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Bar Kantoor » The “Green” spot of Conscious Hotel Westerpark

Sustainable hotels in Amsterdam, they are poppin’ up like mushrooms. One of the first “green” hotels, Conscious Hotels in Amsterdam, is adding an addition to the family and is opening Conscious Hotel Westerpark on the 13th of April. With that, they are also opening up their hotel bar/restaurant Bar Kantoor and I had an exclusive tasting, so I can tell you guys all about it!

Conscious Hotel Westerpark
The new Conscious Hotel Westerpark Source

The new terrace, that has space for 150 people, is more than welcome!

The building dates back from 1885, and was used as an office and assistant engineer’s house of the original Westergasfabriek. As an ode to the former destination and to keep it’s authenticity,  they named the location “Bar Kantoor” – meaning Office in Dutch. Every detail in Bar Kantoor has been carefully thought of. The menu, the accessories and the cool ceiling painting. (check it out!) When I entered, they were still painting and working on the outside terrace.  About that’s located at the perfect spot and with Pacific and Westergasterras always full, this new terrace, that has space for 150 people, is more than welcome!

Bar Kantoor table setting
The perks of being a writer..awesome lunches!


The Menu
To keep it accessible for everyone, they are serving breakfast, lunch and dinner that is suitable for all ages. They work with organic, seasonal and local suppliers from in and around Amsterdam. One of Bar Kantoor’s specialities is that they incorporate at least one fermented product in a dish. Fermentation is a metabolic and natural process that consumes sugar in the absence of oxygen. Above the open kitchen, you will see plenty of jars that showcase that. Another special feature is the Aquaponics system they use. This way they use fish to fertilise the wall of fresh herbs, so the circle is round. Enjoy a tasty sandwich, eggs benedict, or go all out with roasted coquilles or steak. Bar kantoor is serving cocktails, local spirits and beers, so it’s perfect for after work drinks!

Bar Kantoor food
The chef at Bar kantoor dressing up the plates
desert Bar Kantoor
Green but sexy, this is the motto of Conscious Hotel Westerpark. The rooms in the hotel are all designed with natural products and even the paint is environmental friendly. Green is also the theme in Bar Kantoor and besides the Aquaponics system, the interior is painted green and the building is located next to the Westerpark.

The bar at Bar kantoor
The bar with the Aquaponics system in the back

Nice to know; next door to Bar Kantoor, you can find Café Conscious where you can grab a coffee or snack to take to the park. You can also sit down, relax and buy local goods at the café shop.

Café Conscious

Bar Kantoor 
Haarlemmerweg 8, Amsterdam
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