You have probably heard of them before; the seven wonders of the world. But did you know there are 7 ancients, 7 modern and 7 natural wonders of the world? In this article you can find them all!

The 7 modern wonders

These wonders were announced in Lisbon, Portugal in the year 2007. The ancient wonders were almost all gone, so it was time for a new list. Millions of people have voted and the following modern wonders of the world have emerged;

Christo Redentor (Brasil):

In New York they have the Liberty Statue, in Rio de Janeiro they have a gigantic Christ statue. The statue stands on the seven hundred meters high mountain Corcovado and symbolizes the universality of the Christian message, but also the warmth of the Brazilian people.

Brasil statue

Machu Picchu (Peru):

Nowhere else on earth can you find such a well-preserved Inca city as Machu Picchu. The ancient city is located at over 2000 meters’ altitude near the town of Cusco.

Chinese Wall (China):

The Great Wall is located in the north of China and is about 6200 kilometers long. The structure is more than 2000 years old and was used to keep wandering armies from the north out.

Chichén Itzá (Mexico):

Chichen Itza is a city of the Mexican Maya people and is best known for the Pyramid of Kukulcan.

Mexico wonder of the world

Colosseum (Italy):

Perhaps the most famous and most accessible world wonder for Europeans. The Colosseum is a huge theater in the ancient city of Rome that dates back to the time of the Romans. Also battles between gladiators have been held here.

Taj Mahal (India):

The Taj Mahal is not a temple as is often thought, but a burial monument. It was built in 1632 by the Muslim emperor Shah Jahan, in honor of his deceased wife Mumtaz Mahal. On her deathbed he promised to have a building built that would be just as beautiful as she was (my heart, omg).

Petra (Jordan):

This spectacular sandstone city was made by a relatively unknown ancient folk: The Nabateans. Unbelievable how these people could turn red rocks into immense houses, tombs and churches 2,000 years ago.

Petra, Jordan

The 7 ancient wonders

These monuments could actually never have existed from a scientific point of view because the knowledge and resources from that time were not sufficient enough to set up these constructions. Yet these buildings have existed and are therefore called the 7 ancient wonders of the world.

The Pyramid of Cheops (Egypt):

This is the only ancient wonder that has been well preserved to this day. About 10,000 people have been working on this pyramid for more than 20 years. It has been build approx. 2,600 years BC.

Hanging gardens of Babylon (Iraq):

According to stories, the hanging gardens of Babylon once bloomed on the spot that we now know as the city of Baghdad in Iraq. The terraces, which were full of plants and flowers, were built in such a way that it seemed that the gardens were hanging above the banks of the Euphrates River.

Temple of Artemis in Ephesus (Turkey):

This temple is known as the largest temple of ancient times and was meant to honor the virgin hunting, fertility and moon goddess Artemis.

Statue of Zeus (Greece):

To honor the supreme god Zeus, a huge statue of him was made around 500 BC. The statue stood in the Doric temple of Olympia and was more than 9 meters high and covered with ivory, gold leaf and gemstones.

The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (Turkey):

This was the tomb of Mausollos, a Persian prince of Halicarnassus from the 4th century BC. In the Middle Ages was the monument destroyed by an earthquake.

The Colossus of Rhodes (Greece):

It is said that The Colossus was built to celebrate the victory over the attack of the Macedonian king. This meters-high bronze statue of sun god Helios would have been as high as the modern Statue of Liberty.

Lighthouse of Alexandria (Egypt):

This enormous lighthouse showed people the way for around a thousand years. Around the year 900, the massive structure was hit by an earthquake. The remains of the building were used to raise a new building: the citadel of Qaitbay.

The 7 natural wonders of the world

In addition to all the immemorial beautiful buildings constructed by humanity, a list of wonders made by mother nature is listed below.

The Great Barrier Reef (Australia):

Scientists call the Great Barrier Reef: “the largest organism on earth.” The bright colours of the 2,300 kilometre long coral reef are even seen from the moon by astronauts.

Great Barrier Reef

Mount Everest (Nepal/India):

Mount Everest is with 8,848 meters the highest mountain on earth. The mountain is located on the border between Tibet and Nepal in the Himalayas in Asia.

Amazone rainforest & River (South America):

With an area of 5.5 million square kilometres, the Amazon forest is the largest rainforest in the world. It is spread over nine countries, of which more than sixty percent can be found in Brazil.


