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Would you like to train more specific body parts, want to lose weight, want to feel fitter or getting healthier, than BBB Health Boutique is your gym! Practise a 30 minute work out in a hot cabin in 40 degrees! Read more.

Since every body is different, it’s sometimes much easier to get a coach to help to set your goals. BBB boutique offers individual guidance and gives attention where needed. Unique to bbb is that you exercise in a hot cabin. You practise an intense workout of only 30 minutes in the cabin that can be heated to a maximum of 40 degrees.
the moment they offer online workshops for members until they open their doors again.

BBB Health Boutique

bbb health boutique cabins

I started working out at BBB Health Boutique about 8 years ago. Firstly what I like about BBB is the personal approach from the coaches. They help you to achieve your goals, give you healthy food tips and stimulate you in a relaxed way. Secondly the locations, the gyms being smaller than a regular gym and most importantly the hot cabins!!

Hot cabins

Workout bbb health boutique

In the last years more and more people practice bikram/hot yoga and hot pilates. BBB has  developed special 30 minute workouts that can be practiced in their hot cabins. Such as yoga, pilates and HIIT. They offer group lessons, but also individual training where you follow your own programme. You exercise lying down in these hot cabins and you will be ready within 30 minutes! The cabin can be heated to a maximum of 40 degrees. The warmth stimulates fat burning. Your body has to work harder in the heat, so you have faster results. Hello summer body!


Take good care of yourself!
Each month BBB Health Boutique offers amazing challenges to their members. The last challenge was the ‘happy new you challenge’. This challenge took four weeks and centres around personal workouts, intermittent fasting and selflove. You “intermittently” eat during a short time of the day and “fast” the rest of the day.  You will get all the support from the coaches where needed, including amazing food & drink tips.
I experienced that I ate and drunk more during lockdown and with this challenge I was able to break my unhealthy patterns! 

Stay healthy and in shape!



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