one! There will be beautifully decorated Christmas stalls with amazing brands and gifting. Drink glühwein at the Vogue café, go crazy in the photo booth and score Vogue goodies! Kids are welcome! More info here.

Christmas market

Van der Helstplein Weinachtsmarkt
When? 8th & 9th of December 12:30 – 22:30, van der Helstplein
This German inspired Christmas Market, will be about family & friends (or making new ones!). Traditional glühwein, apfelpunch, currywurst, hot choco or winter beer, you will find it here. There will be stuff to buy, live music and entrance is free! Facebook

Scandinavian Christmas Market
When? 7th & 8th of December, Muiderkerk
Get into the Scandinavian spirit with this special market where you can knit and make decorations for “jul”: the wheel of time that spins the year into lighter days. The market is not complete without some real Scandinavian flavours (like cookies) of course! Facebook

Sissy Boy Christmas Market
When? 15th of December, Aambeeldstraat 34 (Sissy Boy Office)
This is one of the winter markets we are looking forward to the most! Besides the usual Sissy-Boy fashion, interior and accessories, you can also enjoy glühwein, live music, nice food and of course many different stands with all your winter wannahaves!  To find out which brands you can find at this years market, check the Facebook event.

Ruige Kerstmark
When? Sat 15 December 12.00-18.00 / Sun 16 December 12.00-18.00, Ruigoord
Two days X-mas shopping Ruigoord style. Winter Wondermarket with 40 to 50 hand-picked stands with handmade, art, fashion & lifestyle, delicious food, kids activities, glühwine, music & lots of wonderful vibes. Free entrance and also indoor! Check Facebook for all the details.

Christmas Maker Market
When? 15th & 16th of December, De Hallen
The Christmas specials of the market where it all began for Sisters James and us. If you’re stuck for Christmas gifts for friends and family, look no further. This market is jam-packed full of beautifully crafted local Amsterdam products. Facebook

Sushi & Japan Food Festival X-Mas Edition
When? 15th & 16th of December 12 – 9pm, NDSM Loods
Sushi & Christmas? Yes, it’s happening in the NDSM Loods in North Amsterdam! Who doesn’t love Sushi or Ramen, or Takoyaki? Japanese food is something you can eat anytime of the day. Any day of the week and any week of the year. are available from €8,-.

Funky X-Mas Market (Sunday Market)
When? 16th of December 12- 6pm, Westergasterrein
THE place for your funky Xmas presents! For the 10th year running you will find lots of beautiful stands full of original creations. Of course there is great food & drink (mulled wine), live music and more!

Pure Wintermarket at Amstelpark
When?  16th of December
Go here for your organic and fairtrade Christmas products. Local produce and goods make this one of the nicest Christmas Markets in Amsterdam and one of a kind. It’s the last Pure Market before heading into 2017 so grab your winter coat and check this one out. Info

Also worth visiting:

Het Amsterdamse Winterparadijs
When? 21st – 30st of December, RAI Amsterdam
Like last year, this massive winter wonderland will be open during December at the RAI in Amsterdam. This year it will be even bigger! There will be an ice-skating ring in and outside, music performances from Lil Kleine, Xander & friends, food, tube sliding, kids activities and everything to get you into the Christmas spirit. Tickets cost €5 euro, or €17,50 when you include activities.

Christmas Market at Floor 17
When? 1st of Dec – 11th of Jan 
Get into the winter spirit and get your skates on! The rooftop of the Ramada Hotel in Amsterdam West is hosting this wonderful ice-skating ring where you can enjoy the view whilst sipping on hot chocolate and curry sausages. Check out the curling games on the 16th of December. For more info visit

Floor 17 ice skating

Christmas Ice Village, Museumsquare
When?  Until the 30th of December
From December 17th – 30th, Amsterdam hosts the magical and tasty Ice Village Amsterdam at the Museumplein. A true adventure of warm winter chalets who offer you a variety of lifestyle, fashion, Christmas gifts, live entertainment and delicious food. Info

Haarlem Christmas Market
When? 8th & 9th of December in Haarlem
Not in Amsterdam, but only 15 minutes away and so worth visiting! The main square and streets are filled with more than 300 Christmas stalls, food, wine, lights and music. Bring the whole family and go shopping.

Which ones are you visiting?






ĂnĂn Saigon » Vietnamese Streetfood in Utrecht

Walking into ĂnĂn, you are instantly hit with the smells and colours of a busy side street in Saigon… or in Utrecht! The vibe is alive and the place is dotted with wait staff running between tables and the kitchen carrying steaming little plates of mouth-watering Vietnamese treats.