Victoria Falls (Zambia/Zimbabwe):

The Victoria Waterfalls are among the most spectacular waterfalls in the world. They are 1700 meters wide and are located in the Zambezi River.

The Northern Lights (North of the Arctic Circle):

One of the most extraordinary natural phenomena: a beautiful light show, made by nature itself. You can only see the Northern Lights when it is dark and in certain places. The light is also different every time; in one place the Northern Lights are green but it can also be purple or blue.

Parícutin (Mexico):

The Paricutin is a unique volcano in Mexico, known for its sudden appearance from a corn field in 1943. This offered scientists a great opportunity to study the life cycle of a volcano and the location became a central point of scientific research.

The Grand Canyon (United States):

This famous gorge is located in the oldest national park in America, in the state of Arizona. Grand Canyon National Park is huge with a size of 4,927 km². All by all, the area is immense, spectacular and unforgettable.

Grand Canyon

In conclusion, fifteen impressive wonders of today’s world. How many have you seen in real life? Let us know in the comments!





This winter the first silent disco ice skating club will open on the Museumplein in Amsterdam.

At ICE ICE CLUB, founded by TV presenter Sol Wortelboer and his wife, you can go to silent disco ice-skating this winter. Besides that, Bootcamp on Ice and ice hockey lessons will be held at the famous museumplein in the centre of Amsterdam.

Burning Calories

It is said that you burn around 550 kilocalories per hour with skates and around 353 kcal per hour with dancing. “We combine the best of both worlds with Silent Disco Ice-Skating”, Says founder Sol Wortelboer. You can enjoy the silent disco ice-skating from early mornings till late. It is advised you come before 3pm, because after that, it will be quite busy on the ice-skating ring in Amsterdam.In the morning – before regular ice rink opening times – you can also visit Bootcamp on Ice and ice hockey.

Woman ice-skating at night Amsterdam

This brings the old-skool 80’s disco vibe to life!


Last summer Sol Wortelboer opened the successful SUP SUP CLUB in Amsterdam and the Betuwe. With the winter version, he wants to make just as many people happy with the same elements in different conditions. And thanks to a great collaboration with Ice* Amsterdam, this dream is now coming true.

ice ring

Nice to know: ICE ICE CLUB is for everyone and accessible with Onefit and Classpass.

ICE ICE CLUB can be found from November 21 on the iconic ice rink of Ice * Amsterdam. For all info you can visit and

Find out when and what Christmas Markets are on in Amsterdam this month!




Gevierd solo artiest en de andere helft van de populaire hiphop groep De Opposites, slaat even helemaal een andere weg in en opent deze maand zijn allereerste bar/restaurant.

Willem de Bruin, bekend van zijn geprezen solo album Man in Nood staat voor uitverkochte zalen, speelde al eerder de sterren van de hemel in de film Catacombe, maar laat zich nu van een andere kant zien; als ondernemer. Hij opent namelijk een gloednieuwe bar/restaurant Anna du Pire, in het hart van de Pijp in Amsterdam.

Willem de Bruin

Bar Anna du Pire
Photo: Willem de Bruin

Wie is Anna du Pire?

De naam komt van de eerste vrouw van Bartholomeus van der Helst en leidde een leven vol kunst en rijkdom. Anna was een graag geziene gast in de kunst schilders wereld en was bevriend met vrouwelijk kunstschilders van die tijd. Vandaag omschrijft Willem haar als een zelfstandige vrouw. Een echte bohemian. Ze reist de wereld rond en haar ervaringen en de verhalen die ze opdoet tijdens haar leven vertalen zich in het menu en interieur. Hij heeft er voor gekozen om deze keer niet op de voorgrond te staan, maar het concept van Anna du Pire te laten spreken. Zo wordt er dus ook niet over de “eigenaren” gesproken, maar verwijst men naar Anna.

Binnen Anna du Pire is het smal en cozy. Foto Willem de Bruin

Omdat Anna du Pire als persoon ongrijpbaar is speelt ze met de rijke fantasie van haar gasten. De suggestie van haar aanwezigheid laat ruimte over voor interpretatie. – Willem

Food and Wine

Het brede spectrum van Anna’s wereld vind je terug in het menu.

Het Menu

De menukaart bij Anna du Pire zal velen invloeden kennen. Anna houdt van reizen en raakt geïnspireerd door verschillende culturen. Je vindt er dus niet één cuisine. Op dit moment kun je tot 7 december de eerste try-out kaart komen proeven en zal er daarna gewerkt worden aan vaste kaart. Een ding wat zeker is; er zal goede wijn en eten worden geserveerd. Daarnaast zullen er wine tastings plaatsvinden, gezellige Sunday Brunches en natuurlijk mogen de muziekanten en DJ’s ook niet ontbreken. En dat is dan toch het linkje met Willem.

