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Batignolles is a village-like neighborhood in Paris that feels like Le Marais, but without the tourists. You can stroll around the boutique streets like a true Parisienne, drink coffee in the nicest coffee bars, and get some fresh air in the beautiful parks. We share our favorites with you!

Batignolles coffee bars to hang out

We love coffee bars and especially the barista ones. By all means, the real Parisienne coffee bars are also ok, but the coffee isn’t always that good. So we put a few nice ones here to visit when in Batignolles Paris.

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Dose – Café Dose Paris

Not just a coffee bar but their pastries must be one of the best in the neighborhood because there is always a waiting line. Their clientele is varied from hip families to students and business people. This coffee bar is at the corner right next to a beautiful small park. It feels like everybody knows each other here and the crew seems to be very modern and English speaking is fine.

dose paris cafe coffee - batignolles

Service station

A coffee bar run by an older couple that is working very hard to make nice coffee with their small coffee machine. I have to admit, the coffee is not perfect. The atmosphere though is very nice. People with dogs that go off to the park pass by and it feels like one of the nicest neighborhood coffee takeaways (or take-ins) around. Also, the pastries look amazing and are ‘Faites à la maison’.

Galerie Cafe – co-working and coffee

This place is perfect if you’re on a workstation and looking for a co-working space. It’s located in the Batignolles area and they also serve coffee and pastries. Work with like-minded people and get some work done while enjoying your trip to Paris!

Pastry shop: Yann Couvreur Patisserie

Looking for a good pastry? Stop by at Yann Couvreur Patisserie. Besides that their pastries are delicious, and they also have beautiful designs. It’s a perfect spot for gifts as well. Make sure to stop by when you’re around!

yann-couvreur-patisserie batignolles Paris

Cafes and restaurants in Batignolles Paris

Let’s talk cafes and restaurants in the Batignolles area, shall we? Plenty of French food to discover and by all means, tried & tested!

Les Passantes – Boutique café

This cafe is not an ordinary boutique. As the name says, it’s a boutique cafe. Besides their concept store, they also serve amazing coffee and have sometimes live music with nice drinks in the evening. Take a look in the store and after your visit, you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee in their cafe or after workshopping with wine and music.


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Chez tartar

Looking for a place to have dinner? Chez Tartar is the place to be. With delicious variations on their menu, you can enjoy a lovely dinner at this cozy restaurant. They have all kinds of dishes. Perfect for if you can’t decide what you’re craving.

Chez Tartare- Batignolles Paris


A Mediterranean restaurant located in the heart of the Batignolles area. Its interior is cute and cozy and they have some nice vegetarian options. The dishes are meant to share and five plates for two persons are recommended.


All meat lovers will love this bistro! It has a unique interior and their menu is simple but very delicious. The staff is also very nice and will make your evening a lovely experience.

Gare au Gorille

If you like good food, you should definitely visit Gare au Gorille. With its Michelin star, this restaurant is perfect if you’re looking for a nice dinner place. They serve tapas and other delicious dishes and their wine is really good as well.

Batignolles boutiques to shop


With its beautiful and rare bamboo design, Sessun is a small boutique and perfect if you’re looking for quality pieces that are not too expensive.


Sezane is a beautiful brand with quality pieces that make your fashion heart beat a little faster. Their collection is feminine and classy, yet playful with lovely designs and textures. Also, their store is beautiful and definitely worth a visit. Besides clothing, they also sell jewellery and lifestyle products.


This tea shop is perfect if you’re looking for organic, natural tea with a luxurious design. They also have an amazing collaboration with the Parisian store Merci.

La belle-iloise | La conserverie

This store is filled with colorful (sardine) cans. Perfect for if you’re having dinner at the park with friends. Get a baguette, some sardines, and a bottle of wine and you’re living the Parisienne life.

Batignolles parks to stroll

If you’re looking for a nice park to have a picnic or to just enjoy the surroundings of nature, Batignolles has a few options. There are two famous parks in the Batignolles area:

Square des Batignolles

The largest green space in the 17th arrondissement of Paris. It has an English garden look and feels and is located in the Batignolles Paris area.

Clichy Batignolles Martin Luther King Parc

This park was opened in 2007 and is located between rue Cardinet and boulevard Berthier. It’s a modern park with sports facilities, playgrounds, and walking routes.

Parc Monceau

Last but not least, Parc Monceau. A beautiful park with lots of romantic areas. It has a beautiful garden oasis and is also inspired by English influences. Must see when in the Batignolles area! Find all our favourite parks in Paris!

As seen above, now you know where to find all the best places in the Batignolles area when it comes to food, coffee, and strolling around the neighborhood. Want to explore more of Paris? Check out our other city guides from Paris.


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