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We celebrated international women’s day so a good reason to highlight some amazing women who inspire us to the max. We are so happy to see more and more independent females who pack their bags and travel around the world to show us that it can be done no matter what age, size, or background.

There are too many amazing women to mention them all but we’ve picked 7 badass travel women that we feel set a great example of what a strong female represents.

1. Eva zu Beck, Poland

She is everything that defines a traveller. She has done it all when it comes to adventure travel. From driving (with a car or on a horse) through the desert, rough lands to climbing the tallest mountain in Antartica. She has been stranded on Socotra island in Yemen when Covid started and after weeks of sleeping on the floor, she made it back to mainland with a cargo ship. She started out on YouTube a few years ago and documented her travels around Pakistan. Her natural feel in front of the camera makes it easy to listen to and next to that she is stunning to look at. But don’t let her good looks throw you off, this woman is badass and very inspiring to follow

Eva zu Beck, badass travel women
Eva with her car. Source @EvazuBeck

2. Floortje Dessing, The Netherlands

She’s the most famous traveller from the Netherlands. She has seen the whole world from Amsterdam to Greenland, Japan, The North Pole and even North Korea (she and her TV crew are one of the only ones that were allowed to film there). In total she has visited more than 120 countries and for her latest television show she is visiting Dutch people who live in remote places around the world and the TV program scores high! Besides all her travels, she also gives a lot back and she started a fair-trade sustainable clothing store called Nukuhiva. This woman is far from being done with traveling and we love her for it!

Power woman Floortje Dessing
Our Dutch pride; Floortje Dessing

“These travel women show us that anything is possible”

3. Marty Lewis, USA

This San Diego resident is the Vice President of the Black Travel Alliance, fighting for equal opportunities in the travel space, especially for the black community. Marty is inspiring more women to travel and to get equal opportunities no matter what the colour of your skin is. She brings the fierce to travel, wearing colourful and bold outfits to where ever she’s travelling. Girl, we feel you!

Marty Lewis travel women

4. Nadhira Alharthyl, Oman

Nadhira Alharthygrew up grew up along with her fifteen(!) siblings grew up in the east of Oman, in a beautiful village surrounded by mountains. As a small village girl, she was always interested in nature and curious about what this earth has to offer, yet she only discovered the passion for climbing in herself later in life. Due to her traditional upbringing, it was anything but natural for Nadhira to pursue an adventurous life. In 2017, she met Khalid Al Siyabi, the first Omani to reach Everest. After the conversation, she was so inspired by his story that she decided to become the first Omani woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest. After two years of training e n preparation, it was da n finally made it: on May 23, 2019, she reached the first female Omani to reach the highest point in the world. As Nadhira herself says, “your nationality , gender or circumstances do not matter. My hijab was never an obstacle. 

Nadhira Alharthy - trave women around the world

5. Chelsea Yamase, Hawai

She is a Hawaii-based creative, traveling the world as an athlete, model, and writer. Followed by many that want to be inspired to travel in an adventurous way. Traveling around the world with her adventurous friends, and together they take us on their daily adventures. Chelsea just being herself and showing us the beauty of this world and how we can be more sustainable, working with brands that want to make the world a better living place. Follow this girl and be inspired! @chelseakauai

We are addicted to her Instagram account. Source: Chelseakauai

6. Roshni Sharma, India

Everybody told her she couldn’t do it and she proved them wrong. She became the first woman in India who drove all the way from Kanyakumari to Kashmir with on her motorbike. The 5452 km long road was dangerous and the trip was long but that didn’t hold her back. Armed with pepperspray, the 26 year old, took on the challenge and finished the journey. She currently lives in the Netherlands and still rides her motorbike. You go girl! @travelwithroshni

Roshni Sharma
The woman and her bike. Source:

7. Morgan Brechler, USA

She is the bohemian dream-mother of the world. At least, we think so. Morgan (26) is a (extremely beautiful) young mother from the US who travels and climbs around the most amazing national parks of the USA and other parts of the world with her daughter Haidlie since she was only a small toddler. She recently gave birth to her second child and she is working towards a degree in sustainable agriculture and Morgan is part of a new documentary called Born Wild, celebrating single adventurous mothers who want to instill a love of nature and the outdoors into their children’s lives from the very beginnings. Can we say we are a little bit jealous of this amazing woman?

Morgan Brechler badass women
Wanderlust mother Morgan

You go girls!

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  • Bernice
    Posted at 12:37h, 09 March Reply

    Indeed badass travel women. Love this list! Not in this list but one of my fave’s is Anne from @still_thatgirl . She is Dutch and currently travelling in the States out of a van. She is pretty awesome.

  • umakshi
    Posted at 10:08h, 07 February Reply

    its awesome to see you here…Roshani di 🙂

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