Anna du Pire
Eerste van der Helststraat 72, Amsterdam
Website / Instagram

x Elke

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Flying business class is a treat, especially when you least expect it. Maybe you got lucky with an upgrade, or you saved enough frequent flyer points to treat yourself. Recently, we’re so lucky and got to experience the best business class seats in the world.

Not so long ago, Wander-Lust was invited by Qatar Airways to visit and explore Doha and the rest of Qatar. Despite my fear of flying, I was looking forward to this one. I knew QR had won the best airline in the world award for 2019 and also the world’s best business class. That being said, it was not until we checked in, that we actually got upgraded to their prestigious Qsuites.

Upon arrival you are welcomed with a glass of bubbles

First impressions

As soon as you enter the plane and see the business class seats of Qatar Airways you know it’s going to be a flight worth your while. Each seat has its own compartment with the option for complete privacy and a chair that can extent to a full horizontal position. You can choose several options such as the quad seats, perfect for families or business partners as you are facing each other. Upon arrival you are welcomed with a glass of bubbles or fresh juice and you almost feel a little bit ashamed as other passengers walk past you to find their economy seats.

Qsuite Qatar Airways

In flight Entertainment 

Once seated, you’ll notice the big screen in front of you. Qatar Airways offers a range of new Hollywood films, as well as world cinema, series and documentaries. All Qsuite passengers are welcomed with an amenity kit filled that included Italian luxury skin care products (which I obviously took home with me). By this time, you haven’t even realised that the plane has taken off! Funny enough, I only watched one movie because I was so occupied with the food & snack menu.

Food & Drinks

Equally important is the food they serve. Usually, I bring my own salad or sandwich on board because most airlines don’t have the best reputation when it comes to food. Well let me tell you, this is a whole different ball game! If you order food in business class, they even set your table with a table cloth and a mood light, which makes you feel like you are in a luxury restaurant. The menu is ever changing but on my flight I enjoyed falafel and pumpkin with dips, Italian pasta with mushrooms and a very, very decent cappuccino. For breakfast they also served fresh fruit, warm oats or continental breakfast.

Food Qsuite Qatar Airways

Good to know:

  • The Qsuite is not (yet) available on all flights, but on the Amsterdam to Doha route they always fly with the Qsuite.
  • Business Class (Qsuite) prices vary and always keep an eye on special deals they have! Prices always include 30KG luggage and extra hand-luggage.
  • They offer flights to 160 destinations worldwide

Basically, it comes down to this; I’m totally ruined for life when it comes to flying! For me it was the first time (ever) that I was not looking forward to getting off the plane. The 6 hour flight to Doha was too short in my opinion because I could have enjoyed several more hours in the world’s best business class seat.

Fingers crossed it will happen once again! Find out more about Qatar Airways Qsuite here.


12 x Jobs that will take you around the World

If you love to travel, you’re probably keen to find a job that will take you around the world. You’ll be surprised how many jobs are out there, that may just be the perfect fit for you, and your travel ambitions.

We’ve lined up 12 cool jobs that will feed your wanderlust and take you around the world.

Flight Attendant

No surprise here right? This job literally takes you around the world. Sometimes you will fly to 6 different countries in one month! Do you want to know about the misconceptions of a flight attendant, check out this article where our guest editor Amber explains what it’s like!

Guest editor Amber is a flight attendant

PR/Marketing manager for an International brand

Sarah can tell you all about it. She works for a large fashion brand and flies around the world for PR events and meetings. If you work for an international company or brand, you are likely to fly to the head or sister office, once or twice a year. I used to work for a company that had offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, London and Sao Paolo. I saw a new destination every 2-3 months. Even though you are there to do your job, you always have some time to explore.

Au-Pair / Nanny 

It’s the perfect way to start a new life abroad because Au-Pairs live at someones house, plus you earn money and get to know the language. I did it when I was seventeen and started my nanny adventure in London. I ended up staying for seven years (!), and even though I quit my job as an Au-Pair, I learned a great deal and was ready to take on the world. Tip: Make sure you earn to the minimum standard. I got paid 50 pounds per week while most Au-pairs got 80 or 100 pounds. I didn’t know any better so check your resources before making the decision.