On top of the tables are typical of what you would find in a local Vietnamese eatery – colourful plastic trays filled with sauces, chop sticks and napkins. The chairs are also in style – bamboo. We are told that AnAn in Vietnamese means ‘eat eat’. Yes please.

ĂnĂn Utrecht

ĂnĂn literally means Eat Eat

The menu is impressive with so much to choose from. The small dishes are designed to share (something all Asians like to do) and 2 to 4 dishes are equal to a full meal. And let’s all put our hands together for their extensive choice of vegetarian and vegan dishes too. 

Asian Beers
Asian beers at ĂnĂn 

ĂnĂn Vietnamese Streetfood

The food starts to come out and it smells amazing. The vegetables are fresh and the broths and sauces are salty and sweet, leaving a warm feeling in the throat. They have a selection of ‘Banh Hoi’ – roll it yourself dishes. The ingredients are crunchy and when put together, the aroma and taste of that first bite are so good. The great thing about Vietnamese cuisine (besides the prices) is that because the dishes are so light, there is always room to sample more. The duck curry is a power house and rocks our taste buds, as is the udon dumpling soup with vegetables.

ĂnĂn Saigon » Vietnamese Streetfood in Utrecht

ĂnĂn is open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. You can always walk in and try your luck, but it is recommended to book as it can get quite busy.

Voorstraat 23, 3512AH, Utrecht



*Rahima is one of our new guest editors from Australia who lives in Utrecht and loves everything “gezellig”! She will write about the best and most delicious hotspots in Utrecht! Follow her via

5 x Amazing Turkish Breakfast in Amsterdam

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the Turks know this like no other.  In Turkey, breakfast is a culinary ritual that contains different cheeses, olives, egg dishes, jams, grilled sausages, fruits and many cups of sugar infused black tea. Lucky for us, Amsterdam has a few places where you can enjoy such a wonderful Turkish Breakfast, and we have selected the best ones!

Meram Osdorp
So far, this place has been our favorite Turkish breakfast that we have tasted. Wow. They offer an open buffet-breakfast from 9am till 2pm. It’s only 12,50 per person, and you eat as much as you can. Kids under 6 years old eat for free! The buffet seems like it never ends. Fresh fruit, grilled zucchini, mushrooms, traditionally eggs heated in yoghurt (must try!), pancakes, olives, fresh orange juice, and of course the Turkish black tea. Meram Osdorp is located right next to the Sloterplas, so you have one of the best views in the area. It’s on a walk-in basis, so make sure you arrive in time during the weekend, especially Sunday is very busy. They also serve a Turkish breakfast buffet at their Bos & Lommer location, but we prefer the Osdorp location because of the interior and view.

Turkish Breakfast Meram Osdorp
Our favorite thing; Turkish Tea!

Breakfast buffet Meram Osdorp
The impressive breakfast buffet at Meram Osdorp

It’s more than just eating, it’s catching up, and enjoying each others company

No buffet, but this Turkish Breakfast is served per table when you order. Your table will be filled with all the favorite Turkish dishes to keep you full till after lunchtime. It’s served only during the weekend from 10am until 3pm, and when the weather allows it, you can sit on the outside terrace.

Podium Mozaïk
Photo courtesy of Mozaïk

Another big favorite for a tasty (and generous) Turkish breakfast is Florya. Located in Bos & Lommer, this restaurant also offers an outside terrace with a wonderful view of the water. They also serve delicious cocktails, soups, salads and grilled dishes, but for breakfast they offer a buffet. The buffet is open from 8am until 2pm, and refilled, so you won’t miss out when you arrive a bit later. You pay only €10,- per person and kids from the age 4 till 9 years old, only pay €4,95,-.

Florya Amsterdam
A walking buffet at Florya

This Turkish restaurant in Amsterdam North, is not specialised in a huge Turkish breakfast buffet, but they open at 10am during the weekend, and serve their wonderful soups, pide’s, tea and freshly made pomegranate juice.

Hanimeli Amsterdam
Photo courtesy of Hanimeli

At Erva you can also enjoy a daily Turkish Breakfast, but for 17,95 for 2 people. You will get a table full of sweetness and savoury dishes that you can share. A Turkish breakfast is all about sharing the food with the people. It’s more than just eating, it’s catching up, and enjoying each others company.

Erva Amsterdam
Breakfast at Erva

Afiyet Olsun! (Enjoy your meal!)