Cruiseline Worker

If you can sing, dance, entertain, serve drinks or clean, you are perfect for a cruise liner! It’s a great job right after your studies and it can pay quite well. You stop at some of the most amazing destinations like the Caribbean or Miami. Downside is that you won’t see your family for while and you might get bored with the ship after a few months. Still though, it’s a great option to see the world!

Cruise your way around the world

Tour Guide

Are you good in telling stories? Well, this might be the job for you! Bus tours, bicycle tours, hiking tours, boat tours, and the list can go on and on. Work for a company or start your own tour guide business! We met a great Dutch guy in Prague who set up his own bicycle tour guide company, which we booked a tour with.


Preferably an English teacher. But teachers are wanted. Period. In Hawaii, they were so short on teachers, that they were offering housing and free flights! 

Snowboard / Ski Instructor

My boyfriend is a great example. After his studies he learned how to snowboard and left for Austria where he did taught people how to board off the snowy mountains. Once you finish the intensive instructor course, you can teach anywhere in the world as long as there is snow. Tip: know your languages! English, German and French are a big plus!

Jobs that will take you around the world? Snowboarding!

Who wouldn’t want to live in a tropical climate?

Diving Instructor

Australia, Thailand, The Bahamas, they all need diving instructors! Get you Padi licence and teach tourist and travelers how to dive. You can move from place to place but many instructors stay in the same place for a few months. I can’t blame them, who wouldn’t want to live in a tropical climate with sunshine and beautiful marina!

Aid Worker (international)

Do something great for the world and start to work for a good cause. Downside is that you won’t get paid a lot of money. Sometimes is even completely voluntary. However, you get a place to stay, food & drinks, plus you are part of something amazing.

This job takes me around the world, and I get paid to do it!

Truck Driver

This may not seem like the job you had in mind, but if you can drive trucks or you like driving in general, this job is for grabs. No need to speak a certain language fluently, no need for a bachelor degree. Just great driving skills!


Now, this one is a little more difficult because there are so many good photographers out there. If you really want to start earning money with it, you need the skills, the contact and some luck. Start to work for local newspapers and work your way up to the travel magazines. Sent your best pictures to worldwide competitions and make a name for yourself. Nature and culture photographers travel the world and see the most unique places.

Travel Writer/Journalist

That’s me! I never had the ambition to become a travel writer but it happened and boy, did I made a good choice. This job takes me around the world, and I get paid to do it! It’s hard work but after a little investment in time, you can do it too! To find out how I became a full time travel blogger.

My job takes me around the world

Do you have a job that takes you around the world? Tell us!



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What would you think of a stylish Berlin breakfast and lunch spot that spreads her wings to the Netherlands? Nine years after founder Sofia Sözen started her culinary journey in the capital of cool, she proudly popped up a second ‘+Factory Girl.’ This time in another trendy district: De Pijp, Amsterdam. A youngster with a lot of potential!

Treats for belly and eyes

Let’s be honest, breakfast is the best meal of the day, right? So, it won’t be a surprise Factory Girl’s all-day breakfast concept immediately grabbed me. A spot with lots of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free delights. The idea of this boutique brand was born and raised in Berlin. I know what you’re thinking. Why ’Factory Girl’ and a ‘+’? Sofia’s first store had an architectural factory texture. The place where she created the magic. And the plus sign? It’s a creative outburst to show the simple extensibility of the concept. A concept that can be seen as a small package which you can unpack everywhere. In every country, every city. Because Sofia admires the open-minded and vibrant lifestyle of Amsterdam – feels like home -, she had to listen to her gut feeling. And so her second shiny food spot was a fact.

Food for thought at Factory Girl Amsterdam

+Factory Girl is situated nearby the slightly touristic Ferdinand Bolstraat. You must have heard about this lady otherwise there might be a change to miss this cool tasty hotspot. And hidden gem it is. A modern venue designed to ode to the ever-growing healthy eating culture and to revitalise the ‘all-day breakfast concept.’ A very welcoming, friendly environment jam-packed with comfort and bliss. The atmosphere bursts with warmth, charm and friendliness. Upon entry you’ll be surprised by the spatial and urban, industrial vibe. Without too much fuss, but with an eye for details.

Lunch at +Factory Girl Amsterdam

+Factory Girl: 0% bullshit, 100% goodness

+Factory Girl is the perfect place to pamper yourself. The place where you can begin or break your (work)day in style, or only to drop by for a kaffeeklatsch. But treating yourself doesn’t mean lots of needless E numbers, unnatural ingredients and very few nutrients. Their raison d’être? The +Factory Girls believe in a healthy lifestyle with a planet-friendly attitude. That’s why the concept provides daily fresh, healthy vegan and vegetarian food with an infinite amount of ingredients, spices and herbs. Distinctive recipes but still conventional tastes. And above all, running business with a BIG smile!

Pancakes for breakfast
Factory Girl’s pancakes, yumminess to die for!100% goodness captured in this ‘egglicious’ shot

How lovely if you can mix the tasty with the healthy? +Factory Girl is here to impress you with an abundance of goodness. Goodness without bullshit. Mix and mingle whatever you prefer. Start daydreamin’ about some of their pieces of happiness: fit & sexy mueslinola, not benedict like benedict, three brothers no sisters, the Dutch senator sandwich and Sofia’s salad. Not to mention their…pancakes with chocolate drizzle and some little dark chocolate chuncks inside. Genius! A delicious fresh ginger tea on the side, and they had me. Even the most fussy eaters will fall in love with this super tasty concept. An everyone’s friend. Still thinking of skipping a wakey breaky? Think twice! This venue knows how to rumble, aficionados.

Factory Girl’s signature dish, a must-try!

Meet your new addiction: Coco Anjéla

Coco Anjéla, remember that name. Even if you only can make a very short pitstop, please promise that you’ll try the Coco Anjéla. Coco whut? It’s +Factory Girls’ signature dish. I can tell you, my first rendez-vous with this finger lickin’ good treat tasted like more. A healthy, addictive delicacy created by Sofia herself. Pure vanilla, a pinch of gluten-free flour, a little coconut sugar, vegan cream and cookies. Mouthwatering! It’s kind of an Italian panna cotta in different flavours. Let’s say the healthy, vegan little sister. Did I mention you have to try this pretty girl?

In short, +Factory Girl really is a culinary escapade for the non-vegetarians and non-vegans. But I can tell you, a world is opening up for you! Discover meatless treats, and whole new taste variations which will saturate all your morning and lunch craves. Absolutely worth the try both for the light ánd more dark green eaters!



+Factory Girl
Saenredamstraat 32, Amsterdam
Opening hours: every day from 9:00 am till 5:00 pm


For years, Bali has been innovative when it comes to trendy restaurants that attracts travellers from all over the world. But no one has ever opened this kind of restaurant.

The Apurva Kempinski Hotel on Bali is one of the most luxurious hotels on the island and has recently opened their restaurant Koral, set next and under an aquarium. 

Girl in aquarium restaurant
Aquarium Restaurant done well. Photo by Heydi Paramitha, via Tripvanvas

As a result, dining has never been the same!

Even more, they serve delicious seafood and grilled specialities with local ingredients and Bali flavours, in an unforgettable setting. 

So, when are you booking a table

Are you curious about this hotel? Check our stay in Kempinski Doha!



Backpacking with Children » 5 Reasons To Do It

Do you know what backpacking means? If you type the word into Google you will find about 235.00 results. To many, backpacking means freedom, adventure, fun, meeting new people, and having little or nothing to fall back on. In short, a journey of discovery!

So when you have children, does this all change? As a mother of two, people often me and my partner how we ‘do it’ and they wonder if backpacking with children is even possible. I wasn’t always this flexible about travelling with my children so I understand where this question is coming from. It sounds exciting and adventurous but maybe it’s a bit too much? Here are 5 reasons why backpacking with children is always a good idea.

1. Create Forever Lasting Memories!

The great advantage of backpacking is that you get to travel and therefore you experience more. For children, it is often an impressive experience. They experience new things they have never seen before. We make the lives of our children richer by showing them the world. And best of all, you and your  family will create memories that will never be forgotten.

Cheryl’s family Backpacking through Asia

I loved traveling when I was single. I love traveling with my wife. But I love it more now that I have kids. – Santorini Dave 

2. Freedom and Adventure

Backpacking means travelling around from location to location. You don’t need a fixed plan. The whole idea of backpacking is to be flexible. Arrived some place and want to stay longer? Then do! Our advice for backpacking with children is to prepare your trip. For us this means we select a view accommodations at each location (so when we arrive we can make fast decisions). Flights we book in advance, any other transport we arrange at the destination. Choose train & bus above the plane (unless your kids are very young, then travel less locations or lower the distance). Any other preparation is not necessary, you’ll handle it!

3. It’s good for your budget

Feel like exploring the world with your children but you don’t have a large budget? Backpacking is low budget travel. Sometimes you’ll find a hidden gem, sometimes you end up in a little less more pleasant environment. Don’t focus to much on what the accommodation looks like, as long as it’s clean it will be fine (and the kids will be ok). Try to select your next stay with the children. Keep their wishes in mind!

Taking care of their own backpack makes them more independent

4. They learn to be a little bit independent

It starts even before you head off on your little adventure. Give older children in your family some responsibility during traveling. It makes them grow in their self esteem because they contribute to family interests. Taking care of their own backpack makes them more independent and last year our daughter Jessie (then 11 years old) purchased and carried her own backpack. Of course you need to decide as a parent if your child is physically able to handle this. Not every eleven-year-old is the same. Our daughter liked to have her own backpack. Because she’d have to carry her own stuff she packed less! responsible!

5. You realise anything is possible

If you decide to take your children on an adventure, you are taking a leap of faith and yes, it can be scary. But how cool is it when you’ve actually done it! Backpacking is all about surprises and backpacking with children is the 3.0 version of that. A lot of people regret things in life, just because they didn’t do something. Break the rules and be different. Be that person that has no regrets. And look back at it with pride, no matter how the experience was. A fact is, that you did it and that itself, is pretty damn awesome.

Backpacking with children
Traveling by boat, Cheryl has done it all

Tip! Lower your expectations

If you are a hardcore adventurer and backpacker, you might want to lower your expectations a little bit. The truth is, backpacking with children will be a bit different from doing it by yourself. You have more responsibilities and it starts with the items you pack. This time, bring the first aid kit that you would normally leave at home, research the area you’re traveling to and the list goes on. Once you are prepared, your backpacking adventure will be a lot more relaxing.

Tip! The less you bring, the better!

A suitcase with 30 kg of clothes, shoes (and more) sounds interesting until you have to travel from one location to another (and you have to carry that large heavy thing everywhere). From my own experience: this will make you cry. The suitcase is a NO-GO, buy or borrow a backpack.

Tip! Take care of yourself and invest in a backpack!

Find an outdoor shop and try a number of different backpacks. You will see (and experience) that there’s a real difference in types. Find a store on and try several (including weights!), but we love this backpack for kids.



Wander-Lust now has a TRAVELING WITH KIDS section, check it out!

7 tips to make traveling with your kids as relaxed as possible


Amsterdam currently has more than 466 hotels and even though there was a stop being regulated for the city centre, hotels are still being build like there is no tomorrow. Increasing tourism is the reason so we better embrace it. 

Recently, some pretty nice newcomers have opened in up Amsterdam. Here are 6 new hotel openings in Amsterdam we think you need to know about.

Boat & Co

Honestly, we have been waiting for this new hotel for ages and we’re happy that they have finally opened. A few years back, we published an article about the most sustainable hotels in Amsterdam and Boat & Co certainly lived up to these expectations. While building the hotel, they’ve used sustainable building materials according the Cradle-to-Cradle principles, that produce zero waste. They offer 4 different choices of luxury apartments, all equipped with a kitchen and workspace. Perfect for those on the go. Book

Apartment room in Boat & Co


Another hotel that recently opened is the playful Yotel. Located in Amsterdam North, just a few minutes walk from the Adam Tower. With an all-day dining concept, a beautiful waterfront terrace and an outdoor cinema, the 202-room hotel offers its guests a unique experience by combining smart use of technology with a sustainable design and all at a competitive price to offer. Next to that, they are flying with drones to serve your drinks in the restaurant. Pretty cool. Book

New hotel Yotel Amsterdam

Park Plaza Vondelpark

After some major construction works, Park Plaza Hotel re-opened their doors with a lavish party. This hotel is located in the heart of the busy tourist district, right next to the Vondelpark and the museum district. Travellers from all over the world come to this hotel, but it doesn’t feel boutique style so it’s perfect for those that want to sleep and explore. That being said, everything looks great and the facilities are good. Book

The Niu Fender Hotel

This new hotel focusses on millenials and is located directly on the harbor of Amsterdam on Cruquiuseiland. The niu Fender offers you from here with its three towers a unique view of the water and lets you experience in the hotel the maritime vibe of the water city. Additionally, it offers a cool industrial design with urban details. Freelancers can chill here or you can enjoy afterwork drinks in the bar with harbour view, breakfast in the bistro or meet your friends by the fireplace. Book

Hotel room the niu hotel

Opening soon..

nhow Amsterdam RAI

If you drive your car on the A10 highway, you have surely seen this massive building. The outside is completely finished, now they are adding the final touches on the inside. Anticipated to open in the new year of 2020, the new hotel is being described as the place where contemporary art, design, gastronomy and cultural expressions come together. nhow Amsterdam RAI becomes “The Culture’s Hub” for tourists, business travellers and Amsterdammers and also acts as a headquarter hotel for RAI Amsterdam conferences. Pre-book

New Hotel nhow Amsterdam Rai

Pink room nhow hotel

Hard Rock Hotel Amsterdam American

To be fair, we felt a little sad when we heard about the new plans for the iconic Hotel American. Being one of Amsterdam’s first hotels, located at the famous Leidsesquare, they decided to turn it into a Hard Rock hotel. We are very curious if they will keep the classical retro style or if they change it into a modern rock hotel. Opening in April 2020

Café Americain
Hotel American during Christmas



For all hotels in Amsterdam check the map!


London is a city that’s ever changing when it comes to restaurants, clubs and other hotspots. Time for an updated city guide!

Because most people visit London for a long weekend, we’ve created a guide that you can use if you only have three days to see London. Don’t worry, the options are endless!

How to get there

Thankfully, you can now easily travel to London by train. As we would have normally flown over, we decided to give the train a go, which is better for the environment and more comfortable. From Amsterdam it only takes 4,5 hours. The best thing is that you arrive in the middle of the city centre! Tip: Buy yourself an Oyster Card at the train station, this way your can easily check in and out, plus you travel with a discount.

London Tube

Where To Stay

ibis Styles Southwark London

During our most recent stay in London we stayed at ibis Styles Southwark. ibis Styles is actually the hip and creative sister hotel of the well known ibus hotels and rooms are available to book for as little as £199,-. Yes, it’s London people, you’re not going to get anything for a better price at a top location like this one. The reception setup is spacious and welcoming with lounge chairs and a bar. 

Reception ibis styles

The whole hotel has a broadway theme which makes it fun and colourful! It was the first time we stayed in Southwark and we can highly recommend it! Around the corner you’ll find many nice eateries and bars like the Iron Flat Square, a hub of food stalls and bars that is open every day of the week. Next to that you have the London Borough Market around the corner which is a must visit! From the hotel, you can also easily walk to the Thames River and see the Tower Bridge. Book your stay here. Curious about our ibis Styles stay in Paris? You can read it in our Paris Guide!

Collage ibis Styles Southwark
Our spacious bedroom, the breakfast room and Flat Iron Square around the corner

Where to Eat in London

Honestly, where do we start! London is full of hotspots, but there are only a few I will mention. We all know Sketch by now, so you won’t find that one on this list. These are our favourites!

» Circolo Popolare
They’ve been open for a few months and it’s almost impossible to make a reservation. Luckily, we managed to get a spot but make sure you reserve on time. Once inside you won’t believe your eyes, what a place! It looks like something out of an Italian fairytale with flowers hanging from the ceiling and the walls covered in drinks. We would have expected hyped places to lack in taste and service but Circolo Popolare completely swept us of our feet. The service for one was amazing and the food..don’t even get us started. We ordered a salad which was big enough for two and a freshly oven baked pizza. Tip: Definitely order one of their inventive cocktails and the tiramisu was the best we have ever tasted.

Circolo Popolare London

» Seabird
Like ibis Styles, Seabird is also located in Southwark. This wonderful rooftop restaurant has an amazing outside terrace overlooking the city of London. They serve a wonderful selection of seafoods with Spanish and Portuguese influences, including 15 different oysters! The inside looks like a decor created in Tulum, which includes a bar where they create amazing cocktails served in tropical animal glasses.

Seabird terrace London
The amazing terrace of Seabird

» GBR London
If you wanna go posh, plus British, you need to visit GBR. Situated in The Dukes hotel, it’s British food at it’s best. The interior is classical British with a James Bond vibe. Furthermore, the staff is lovely and are happy to accommodate you with special requirements. They also offer all day dining and a killer high tea, so if you’re up for some great British flavours, you should check it out.

» Ping Pong
It was there 10 years ago, and it’s still good. Ping Pong is an Asian Fusion restaurant with incredible dimsum dishes. It’s great for lunch and even better for dinner. Don’t forget to order the Jasmine flower tea, because it’s an actual flower opening up in the clear tea glass. 

» Saint Aymes
This place is good for pink latté’s and your instagram account. The outside is such a treat with the pretty (fake) flowers. 

» Elancafe
Again, a wonderful place for your insta feed. The walls are covered in roses and the interior features marble tables where you can perfectly pose against the rose wall. Oh, this place is also famous for it’s cakes and great looking coffees. (almost forgot about that part!) 

» Camden Lock
I used to work in Camden Town and this area is a food Walhalla. There are many international food stands with delicious, homemade foods and vegans can go crazy here. Rumer has it, that you can find the best vegan burgers here..

Camden lock, London City Guide
Vegan food at Camden Lock

» Pachamama Bar & Kitchen
They serve a killer Peruvian lunch, brunch, dinner and create wonderful cocktails. 

» Farm Girl Café
They are a holistic Australian farm café with delicious (and healthy!) foods. They are based in Chelsea, Soho and Nothing Hill. Make a reservation to avoid a fully booked café. 

» Boxpark Shoreditch
It’s been around for a few years now, but if you like to try quality streetfood, you should eat at Boxpark. There are options enough to fill your tummy and you can go shopping after that (then again, maybe before is better, otherwise you might not fit those new pants) Check here for the latest food stands.

» Duddell’s London
Located in the historic St. Thomas Church in the heart of London Bridge, minutes from Borough Market, Duddell’s London is offering an authentic and delicious Cantonese cuisine. Just look at the interior, wow! The dim-sum here is hand-crafted and the cocktails are Asian-inspired. 

Duddell’s London

Where to Shop
Shopping in London is something that you can’t get around. Depending what your taste is or how much you want to spend, there are options for everything. We’ve highlighted our personal favourite shopping districts and added a few that you just have to see for yourself.

Shopping in London’s high street

» Oxford Street
It’s the largest and longest shopping street in London. You will find all the commercial brands here like ZARA, Mango, Nike, H&M etc. Also check out the shopping mall Selfridges. It’s amazing!

» Knightsbridge
This is for the Chanel lovers among us. Big brands show off their impressive shopping windows and you can find Harrods here, the topnotch shopping warehouse that is worth checking out, especially the food hall and the toy kingdom.

» Camden Town
One of my favorite shopping area’s in London! It used to be a horse stable market so you will find many alleys and secret corners here. It’s great for bargain shopping and you can find local goods, weird stuff, plus there is even a crazy techno/house store which you need to check out, it’s like walking into a club!

» Carnaby Street
This street is full of amazing shops! Some are boutique, others are more mainstream like Adidas or Superga. Sneaker lovers should check Carnaby Street!

» Boxpark Shoreditch
There we have the boxpark again! Yep, this place is well worth checking out for speciality clothes and unique items. I bought some glitter socks there, I mean, what a catch! Read our full Shorditch Guide!

What To See & Do

Like New York, London is a city where you can’t get bored. There is lot’s to see and do, but to narrow it down, these are my personal tips.

» Visit Some of London’s Parks
London is greener than you might think. There are several parks to choose from besides the famous Hyde Park. Primrose Hill, Regents Park and lesser known Hampstead Heath are my favourites. They are more local and offer stunning views and nature. If you are in Primrose Hill, make sure you walk into the neighbourhood and check out the coloured houses.

Primrose Hill London

» Sky Garden
I didn’t manage to go because I forgot to make a reservation but if you do have the time, visit the Sky Garden. Stunning views over the city with an indoor tropical garden. Entrance is free but you need to book a time slot. They do accept walk-ins after 6pm during the week.

Bonus » If you like gardens, check out Kew Gardens. It’s about 30 minutes travel from Central London and their Victorian glasshouse just opened. See over 10,000 plants in the world’s biggest glasshouse.

» Coal Drops Yard
Currently, it is the place to be. Hip and happening with restaurants, cafés and business all tucked into one. Find out what’s it like.

Coal Drops Yard

» Covent Garden
What’s not to love about this area. Street theater, live opera singers, musicians, local goods, shops, restaurants and a market. Covent Garden is the place I never skip when I’m in London.

» Museum in London are free!
Oh yes, they should do this anywhere in the world don’t you think? We love the Natural History Museum, Tate Modern and The Victoria & Albert museum.

Neill's Yard London
Neill’s Yard, near Covent Garden

Whale skeleton Natural History Museum

We hope you are able enjoy London in three days! After all, it was Elke’s “home town” for many years. Let me know if you’ve used our tips, we’d love to hear it!